Suciu, still at the ripe age of 27, has already made his name onto a few superb labels, with Body Parts and Pressure
Traxx both investing in his bouncier, boppier take on Romanian minimalism. Here at MEOKO we have been lucky enough
to get our hands on a mix recorded live at Avi from the man himself, featuring some sick unreleased material and a
whole bunch of killer, dubby tech as well. Although at first his mixing seems a bit rogue, it isn’t too long until you
appreciate the creativity behind Suciu¬ís style, constantly chucking in new, sludgy baselines for moments of genius –
resulting in a tremendous mix which truly ebbs and flows. Get yourself ready for some super subby rollers, twisty bleeps,
plenty of spoken vocals and sexy hat drops with this wicked 97 minutes from Suciu.

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