Hi Steve, thanks for talking to us. You’ve just played the closing party at Amnesia, how was it? With Chuckie headlining the main room it must’ve been quite a mixed crowd…

Thats not how it works at Amnesia. What goes on in the inside room at night on the Saturday, is very different to what goes on in the main room, which is in fact the terrace on Sunday morning. Its 2 completely different crowds..

Your Viva Warriors night at Sankey’s came to end a few weeks ago. Now that you’ve had a bit of a break from it, how do you reflect back on the season?

It was amazing, better than we could have ever expected. Not only were we packed every week, which is nice, but more importantly we had an amazing crowd and that’s what I was really happy about.

In terms of the amount of competition in Ibiza, did a lot of thought and preparation go into making sure each week stood out musically from the scores of other events?

No we just did our own thing, there is no point trying to be “in competition” with anyone in Ibiza, because there is soo much going on and many of the super clubs have super budgets and can out do us in marketing, advertising, etc. So, we just focused on what we were doing, putting quality first and putting lots of love and passion into our party, and with that hope it works. And it did.

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OneMore Halloween w/ Steve Lawler + Livio & roby at Hern Street Car Park – Picture by Goodmoodz

Similarly, did a lot of planning go into how yourself and the other Viva warriors would approach each night? I imagine there had to be some variation in what the residents would play week on week..

As an artist and DJ I dont plan music, music needs to be free and unplanned. The only planning we did was with the night itself. There was one other resident and this year that was Darius Syrossian, who is an incredible DJ and Producer, we also had regular apearences from Julian Perez, who in my eyes is one of the most talanted DJs to come about in the last 5 years. You just need to hear him to believe it.

Of the 10 parties you threw, were there any particular standout favourites? Why?

We did 12 party’s and honestly they were all amazing, we never had one single low point throughout the whole season. Overall what stood out to me was the vibe we created in that room. Fuck it I’ll say it, not something that looks good me saying, but it’s true and that is there is only one other night that had the sort of vibe we did and that was Circo Loco at DC10 on Mondays. I played other clubs and nights on the island, but none of them came close to the vibe in our room. It was incredible.

Is there anything that has come out of the experience that you perhaps weren’t expecting? (Perhaps a new artist, a new friendship, reactions from the public..)

I wasnt expecting for our first year to be rammed like it was, I thought our first year would be a laying the ground type year, setting the foundations. So that was very exiting for me to know in just our first year we exceeded all expectations.

Are there already plans in motion to do it all again next year? Is there anything you would change in any way?


We learnt alot this year as you do in the first year, we know there aremany things we can do better, like our promotion and marketing, we knew we didn’t have much to play with as far as promotion etc. We know which DJs we will invite back and which new DJs we intend to invite etc. So yes, there will definitely be a VIVa Warriors Season 2 next year.

One artist that has seemed to have really blossomed under you is Darius Syrossian – he was the only Viva artist to play every single event of the season. Is he someone you’ve come to rely on more as time has gone on? Why is this?

I took Darius on 3 years ago, and he was just about to sell his records and give up his career and move on. I told him no way should he do that, I told him I will take you on sign you to my label, and lets show people what you’ve got. Put some things into action, gave him certain responsibilities like the radio show, and of course making him the other resident DJ of our new night in Ibiza Opening the room every week, and sharing a mix compilation with myself. All these things will give Darius a platform to show his skills as a DJ and for his production. VIVa Management also look after him, so we made sure he was getting music out and not just selfishly on our own label, but also others to get his music to the public. And it’s worked. We put alot of attention into Artist development at VIVa HQ, as you know it’s something I have done for many years with several artists because it’s something that I have personally enjoyed. I took pleasure in seriously helping the careers of Audiofly, Livio & Roby and Simon Baker.

Next up on the label is seriously one hell of a talanted artist called Detlef. You wait till you hear his album!

What’s the next big project for yourself and Viva?

For myself, it’s having a baby! Which comes early next year. I have a string of releases scheduled to come out and I am focused on touring VIVa Warriors worldwide and throughout the whole of next year. For the label the next big project is Detlef, his album will be out early next year on the label followed by a vigarus touring schedule and his summer residency in 2013.

By Carlos Hawthorn 


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