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Describe the mood of Brooklyn in 3 tracks from am / pm / late.


AM – Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn


PM – Digable Planets – Where I’m From


LATE – Levon Vincent – Late Nite Jam


What is your favorite milkshake bar or café for all round day time putting your feet up?


JKriv: I’ll give a shoutout to Farmacy in my hood where they serve actual milkshakes, and egg-creams (a classic Brooklyn beverage) and where we recently shot some RNT press photos.




Tell us a bit about Razor N’ Tape as a label and DJ collective. Were yourself and JKriv friends for many years before it all began?


JKriv: Aaron and I more or less got connected a little more than 3 years ago. He had just moved back to NYC from Chicago and we began hanging out and doing some gigs together. I had just started Deep&Disco but we were hearing music that we wanted to release that didn’t exactly fit D&D, so we started up Razor-N-Tape.


Which venue has the best intimate party atmosphere for both night and day? (The gem.)


AD: Although it’s not in Brooklyn, I’d say Le Bain at The Standard, High Line really has the best of both worlds. Amazing views from both the indoor club and outdoor rooftop plus who doesn’t like a scandalous hot tub on the dance floor? JKriv: Output’s nice too.




A sound that reminds you of Brooklyn first thing in the morning?


AD: Police or ambulance sirens and trash trucks.



Brooklyn’s top 3 pizza spots for those that know?


AD: Hands down, Di Fara’s on Avenue J in Brooklyn’s Midwood neighborhood. I’d give 2nd place to Juliana’s in DUMBO which is owned and operated by Patsy Grimaldi who made the original Grimaldi’s famous. JKriv: Lucali.




Favorite underground local label party that needs a shout out?


JKriv: Discovery, a dope party that friends of ours throw has been going for 5 years. They started at Santos’ Party House in the city, then moved to Glasslands in Brooklyn.


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We see you guys play a lot of U.S based shows. Do you have many upcoming parties in Europe or the UK?  


JKriv: I have a gig in Bogota at the end of the November, and we’ll most likely be doing some Asia dates together as RNT  in the Spring as well…stay tuned.


Something strange that people don’t know about Brooklyn’s music scene..  


JKriv: I don’t know what people know, or what they don’t. I will say that the Brooklyn is a great place to be if you’re into dance music right now.


How did your roots and passion in Disco begin in Brooklyn and are there clear signs of  promising upcoming generations who haven’t yet fallen head over heels for techno?


AD: My passion for all things Disco actually began while I was living in Philadelphia during the early to mid aughts. I started discovering and buying different albums at this little Used Cd Shop on South Street. As for promising upcoming generations, I’m a firm believer in things being cyclical as well as people’s tastes maturing over time. They’ll eventually come around 😉




Something you see when you look up across the dance floor that reminds you you’re in Brooklyn?


JKriv: Beards.


How have the council influenced and changed the local scene in the past few years?


AD: I wouldn’t say there’s been too much change or influence in the past few years. It’s more like a continuation of harsh policies set in place during the Guliani administration. He made it very difficult for existing clubs as well as those trying to open new venues.


Razor N’ Tape is one of the most consistently high quality releasing disco labels. What are your plans for the future?


AD: Next up on RNT is the Lovebirds Edits 12” followed by DJ Vas Edits and Chris E Pants Edits 12”s. As for Razor-N-Tape Reserve, we have an EP by LA based POOLS which also includes a Pittsburgh Track Authority remix plus we’ll be seeing follow-up releases by The Groovers, Luvless & Martin Hayes and Dirtytwo. To round things out, RNT45 will feature a new dusty 7” by Amsterdam’s The Planty Herbs.



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