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In truth, there’s little more of any originality that can be said about Soul Clap. Since they were picked up and subsequently catapulted into the limelight by the Wolf & Lamb crew in 2008, the Boston-bred duo have morphed into one of the most in-demand tag teams to ever take to the decks, helping, in part, to open up electronic music to a wider, previously alienated, audience. This Summer saw the pair expand their horizons further, with the arrival of the much awaited Soul Clap Records. Catching up with the cosmic vibsers days before a double-header of Ibiza closing parties, Meoko had a go at trying to understand the mayhem behind the madness.

Elyte and Cynce welcome, thanks for your time. You guys couldn’t have had a busier summer: you’ve toured Brazil, practically set-up shop in Ibiza and started Soul Clap Records. Has it been the best summer yet? Go on, pick us out a couple of highlights.

We’re definitely some lucky clappers to have a Summer like this with more highlights than our thumbs can handle typing! But our epic set with a 3 hour extension at Hideout Festival in Croatia, Derren Smart’s A Night With.. at Loft Studios in London, Wolf & Lamb/Soul Clap triumph in Rio de Janeiro and hot tub bubbling in Itajai, and an epic beach party in Toronto that turned into embracing our inner masshole over dinner with Pat Mahoney and Juan Maclean are some of the top moments.

They always say South America are a couple of years or so behind Europe. Did you feel that the crowds really got what you guys were about? Were there any hesitant moments?

South America gets it and more. It’s totally refreshing to play down there especially brazil. It’s the 5th largest county in the world and try have they’re own unique vibrant culture.

You guys are all bring funk and flavour to the party, but have you ever found yourself in the situation where the crowd just wants you to play really linear and tracky? If so, what do you do?

Most DJs are boring and don’t take risks and parties that are tech-house heavy often present a situation where our message gets lost. How can you get into deepness and subtlety when the energy is already jumping jumping? Sometimes we gotta go in there and do a hard reset, but it’s best when we have musical control over the vibe from the very beginning. That’s why we love Wolf +Lamb experiences, lots of freaks and feminine energy!

Tell us some more about the label. Why have you launched it? How did the idea originally form?

We’ve been touring non-stop for years now and uncovering so much amazing music along the way. A label of our own is a natural next step and a great place to share what we’ve discovered, like our first two artists Night Plane and Nick Monaco. Of course it’s also a place to place our own music, as well as helping other up and coming producers from our hometown of Boston!

Your debut release courtesy of Brooklyn boy Night Planes is out on the 15th October. Did you not want the first release to be one of your own? Can we expect more from yourselves in the future?

Yes of course there will be music from us on Soul Clap Records. These things are all about timing and Night Plane was ready to go. Everything has been very natural so far, this is something we learned from working with Wolf + Lamb. Feeling is everything.




You guys very much got caught up in the whole Wolf + Lamb, ‘back to the 90s’ hysteria a year or so ago. Were you guys conscious of being part of such a powerful musical trend? Were you ever worried that Soul Clap, along with the hype, would fade away?

Wolf + lamb have never been about 90s hysteria. As for our Yoyoyo 90s dance jam, that era and style and music is just one small piece of what Soul Clap is all about. We’re also just as much about 70s disco, 80s funk and everything before and after. The whole goal is to bring music and emotion back to the dance-floor, so we don’t worry about hype.

You guys must have the one-more-tune, end-of-the-night philosophy down to a T. So do you play something with a lot of energy or always opt for a real slow classic? Tell us your top three tracks that never fail to send people home smiling.

The end of the night is when we bust out the 7″s of pleasure, classic jams on 45rpm vinyl. It’s not about tempo or energy, it’s just about sending people home happy and in love. Our top 3 right now are Teardrops by Womack & Womack, All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie and Lowrider by WAR.

You guys are on a veritable dance music mission. How’s it going? Which dance-floors have you yet to plant your flag into?

Yes, our mission is to ‘change the world one dance- floor at a time’ and while we haven’t managed to turn any tile floors to wood (note to club owners: wood sounds so much warmer!) we have managed to shake a few booties, widen some smiles and of course make hearts fall in love so we’re definitely on course.

Finally Soul Clap, riddle me this. If work is a party, then which part of the party is work?

Lunch break.

Words by Carlos Hawthorn 

Catch Soul Clap playing at at Sankey’s Ibiza 24 MEGA closing party Wednesday 10.10 alongside Solomun & H.O.S.H / Heidi / Miguel Campbell / Bones / Todd Terry / Dj Sneak / Baby Prince of Wolf + Lamb and more

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