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We are here again with a new Sounds of the City with legendary Philadelphian (US) DJ Josh Wink. He is one of the pioneering DJs in the American rave scene during the early 1990s. An example of this everlasting rave sound is his most famous production ‘Higher State of Consciousness’, which topped the dance charts all over Europe. Also in the nineties he formed his own record label, Ovum Records, which is nowadays one of the labels that takes root in almost every record collection. He played records all over the world, but as his career has progressed, he has stayed true to his roots, never selling out and always maintaining his integrity, always coming home to his beloved Philadelphia.

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Ok,  to the past and your teenage years. Tell us about your apprenticeship at Captain Jack’s mobile DJ Company. What did it involve, more than just making cups of coffee? Where in Philadelphia?

I learned to pack equipment in a car, learned how to use the equipment, learned the ins and outs of mobile djing. Bought the music for the parties. I didn’t get to actually dj in the beginning. But, I grew into being able to segue-way between songs. It was baby steps. But, I didn’t care as it’s what I wanted to do. Mind you. This was for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties. Not club stuff. But I didn’t care! It was in Philadelphia and Philadelphia area.

You are from the generation that coincided with the rave explosion. What was it like in Philadelphia during the 90s?

Innocent! Thats what I can say! As most cities in the USA. It was a great time for music and culture. Racially mixed, age mixed. In clubs, and in any venue you could find and use. It was a great time.


Where’s your favourite hang out spot in Philadelphia?

Liberty Land, the closest park near my home.

What’s the best club and why?

I don’t know. Haven’t been to the clubs in a long time!

Best record store?

Don’t know of any any more. But, AKA Music is the best I know of now.


Best local label crew?

Ovum Recordings! Come on!


Most unique aspect of the city?

The people!

The worst thing?

Cities BPT taxes and Streets department.

Best place for a view?

Deleware Landing or Belmont Plateau.

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What is the city’s signature dish and where is the best place to get it?

I guess it’s the Cheese Steak. I don’t eat them as a vegetarian so I wouldn’t know where to tell ya where to get one.

Philadelphia is derived from the city’s name in Greek translating as “brotherly love”. Who is your biggest “bro” in the DJ world and why?

I am blessed to have a lot of “Bros” as I’ve been doing this a long time.

A soundtrack to define Philadelphia would be…?

MFSB – Philadelphia Freedom


How has the city influenced your sound?

Disco, hip hop and it’s eclectic club scene of alternative music shaped who I am.

You’ve always been based in Philadelphia, what makes it so hard to leave? Have you considered living anywhere else?

It’s a hard thing to explain. You have to live here to understand why so many Philadelphians stay here. Yes, I have considered living outside of Philly, and even outside of the USA. We’ll see what happens.

A track that reminds you of home?

Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince _Summer time.


Josh Wink is visiting the capital all the way from Philadelphia. Catch him play this weekend, Saturday the 24th of January at Fabric. Tickets here

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