Taking a look at Sunrise‘s journey, we can say that dreams can come true. If all started with a small team and not so many possibilities of good communication with artists, after 12 years, Sunrise means now a big family, people who share their musical tastes and who are linked by common passions.

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Everyone has heard about Sunrise, about its events, about its artists who always surprise us with their performances. What we probably don’t have any idea, is that behind all these works, there is a team so creative and dedicated, each having his place and developing every detail to offer Sunrise quality moments.

Besides all you know, if you wonder what Sunrise can do more, they recently started a new project of live streaming. Every week, they surprise us with one artist who is invited and performs live from Sunrise Hub, their new home. You definitely should keep an eye on this!


              This early spring, Sunrise visits London for a 24 hours wave of music that will give us the experience of pure vibes and happiness. SNRS24 will take place on March 21, at FOLD, where the fairy tale will be told by some of the most well-known and beloved artists:

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Ion Ludwig







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Sunrise means more than a brand, it is something that always reminds you of epic memories and feeds your good feeling, in this way you always want to come back to their events.

Let’s start this spring together in the most exciting way. See you at SNRS24!