It’s that time of year again. The high caliber and slick festival Simple Things returns to the dance hub of the West, Bristol.

A festival that truly sets the bar for top end Bristol events and leaves a strong impression on locals and those visiting the city every year round. A solid compilation of artists, djs, and intriguing and intimate venues spread across the centre of town with a dance focused crowd and good atmosphere.




Last year the organisers kept things under wraps until just before the event and the same can be expected again this time round. Embargoed information leaves us desparate to know the layout. For now we are left in mystery but this event should not be missed.

It is however without a doubt that the wonderful emporium that is Colston Hall will be used during the day for some gripping live performances. Last year saw Nicholas Jarr in a wonderfully built instrumental set with the usual enigmatic crescendo. A location that can expect a magnificently grand audible experience all day long.




The infamous abandoned space, The Island Complex, perfect for an industrial party, consisting of the old courtrooms, the prison cells, fire station and more hidden areas, will unfortunately not be playing a part this time round but you can expect more wacky dance areas from the coordinators – with the council on their side, more likely than not, locations Bristol has never or heard of seen before will be in full swing full to the rafters with dancers of all interests and ages.




The festival is organized with meticulous detail and aids the enjoyment of all attending by breaching across various spectrums of electronic music. Be it, techno, house, dubstep, dub, hip hop, bass music, or other eclectic sound varities from Bristols home, in the ever disappearing knowledge of what “genre” even means in 2014, Simple Things have considered it.




Stage hosts for this years event are yet to be announced but for the locals it’s obvious certain party collectives will find their involvement and put on an impressive show as always. For one of the more dance orientated areas we have been promised “a  twisted garden of Eden, where the outsides in and the insides out. Up is left and down is right. A techno paradise straight out of a mirror balls dream.” Sounds enchanting.





Artists include , DJ Harvey, Nightmares On Wax, How To Dress Well, DJ Sprinkles, DJ Nature, Owain K, Damiano von Erckert, Max Graef, Seven Davis Jr. and DJ October just to name a few. Serious music, serious venues, and a friendly bunch of not so serious people. Perfect for a boogie. If you have not ventured this far west, this event is a top recommnedation.




This year we have teamed up with Simple Things Festival to offer you the CHANCE TO WIN 2X FESTIVAL TICKETS. All you have to do is email with the subject line “SIMPLETHINGSFESTIVAL” and the winner will be selected at random at a closer date prior to the event. See you there Bristol!




By Ell Weston