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 Hanfry Martinez of Santa cruz de la Palma, label owner of Overall Music (with Javier Carballa) and recent edition to French label crew Lola Ed, takes us through his Sound of the city. Voted best Spanish artist in 2013 by Vicious Magazine, Tenerife man has an intriguing inspiration in music and has embarked on an energetic journey through the scene from resident dj nights and promotional work in his local town to eventually catching the ears of many and moving on to play some of the globes most respected clubs such as Fabric and Chalet in Berlin. Releasing on labels including the likes of Get Physical and underground imprint (djebali) presents to name a couple, Hanfry has some interesting words on his home town.  





What’s your favourite sound of the city?

I live in the main city, Santa Cruz of Tenerife,only 10 mins walking to the beach. When you have lived on an island your entire life, the sea sound is something that you listen to every day. Even though you sometimes you don´t pay attention to it, the sound is always there and it is an important piece of your life. When I travel and I am very far from home, when I come back I love listening the sound of the sea, it has a deeply calming effect.


Your favourite beach/place to have a swim?    

Although I live in a city, the beach is near and I love going because it helps me to forget and to rest. I like going to the south of the island and I usually go to Fañabe beach. It is not a beach you will read about in magazines but Fañabe is special because I can do everything I want, for example, to take a stroll, to eat an ice cream, to have a swim and stay in the sand until the late evening and to eat fresh fish in many restaurants which are near. To be honest it can get overcrowded! Everybody knows it. But it’s the perfect place to enjoy an entire day at the beach.


If you could describe Tenerife in a track or two…. 





Best chiringuito to escape heat at lunchtime?  

There is a place I go three times a month where I can eat typical Canary food (ribs with potatoes and green sauce). I don’t know why but the flavour is completely different and which is why I love it. I strongly recommend it and it is cheap! The name is CASA DE TOMÁS.


Best place for a nice cocktail?  

Sometimes when I go to the south of the island, to Fañabe beach I love finishing the day in “LE CLUB”. There are giant beds where you can lay and drink a cocktail, Caipirinas or mojitos. I usually go on Sundays with my girlfriend and friends.


What’s the best activity to keep you busy in Tenerife?     

 It is very difficult to get bored in Tenerife because there are many interesting places and activities that you can do…Firstly, if you love water sports there are a lot of beaches where you can practice surfing, water skiing, sailing, free diving, scuba diving… Secondly, if you prefer the forest, you can go trekking, visit the highest mountain of Spain (Teide), or stay high up in one of the rural mountain houses and finally, if you love art and studying history, there are a lot of museums, old castles, churches… there’s something for everyone!


 Which is the best club of the island?   

There is a new 500 person club (Ocean Club) near the beach in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. There’s a dance area and chill out area, and big windows for great views of the sea and the beach while you’re dancing. I love this place, especially in summer. When the club was opened, it didn´t use to be played electronic music, it used to be different kinds of events for a long time. After a year it started to be electronic music and the owners have changed the view about the music in the club, in fact, my bimonthly Beeper residency party is now there. It’s a mix of international artists with the best dj´s of the Spanish scene and our local residents.


The best ‘hidden place’ for total relax?    

Gaviotas Beach is a quite beach very difficult to get to because the road is a disaster! It is a different beach for me, a family beach, and the same people always go there, young people. Perfect place for surfers too.


The worst place on the island?     

I hate the industrial area in Santa Cruz of Tenerife. As I told before I live here, near the beach but I also have to see every day this industrial area, it smells very bad and you always feel that air is not pure in this area. Sometimes politicians do everything in order to earn money… it pisses me off!!


What you like most about Tenerife is…      ..

There are many things that people will definitely love them,  for example,  the weather is wonderful in whatever season, the beach always is near and there are many beautiful places to visit.


 What is the most annoying thing about Tenerife?    

For many people it is very difficult to find a normal job.


Where would you head to for live music & friends?  

