Samuel André Madsen AKA S.A.M. has made a name (or rather, many names) for himself. A master of not just music, but Theology too, this young underground dance music pioneer also specialises in Eschatology


As he studies the end of time, he leads the future of dance music with his productions. Releasing stylistic yet emotion filled House and Techno tracks under many different aliases, his classic tracks are frequently used by DJs to excite dance floors across Europe as well as give podcasts that one track that stands out with a whole lot of track ID requests. 


This flawless producer finishes each track with so much style and talent, it is hard not to get excited for each and every one of his upcoming releases (of those that we are aware of). As well as producing and DJing, he also runs his Delaphine record label, which was founded in 2013. 


Releasing tracks under various monikers such as Sapriori, NWS and Rev-S, Sam most famously collaborates with two other stars in the underground dance music scene; Malin Genie and Lazare Hoche, producing and DJing under the name, Mandar and releasing tracks via their record label, Oscillat Music. This year, they released their impressive Marabouda EP, which has been tirelessly played again and again by international DJs across the globe, each time receiving the same positive reaction from the dancefloor. His Bahia track from the same EP, has been favourited by Romanian DJ God, Raresh, who also included his ’Third Track’ from Fathers & Sons Productions in his Fabric 78 mix. This winter Mandar is back to showcase a series, titled Shrim’ and Antithetical Affirmation on Oscillat Music. Brace yourself for a juicy showcase of forthcoming EPs, which is sure to wow dance music heads yet again.


We have a little chat with Sam about his productions, gigs, current & future projects and his home country, Copenhagen, and he gives us one hell of an exclusive MEOKO mix…


You are originally from Copenhagen, am I right?

Originally from a small town in the south of Jutland, but I lived in Copenhagen since I started my theology studies at the university there in 2005.

You are releasing several great tracks, run two labels and play gigs around Europe. You are very active in the music scene! Can you describe your journey in terms of your musical career? How did you get to where you are now? 

To be honest it feels like it just happened somehow. My friends tell me that I’ve done a lot of work to be where I am, but I really don’t feel that. I just love music and playing records. With that said I owe a great deal to friends who supported me in the beginning as well as my friends and family who still supports what I am doing.

You release music on Fathers & Sons Productions. Can you describe your relationship with this label?

Julian Perez contacted me around 2011 because he liked my EP on Tzinah as Sapriori. I felt that he was a nice guy and I was happy to send him my track ”Playful Silence” for the FAS001. Since that record we’ve become friends, and I’ve sent him tracks for FAS002, FAS004, and FAS006

You produce music under many different monikers and collaborate with artists such as Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie under the Mandar moniker. Is there a particular reason why you have chosen to release music in this way? 

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The use of monikers or pseudonyms as well as collaborations with other musicians is quite normal. I use different monikers for many reasons, some because of the musical content of the EP or personal reasons, and some for fun or PR reasons. Rev-S was an idea Ed came up with during a breakfast in Copenhagen with my buddies from 2400 Operator. He thought it fit since I’m a theologian. But yeah… As for collaborations I rarely enjoy them, because they can easily make you feel that you lose connection to your music because it didn’t just come from you. But with Mandar we have something special. We inspire each other.

You also run your own label, Delaphine. How and why did you set up this label? 


Since around 2008 I wanted to start a label for my productions. Sending demos are such a drag, basically. When you send your tracks out to labels, they can limit your artistic expression by demotivating you or criticizing your work. When you have your own label, you can do what you want, when you want. It’s not cheap to set up a label. It takes time and money and as for money it’s a struggle to live from your music on this level, especially when you live in an expensive city as Copenhagen. So Jimi from Subwax Bcn offered to help me after I released the Nangijala/Nangilima EP there. He was setting up a distribution and needed good labels, and I was setting up a label and needed distribution and funds. 

Your track, “LFO” from your latest Delaphine 002 release has been remixed by your brother, S.I.M. Can you tell me a bit about your brother? Are you planning to do a collaboration any time soon? 

My brother is almost 4 years older than me and is a major reason to who I am. He introduced me to Underworld, Ludovic Navarre among others in the mid 90’s. And he was producing a lot of music between 2002 and 2009, though he never released any of that. As for a collaboration with him I can’t exclude the possibility.


What can we expect from your next Delaphine 003 release?

My most personal release.


You opened another label, Oscillat Music late last year with Lazare Hoche and Malin Genie. Can you describe what this label represents? 

It presents mainly the productions of the three of us. We simply needed an output for our stuff and we prefer doing things ourselves, to be in charge of artwork and the timing of the release schedule etc. Also it felt natural to make a special output for our Mandar productions, not that we want to restrict Mandar productions to Oscillat. 

In June you produced and released Oscillat’s first EP, titled “Marabouda”. This EP has received full support from big name DJs such as Raresh and Jan Krueger. How did you come up with this EP?


I spoke to Nick and Charlie about it and we decided to form the EP like that. The Marabouda track was the main reason for this EP. 


You once said that “The title track ‘Marabouda’ previously existed strictly on a 1 single sided pressing made as a birthday present, but one year later the birthday girl gave permission to put the track out for others to enjoy”. Could you explain this story in more detail? Is this girl called Marabouda?

Yes I made this track as a birthday present. The single sided EP featured some quite amazing artwork done by two architects.

So you have two different labels. What features differentiate one label from the other? 

Delaphine is my own, and I can do whatever I feel should be listened to. There are no specific guidelines for me there except of course making an interesting EP. Oscillat Music is, I guess, more club orientated with less emphasis on the drone and ambient aspect and more emphasis on force and quirkiness.

Delaphine and Oscillat Music includes tracks only you produce, and you do not accept demos. Do you plan to include releases by other artists? 

For now I can’t reveal anything about that.

Current and future projects for Delaphine and Oscillat? 

Delaphine will have a sub label soon ;). And you will probably see Delaphine004 arrive pretty soon as well. And as for Oscillat there are two Mandar EPs hitting the streets late October/November. 

Any other current and future projects? 

Indeed! We are working on a hardware only Mandar Live set, that will hopefully be ready around spring 2015.


Thank you for your answers, Sam! We look forward to all your future projects. 


Listen to S.A.M.’s Exclusive Meoko Mix Here S.A.M. Podcast Image White



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