Romania’s finest are heading straight to East London for 21 hrs of minimal techno house from Saturday November 20th into Sunday evening. Stump is back hosting a legendary party held across two venues, E1 & Fold — the gift that keeps on giving. The evening will be a melting pot of talent with artists seamlessly blending one after another. The energy of each artist will influence the other and the evening will be an entirely unique experience. Stump draws a crowd that is often described as feeling like your party of a family. The dance floor will be full and the atmosphere will be ecstatic.

If you’re a fan of the Romanian sound, you’ll be a fan of this lineup! Petre Inspirescu has been a pivotal figure within electronic music and is a frequent collaborator with Raresh and Rhadoo under the moniker of a:rpia:r. Mihigh will feature his minimal house influences with highlights of synthetic sounds throughout. Cally, Thierry, and Chrissy Hope are the resident DJ’s that have been championing the Stump sound bringing to to the decks everything the Stump team stands for. Local talent, Kearun will also be joined by Suciu. Every artist with consistent energy each bringing their own unique twist to the set, setting an atmosphere made for the dance floor.

Just announced to be filling the TBA DJ slot is Priku. Topping off the list of Romanian talent, this Sunrise Bookings artist has hit the stages of the most notable underground festivals & events around the globe and continues adding to his lengthy discography.

Saturday night sets the scene at 11 pm at E1 warehouse, one of London’s top rave venues. E1 is a pinnacle venue for the rave culture club scene and with the warehouses relaunch to E1 in 2016, the venue has gone from strength to strength. After a year closed due to the pandemic, they have taken a moment to reflect and come back with a revitalized vision to hosting the best community experiences.

Just when you thought the night (or morning) may be over, Stump takes us to an after party at Fold, a club emerging in recent years just down the street from Canning Town station. Bringing a more intimate feel, perfect for after party vibes. Fold promises the best sound, lights, and venue staff. The 21 hr event will be wrapped up at 8 pm Sunday evening for a truly unforgettable weekend.

Stump’s quarterly parties continue to prove that while the music is important (of course) it is the people, community, and souls that truly make the event. It is not so much a party but an experience that brings together a quality soundsystem, appreciation for art, meditative atmosphere, and the friendliest crowd. Stump has drawn a loyal following over the last few years that put their trust in them to produce a quality weekend for both the artists and attendees as one community.

After a 20 months hiatus, Stump is returning with a night to remember and one you definitely won’t want to miss. Get your tickets now for a chance to win £100 worth of drink tokens to one lucky person. To enter purchase a ticket for either part 1 or part 1 & 2. They will pick a winner a few days before the party.


Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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