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Molly is an active member of Parisian nightlife and is synonymous with Rex Club, an institution that fuels the city’s underground dance music scene. As well as being the brains behind communications at Rex Club during the day, she DJs as a resident for one of their most respected parties at night; DOOWEE (now HEAD_ON), where she has played alongside a wide spectrum of respected world class DJs, such as Jus-Ed, Levon Vincent, Andres Zacco, Samuel André Madsen and Dewalta.

Check out her deep and atmospheric warm up set for the Head_On party with Jus-Ed and Andres Zacco:

She crosses borders to play in some of the world’s most well-renowned clubs: Berlin’s Panorama Bar, Frankfurt’s Robert-Johnson, Moscow’s Gipsy and Shanghai’s Lola Club. The year, she made her mark in two of the best dance events of the year: ADE and Kazantip.

In terms of productions, she belongs to well-respected Rekids, the label run by Radioslave, along with Back & Forth, Rotary Cocktail or Street Knowledge. Most recently she has released a groovy remix of Mr Tophat and Art Alfie’s “I Want You To See” on imprint, Karlovak Holland.

Much respect goes out to Molly, whose talent, passion and energy clearly sets her out to be a leading figure in the Parisian clubbing scene, which from just a few years ago has grown into a leading underground dance music hub, comparable to other capitals such as Amsterdam, Berlin and London. This is why here at MEOKO we found it a great opportunity to ask Molly about the city she has fallen so in love with for our Sounds of The City series.

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Hey Molly! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for MEOKO! How is everything going for you at the moment?

More than fine, I’m very happy with how things are going for me at the moment 🙂



How was your summer? Have you been busy?

Summer was great! I had the chance to play in some really nice locations, clubs and festivals (Portugal, Ibiza, Corsica, Holland, South of France, Berlin, China, etc..) and it was pretty busy so I did not even see the summer going.



So you are from Paris? How do you like it there?

I’m originally from Toulouse (South of France ) but i moved to Paris 8 years ago. It takes time to find yourself well in Paris but once you get used to this city you fall in love with it.

There is so much to discover everyday and this city has a rich culture and history.



Did anything influence you in particular for your music career?

Not really, as strange as it is, I did not have any music education. My parents were only listening to the radio or some old French singers. I think it came from my older sister, when she was listening to some music I was always in her room, copying her cds . As a teenager I was a lot into Rock Music or bands like Beastie Boys. I discovered electronic music very late, when I was at College and i fell in love straight away with this music.



Have you ever thought of moving? Berlin, London, etc…

Yes, quite often after a great weekend in a nice city but when I really think about it then my heart goes back to Paris.



Which would you say is the best place to go clubbing in Paris?

REX of Course 🙂



Where is the best place to spend a Saturday night?


 Concrete, Paris

First, you must go to the restaurant, I would recommend the Vietnamese restaurant of my friend Emilie « Le numéro 5 ». She will welcome you very well before you go out… Then, there is plenty of choice, depends on who’s playing, where etc .

REX, Badaboum, La Machine, Concrete, Le Batofar, etc … Depends on what you are looking for and the atmosphere you like .



What is the best place to spend a Sunday night/day?

For the Sunday, I recommend to go to Marché d’Aligre its a market where they have a really nice place to eat oysters and drink white wine 🙂

Then you can go out, during summer time to Concrete, Sunday, Cocobeach, BP., and recently the Katapult autumn boat.



And if you want to continue at night then you can also go to the REX which is open from time to time on the Sunday and I can say that Sundays party at the REX are one of the best.

Its crazy how many events you can find in Paris now! 



Which is the best bar to drink absinthe?

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I would recommend the place « La Fee Verte » (the green fairy), in Bastille, They have many varieties of Absinthe.



What makes REX a unique club?

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Rex Club is unique with his history, this place as something special when you get in it. The sound system is still very good, all the main artists in electronic music have played there, even Prince for an after show some many years ago!

The architecture of REX also is unique, a long club, with a DJ booth like you could find in the 80’s with a window 🙂 All Residents are great DJs, and this club has kind of family vibe.

REX is my home and this club made me so for me it will always stay unique and the one in my heart.



One thing that makes Parisian nightlife unique to other cities is…

Partying in the middle of the this beautiful city and the French crowd is pretty unique too.


The strangest venue you’ve ever played at in Paris?

The last one was in a « Sephora shop » … It was for a Fashion event, playing in the middle of this perfume smell, it was a bit weird and it gave me a headache, but I could play the music I like: Deep house, house with no comprises, and the people enjoyed it!


A track that represents Parisian nightlife?


At the moment, I will say: Daft Punk: Burnin’ … Cause thats what everyone says now : Paris is « burning » !!


The most beautiful landmark in Paris?



Eiffel Tower of course



Parisians can be grumpy… true or false? What are your thoughts on this?

Ahahaha, unfortunately, yes it’s true … But i think its the French people in general, but a bit more in Paris. I do a agree 🙂 But I am not Parisian, so may be thats why i m not that grumpy (well I hope !!).

Paris is a very big city and to live in Paris is not that easy. Life is very expensive here so you must work hard to get a proper standard of living.

And it’s one of the reason why people are so stressed, everything has to go fast.

It’s maybe a question of history, the more you have, the less you are happy. We are all lucky that we live in a rich country, in a democracy, a country with a really nice social security cover but people always find a way to complain.

I think the grumpy ones are the one who don’t have the chance to travel that much cause if you have the chance to travel and to see how people live in some other country then you realize many things and you become more open minded, and less grumpy for sure!



Your favourite district, and why?

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My district, the 11th! First it’s the district where you find the main record stores in Paris (Syncrophone, Techno Import, Betino, etc ). 

There are many nice bars & restaurants in this district. You are close to the Seine, so It’s also nice to go there for a walk or picnic.

And the atmosphere is quite relaxing compared to other areas in Paris.


What is the best park to relax on a sunny day?


Parc de Vincennes, as it is very big and there is a really nice lake where you can rent some little boat .


What is a traditional Parisian dish, and where is the best place to eat it?

There is not really a traditional parisian dish but i would say the steak tartare! You must go to a place called «Chez Paul», near Bastille, a typical French restaurant and the tartare is one of their specialities.



Paris is considered a romantic city for many. What does Paris mean to you?


I do agree. We are lucky that all of our monuments were preserved after all those years and were not destroyed by the 1st and 2nd wars, the revolution etc. It’s also a cultural city full of beautiful museums.
When you walk by night and you see all those monuments it’s magic. That’s also one of the reasons why I still live here.


What events in Paris are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

Unfortunately I’m not here so much on the weekend now so I can’t enjoy the nightlife as much as I used to do … I would recommend to check the Resident Advisor events section, and you’ll find your happiness!



Catch Molly play next in London for Junk presents Zoo Project at Junk on the 1st of November, or in Paris at beloved Rex for her Head_On party on the 22nd of November. 

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