The MEOKO 110th installment was recorded live at Berlin’s legendary Watergate club. This amazing vintage hip-house and electro delicacy, acid-tinged and chicago-jack-laced, modern and amazingly fluid throughout, was performed live by the Snuff Crew at the BPitch Control night — a true highlight of this November´s Bermuda Festival — and passed straight on to the MEOKO vaults so we carry this grail of Chicago house music into the limelight. Hairs stand straight on end when 303s bubble and burp away and the crowd can be heard streaming in the background. Coming on strong with their third album, released now on Ellen Allien´s BPitch Control label, a lot of the tracks played live in this recording have roots in the new songs, and Snuff Crew lovers also recognize quite a lot of older material from the previous album on Snuff Trax. Nevertheless, this mix stands alone, and gives a true insight about a significant live experience. And it surely answers a lot a questions, especially this one: „What is electro?“ True computerized fun(k).
Lets witness them via MEOKO where we are always pushing new and uncompromising sounds

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