Sounds Of The City Banner Sander Baan copy copySounds of the City is a new series in which MEOKO grills some of our favourite DJs and producers about the ins and outs, their most treasured spots and the hidden gems of the city they call home.

Sander Baan started DJing back in 1989, growing up in the era when House and Techno emerged. The common thread that runs trough Sander Baan’s broad musical canon and creative projects is a resounding fluid style. Famed for his long sets, he is well known to dominate the dance floors in Berlin and beyond at prime-time, keeping the crowd excited throughout his warm and playful sets. Sander Baan has cultivated a unique path as an artist as well as the head honcho of Rotate Berlin, the bookings agency and events brand he founded in 2012. Years before Rotate, Sander started organising parties in Berlin’s legendary Club der Visionaere and still runs two regular nights there with Rotate Berlin and with a group of friends called “Die Holländer”, consisting out of Makcim and EL-P. His experience in the industry and the great passion for music he shares – leaves us with no wonder why he became a respectful member of tINI & the Gang. Sander is Dutch from origin but has been a Berlin local for years, knowing the city like the back of one’s hand. In MEOKO‘s fairly new series Sound of the City he takes us on a journey to the places he knows best; record shops, clubs, after-hours and all the other glorious things Europe’s Electronic Music capital has to offer.


My favourite sound of the city is?

I would say, Club der Visionaere sound. Each time you enter this place the sound is just recogniseable no matter which DJ is playing. I have this feeling since the 8 years I come here. It’s like the DJ is being transformed by the club 😉

If I could describe Berlin in three tracks, they would be…

Listen to the selection throughout the article

Best record shop in Berlin?

Spacehall. Every time you come there you have to go through the entire backstock because its being updated on a very regular basis and I always come back with pure gemms each time I visit. So if you are a digger, this is the place to be! They have a lovely staff also, Jason Lanox, Jan Krueger, Hannes and of course the owner Peter!

Venue with the best sound system?

Berghain, not much to add! Keep a eye on the Hoppetosse because they have a second floor with a custom made soundsystem which is amazing!

Best place for a nice cocktail??

John Muir, amazing cocktails for a good price in a great location.

What is the coolest neighbourhood to hang out in nowadays?

For me it always was and still is Kreuzberg 🙂 


What place used to be, but isn’t anymore?

Cannot answer this one, since for me it always have and still is Kreuzberg.

Where is the best place to party on a Monday?

I never party on a monday due to my work responsibilities 🙁 but I would say Berghain if its still going on or Club der Visionaere during the summer.

Berlin is the city of change… how is it different for you compared to ten years ago?

I remember my first visits to this city very well. It changed a lot, it became more expensive, there are more tourists which both are not positive trends. 8 years ago you could walk in Club der Visionaere and find Luciano, Ricardo and Richie playing b2b2b while the place was not crowded, a very free feeling and this rarely happens now-a-days because its simply too busy when DJ’s like this play. But the freedom for artist to litterly do what he loves without boundaries still exists and thats what makes Berlin still so unique.


Afterhours I’d most likely go to?

Afterhours in Berlin ? Clubs are open here so late or sometimes don’t even close that I would not call it a afterhour but for that afterhour feeling it has always been and still is Club der Visionaere. Its a great place to go after you have been in a club and want to hang out with friends in the sun for some extra beers.

U-Bahn or S-bahn?

Both are great, simple and effective….but I usually do everything by foot or bike!

The thing that annoys me the most about Berlin?

Tourists and the increasing prices, although I am not a real Berliner since I come from Holland and only live here for 3 years it’s the increasing tourist rate which makes the prices go up on basically everything and also the crowd in clubs changes because of that.

During the summer I always chill out at?

Again, Club der Visionaere 🙂


When it rains, the best place to be in Berlin is…


The place where I bump into most of my friends is…

Record stores and the dancefloor!

What I like about Berliners is…

Their feeling of freedom and passion for art and music.

Berlin is such a creative place because…

It’s full of creative people and the city still has no strict rules, almost anything is allowed!


The thing I hope never changes about Berlin is…

Opening hours of clubs!

Could you tell us something about the mix you’ve kindly prepared for us…

I recorded the mix outside openings hours at the Hoppetosse in one go. It consists of a few styles of music I love to play at the moment. Nothing more to say about it, just listen 🙂


Listen HERE