We caught up with Sonodab from Barcelona, the emerging prodcuer rising in the scene. His influences are clearly derived from the likes of Perlon and Romanian collective [a:rpia:r], and his style slips seamlessly into the realms of Villalobos esque music. Also known as Churan Duran and member of Trazable Recordings, Sonodab has worked with some of the biggest names in the more elusive cutting edge techno business with little focus on anything but audible experience. Another talent turning heads from Spain destined for success. Wiht his mother working for a vinyl distributor it was likely he would turn to a profession in music and despite his dub techno direction he has a clear eclectic taste.


We spoke with him to get an insight on his career, how he has progressed and all things music… 


Hello there Sonodab, first of all thank you for your time! How is everything going for you at the moment?

Hello, I’m Very good! Very happy at the momment with much support from the all the people and labels.


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I consider myself a normal person, one of the things I like about this profession is meeting new people and creating new friendships. It’s good to surround yourself with friends and talk for hours about music and other gadgets. Over time, this is one of the most important things to me. It gives more sense to my life.




You are from Barcelona right? Do you still live there?

Yes, I was born here and I live in El Prat de Llobregat, a town very close to Barcelona. ​Where I live is very quiet but I think this is my site and I’ll stay here.


We hear you are a vinyl Lover?

I have been passionate about it since childhood. My mother worked for a big distributor and also loves music so I’ve always been surrounded by vinyls, it’s part of my personality. I guess the vinyls are the link that connects me to my childhood and my way of growing up and seeing how things have changed.



What is your point of view on the debate about digital technologies?

I think digital technology is moving too fast with too many changes. My opinion is very long and hard to explain so I try to respect everyone and all the formats and stay out of the politics. In my opinion, I prefer the analog world, I like to work with hardware which also helps me to continue learning about music and understand how things work.


Do you think because of all of this the Electronic music scene has changed?

Yes,  among other things I think in many ways it is not making appropriate use of new technologies available.  Partly through ignorance and partly for profit by the big companies that control the market, which in itself creates a number of drawbacks that harm the Electronic music scene in general.


What equipment do you use in your production process?

Well, I use different equipment, drum machines how acidlab miami, Machinedrum etc. Synths how Roland sh101, Doepfer ms404, Dark energy, Moog voyager, juno 106, microkorg, 2x nord, waldorf microwave, xoxbox etc …and I also I use a filter which I love, Shippmann ebbe und flut …

My audio interface is an RME and I like both logic audio and ableton live. Before, I worked directly on the computer, but recentlyI purchased a Midas Venice 240 Analog mixer and it changed my life!!! Now I work on her and practically only use the computer to record …




Who is or was your biggest influence in your career?

Is difficult select one, but clearly, ZIP and Ricardo Villalobos.


Can you remember your first release? How did that go for you?

Oh yes…with my name on a vinyl! It was put out on a label of a friend and had a great reception..

Chus Duran – So fresh – Funkdango003

I was sharing a computer with my sister, she had it in her room and was difficult to work. We were always fighting for the computer. At the time I had some of those old small monitors that came with a sound card and it was difficult to make the tracks sound good but it was fun, the truth is that it brings me good memories ….


How would you describe your music (genre)?

I like many styles … so I think it is a mixture of several, house, minimal, techno …but I try to give my personal touch to identify my sound.



How is your summer going, do you spend a lot of time coming back and forth from Ibiza?

In summer I move closer to portugal or italy mainly….I often go to ibiza as I have several friends living there. In September 24th I’ll play at tiny and the gang and hopefully repeat at Underground.


What is your favorite thing to do after playing music?

I love the cinema and a good TV series. I also like to run to the beach and I love to cook, it relaxes me.


You have recently released an amazing piece of music on Fear Of Flying with other great artists such as Nail or Harry McCanna, do you have anything else coming up release wise?

Thanks, yes, coming up I have two Ep’s, with fasten musique and Infuse. I’m currently working in various new releases and a remix…. I’m very busy… But I love and enjoy it!!!