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Hi Solomun,

Many thanks for answering a few of our questions…

Diynamic has become a hugely popular label. What were the ideas behind it when you started the label 6 years ago and how does it feel to see it become so popular?

When we founded the label almost 6 years ago, I think none of us expected that we will stand in the position we are now in 6 years later. I feel very flattered that our music has received so much recognition. We always did what we love and that we have been successful with it is just amazing.  We are very proud of it, sure, but more the fact that we have a great group of talented artists and that we’ve all become friends and a family.

Have you got anything exciting lined up for us on Diynamic over the coming months?

Always! The next EP is coming from H.O.S.H who is collaborating with Malonda again.I think this can be something big. We are also doing an extra music video for that track and also a radio version. The concept of the video is ‘Neon’, like our Diynamic Neon Nights residency at Sankeys Ibiza.

2DiY4 is your new sister label, how does it differ from Diynamic and what are your future plans for that?

After Diynamic’s huge success my label partner Adriano and me wanted to create a platform on which we can experiment and release music which would not fit on Diynamic outright. So we created 2DIY4 to do exactly that.  It’s basically a bigger platform for different music. Actually we had more kind of bootleg tracks and only one indie band release from Pool, who are close to finishing the second one. We also planned to have release with The Teenagers, another indie band from Paris.


Before signing a track, which boxes does it have to tick? Do you decide if something gets signed or does it go to the vote with other people involved in the process?

I’m the first contact and then I send it to my partner. Then I play the track and check how it works, after that I send the track to my boys. It’s always a long way to the final product. We don’t try to change the track, but I talk very much with the artist till we are both happy. We keep the style and feeling, but sometimes you have the feeling that is not 100%. So we try to make the best of it. I always say to them, this is actually the track we signed and we love, so let’s try and go other ways to have the best result so we are all happy with it.

Not only are you a top DJ, producer and label manager but you are also a club owner. Although we haven’t been there ourselves yet, EGO in Hamburg has a great reputation! Can you tell us a little bit about the club? Do you have a hands on roll in the management or do you leave all that for somebody else?

In the beginning you have to do it mostly on your own and the team network is building during the time, but I have to admit that it is sometimes not so easy to bring it all together. I have a great partner who takes care of the label work mostly. We have four other people who work for us in the office, for both the label and the club. My sister manages mostly the club, but she has as well two assistants, who take care of the bar and logistics stuff. And she’s there mostly every weekend. I do the booking for the club only, but I’m involved in everything that happens for sure.

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There’s a lot of talk on the proposed price changes in music licensing by GEMA which threatens Germany’s great nightlife culture. What are your thoughts on this and will it have an adverse affect on EGO?

This situation is super hard for all of us but even more for the bigger clubs. In the end we also have to see what this will mean for us. Our club is running well, but what we earn is not as much as that. It could mean we’ll have to close the club.

Your Diynamic Neon Nights residency is running throughout the summer at Sankeys Ibiza. It’s a great venue, but what made you decide to do it there?

We chose maybe the hardest way for a newcomer on the island: new club, new brand with Diynamic Neon Nights and only our artists playing and no other host or promoter to fill the club with guest lists or support. But we loved the challenge and our Diynamic nights have been running everywhere througout Europe and have been going very well, so we thought ‘Let’s do it!’.


And why Neon?

It was important for us to give our baby a name with a small concept behind and a new brand. From all the ideas we got, this was the one where everybody felt like it could work ‘cause it’s a fun aesthetic choice and it gives us lot of headroom to play with the name and concept. We thought it fits also very well to the basic light and design concept of the club.  Combined with our sound, I think it has been a good idea.

Now imagine this scenario…you’re playing on a boat party and everybody is having the time of their lives when pirates board and take over. Things are looking pretty bad until you see one of the pirates is really digging your tracks. He asks you to join him over on his Pirate Ship as resident DJ. What do you do?

[Haha] If this is the only way to save our lives, i will go for it for sure! Maybe I’m able to change the minds of the pirates during my residency, that it’s not so friendly what they do.

Words by Nick Maleedy

Solomun plays Diynamic Neon Nights @ Sankeys Ibiza every Tuesday till September 11. Solomun’s Watergate 11 is out now.


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