Join us once more as we continue to celebrate 5 years of MEOKO love; Not much of an introduction is needed for this extraordinarily talented duo, known worldwide for the pure magic and energy they create in the studio, and on the dancefloor. Their live performances are up there with the best in the world, weaving in and out of exquisite percussion and winding basslines that simply can’t be compared to anyone else out there. When under the SIT spell, Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia prove their vast experience and knowledge of raw sounds, far from the typical music we are familiar with, always oozing professionalism whilst maintaining the party vibe. The spearhead of the contagious sounds flowing out of Romania.

You can expect own productions from the wizards themselves, unreleased records from friends and fellow artists, and songs from their own label Amphia Records. A perfect blend of the imaginations of such high quality artists. Whether performing in their native country or in various clubs around the world SIT’s eclectic grooves have won the hearts of many, and will continue to do so. Open your mind, and your ears and allow yourself to be taken on a mind bending trip.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Aldea

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