Near where I live there is an important city “LA LAGUNA”. LA LAGUNA has always been a university city and so there are more restaurants, pubs and discos than in Santa Cruz. You can find all kinds of performances: a young soloist who is starting to work and only want to sing for his friends, or an old jazz group who has been working professionally for a long time. One of the best places to go is Buho Club.


Best place for a view?

If it’s not cloudy go to the top of the Teide, the highest mountain in Spain. You can see the seven Canary slants.


What are the things you can do there and not elsewhere?   

You can visit the highest mountain of Spain and you can be in the beach only driving for 30 minutes.


What Tenerife misses is…..   

You need to take a plane to visit other places in Spain.


What is a typical dish?    .

The Canary Islands gastronomy is based in the traditions that identify us culturally. We have many typical dishes, my favourite being ribs with meat and sauce! We cook in an original way and it is very difficult to imitate in another place. We also have very delicious vegetable soups, fish and good wine. Basically it is the best of the country, hehehe.


Which area is the best to stay at?   

In my opinion, the best place to live in Tenerife is Santa Cruz of Tenerife, the main city. In Santa Cruz there is everything and you will never feel bored: shopping centers, cinemas, schools, football stadiums, beaches,… It depends that you are looking for. On the other hand, I confess that there other important places too and I recommend to go to La Laguna, Puerto de la Cruz and Las Américas.


One thing on the island that for you should never change  

Our traditions should never be forgotten.


Which is your first music related experience there?    

When I was fifteen or sixteen years old I was always visiting music shops in Santa Cruz of Tenerife and playing or recording at home or in some friend´s house. My friends used to tell me stories about their brothers in raves parties in the south of the island, foreign Djs who had made parties in the south and I hallucinated with those stories, I loved listening to them. At that time I was a bit too young to go out and the south of the island had a dangerous reputation for me, but after a time I started to go to the discos in the south in “LAS AMERICAS”. It was very popular in the 80s and 90s with European tourists who came on holiday but ended up staying, running their own business and investing in discos, restaurants… After that the mafia came and… it was a chaos. I remember walking around an area called “VERONICAS” surrounded by foreigners on the piss. After some months, I met some djs and promoters who let me play some clubs. I am very happy to have lived during the 90s because I could learn many musical cultures of other countries and it lived up to all those stories I had heard as a child 😉


Is there another place where you feel at home?  

I love the Gomera Island and in fact I go there every year. 


What is not to be missed by music addicts?    

Nowadays, in Tenerife it is a little bit difficult to make partiesoutdoors, the government don`t like it and make it very expensive if you want to make it happen. Due to this reason, promoters have decided to make “private” events, renting a giant house or in a piece of land and make a party for  100 to 1000 people. It is always sunny here so what could be better than being in a lost in a mansion in the forest or on the beach with awesome music and the best djs of the islands? If you are in Tenerife on holidays and you love electronic music, you can`t miss these parties.


Working with Terence:Terry: on ‘Cornelius is Gaye’ ?

I have been working for a long time with Terence. I met him 5 years ago when he came to a party here in Tenerife as an artist. I have followed him for a long time as a dj and I loved his work with Freak N Chic, Robsoul, … For me Terry is like a brother now and in fact I am very happy to have met him. We have made many things together: music, events around our labels, we now also share the agency (Lola ED) and I have always liked his personal music taste. A long time ago we played together in a festival in Gran Canaria island and after that we played in an “After Hours”, he was playing an instrumental track with an acapella and I remember dancing and thinking… “What is this voice?… sounds familiar… Fuck man I love it, What is it?” He told me that it was a sample of an interview with Marvin Gave. For a long time we were playing this acapella before deciding together to do something with it. Terence came to Tenerife and stayed in my house for a week, every morning we made music, lunched on the beach, before continuing with production. At night we had a great dinner and we were speaking about music until late in the night. It was an awesome experience. The result was ‘Cornelius is Gaye’ EP (LISTEN BELOW)











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