Soundscapes Festival‘s return to the Tanzanian island will commence on the 8th July at 15:00, cruising through to the morning of July 12th, fueled by the best music, sun, and tranquility.

The festival will compromise of four days and nights of the sweet sound of house music and techno. It is a festival that combines electronic music with idyllic natural beauty, wellness programs, compelling creative music production, and rich island culture – in other words, good for the soul.

Zanzibar is becoming a seemingly desirable place for a festival location at the present time with promoters and festivals heading there, including Sunwaves back in 2020, to maximise the experience by soaking in the dream-like surroundings.

Soundscapes origins, which date back to 2013, were intended with the idea of bringing together a vibrant community that seeks to uplift their human spirit through art and music and this ethos is at the forefront of everything they do, which is evident even at a brief glance.

The festival is known for its impeccably curated line ups and this recent edition will be no different, especially at its perfectly suited new home following from their February edition, as featured previously on Meoko, in the same east coast side of the island.


Now the serious stuff – the line up! The first night sets the perfect tone for what to expect, featuring fan favourite and lover of a tribal beat, Traumer, and with him to close the night is Luck of Access label boss Andrey Pushkarev, bringing their unique style to the sandy African beach. They will be joined by Noctuary and Soundscapes resident Hameed and regional hero Omar Fayyad.

Joining them from the Gulf region will be Saudi artist familiar face and seasoned veteran Baloo, acclaimed duo Dish Dash, and rising female star Dorar. Lebanese-German and Berlin-based artist Agha will also appear. Heading from the UAE with over a decade’s experience with events such as Groove on the Grass will be scene staple Maks.

Romanian globe trotter duo SIT (Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia) who continue to reach new heights with each party they perform at, sprinkling their Romanian influence there too. Their memorable set from the first edition of Soundscapes Zanzi is one for our history books. Another fellow Romanian and Sunwaves regular to be added to this lineup’s edition is key figure Dan Andrei.

More music will come from new and up-and-coming artists, who will show their worthy place on such a line up, such as Bedrock label owner Guy J, Giegling’s Leafar Legov, and Yoyaku and worldwide legend Janeret.

Topping this list is Moscow label owner and now household name Archie Hamilton. And finally, completing the extensive curation are artists who are the driving force behind the electronic music scene within the region of Tanzania and beyond – are Gazi, Nezar, O Squared, Usif, and Zone+.

This is no doubt an ample list of talent all on one island ready to dance, party, and share the amazing music. We are happy to share Meoko promo code that provides you 20% off the festival pass. Just enter Coupon Code ‘MeokoxSoundscapes‘ in the coupon box at checkout.


Words by Bethany Gowland  


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