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person standing near body of water

Cosmic Poem #14

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

person standing near body of water

I Sometimes Think 

And Try To Put It In Ink 

Digitally, In Print 

But Firstly Allow Me To Blink 


I Thought I Am Not Seeing Well 

In My Ears, I Hear This Ringing, This Bell 

It Gets Louder And Louder 

As The Night Sky Gets Darker 

How Grateful I Am That I Can Say What I Want 

Without A Prior Need For Your Approval To Grant 

About Me Or The Calamity Of My Rant 

In The Past, I Would Have Been Crushed Like An Ant 

In The Past, They Burned Us On Sticks 

Not So Long Ago And My Memory Flicks 

I Am Praying For Peace But Preparing For War 

Not Afraid Anymore Of What’s Behind This Door 

Where Everybody Stuffed In All The Lies 

Instead Of Baking Them Pies 

All Over The World, I Hear All Those Cries 

All This Suffering Hiding Away In The Skies 

That Cry Over Us

The Clouds Are Getting Darker And Darker 

It’s No Longer Just About Trust 

I Am Trying To Paint It With A Black Marker 

Maybe You Can Then See Everything Is Getting Darker 

It’s Easy To See The Injustices Without A Tracker 

The Clouds Of Pure Fascism Are Above Us 

In Case You Were Wondering What’s With All The Fuss 

It’s Gonna Rain More And More 

With The Superiority Complex 

As They March Away With Their Muscles To Flex 

As If You Would Try To Be Hugged By T-Rex.


Written by urzique

purple Freedom lighted freestanding letters on brown surface

Cosmic Poem #13

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

person raishing his hand

I Am Sometimes Confused
My Mind Defused
In The Sea Of Information
Of The Internet’s Imagination

I Cannot Help But Wonder
If Life Goes On Forever After
I Cannot Help But Ask
Am I Truly Free Or Just Wearing A Mask?

Some People Feel Like Judging
Here I Am Trying To Just Imagine
A World Where Everyone Is Themselves
Playing And Joking Like These Ridiculous Elves

Some People Feel Like Controlling
To Me, That Is So Very Much Boring!
I Tried And Kept Ignoring
You Were Snoring

On My Personality
Because It Was Giving You An Authentic Fatality
Some People Are Just Fake Enough
I Cannot Even Give You A Fake Laugh

Sometimes My Life Has Been Rough
I Learned When I Was Little That It’s Better Just To Laugh
No Matter What Life Throws At You
Make It Better While Making A Joke Or Two!

Maybe Even More
Laughing Is Everything I Adore
About Being Alive
Which Is Like Taking A Deep Dive

So Are You Actually Free?
Or Just Perpetuating Your Misery
Trying To Live In This Mystery
That’s Only Mysterious To You, You See

Freedom Is More Than Buying
I Swear To You I Am Not Lying
Freedom Is More Than This
I Wanna Tell You All But First, Give Me A Kiss

I Want To Enjoy Your Bliss
Before Throwing You Into The Truth’s Abyss
At First, You Can Confuse It With This
Just Shut Up And Listen, Please

Freedom Is Not Listening To Your Mind
Freedom Is Always Teaching You To Be Kind
Freedom Is When Your Mind Does Not React
Freedom Is Not Just This Mindless Act

To Be Truly Free Is To Be Happy
And To Be Happy Is To Play
To Play Is To Be Sloppy
And To Be Sloppy Is To Slay

To Be Free Is To Make Mistakes
And Then To Celebrate Them With Cakes By The Lakes
Because When You Are Free There Are No mistakes
Just Opportunities To Learn And Eat All The Cakes

Do You Think You Are Truly Free?
Like A Wildflower Used To Be?
Are Even Wildflowers Free Anymore
When Nature Has Been Sold
For Gold?

As You Grow Old And Cold
Just So You Know, You Cannot Eat Gold
Not Even With Golden Teeth, You Won’t
So Just Don’t.

Don’t Sell Your Freedom Away
Don’t Allow Them To Take Everything At Play
Don’t Sit Around And Pray
Make Sure You’ll Make Everything Stay

As It Is
As Nature Allows It To Be
As You Want To Leave It Further
Before Inevitably Growing Older.

In The End, What Is Freedom In Fact?
Just Us Playing A Second Act?
Pretending To Sign A Peace Pact?
Until Everything Will Again Blow Apart?

Written by urzique

flight of pigeons flying above grass field near Eiffel tower in Paris

Cosmic Poem #12

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self


two brown birds on flower

She Sits Up High In Her Tower
Watching Life Live From Above
These Mechanical Birds In The Sky
That Was Unthinkable Not Long Ago
Yet Glimpses Of The Past
Levitate On Water
She Sits With The Birds Dancing In The Sky Like Laughter
Nothing Was Happening
Yet Everything At Once
Began To Eccentrically Dance
At The Sky Taking Yet Another Glance
While Accessing The Universal Trance
That Transports You To The Dimensions
Of Nothing And Unimaginable Impressions
Of The Absolute Truth Of Our Perceptions
That Have An Only Goal
To Stir Our Imagination

Written by urzique

person doing wall graffiti

Cosmic Poem #9

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

What Is Poetry, You Ask
I Will Try To Explain If I Must
It’s What I Do
When I Actually Want To Yell At You

Is The Way Of My Heart
To Walk Out Of The Dark
Is The Way Of The Spirit
To Not Try To Fix It

Just Allow It To Be
As I Try To Make You See
That The heart Has Its Own Language
You Can Make Art Out Of This Rage

It Will Help Dissolve The Cage
It’s Like Burning Some Sage
Gives You Back Your Wisdom
While Breaking Apart This Dome

You Locked Yourself In
You Have To Break Out From Within
Allow My Words To Sink In
Breathe Out, Breathe In

Remember There’s Only Love Within
The Rest Is Just An Illusion
Some Sort Of Weird Fusion
Between Confusion
And Delusion

Because We See Reality As We Are
Everything Else Is A Delusion By Far
Instead Of Seeing From Inside
We Project What We Think We Are On The Outside

When We Have No Idea Who We Truly Are
So You Hop Rapidly In This Car
Think You Can Run Away
From Ever Finding Your True Self

With All My Heart For You, I Pray
That Someday You’ll See Life My Way
Like Taking A New Vision Gear Out Of The Shelf
Or Applying A Filter Or Two

To Help You See That In The End, It Will Never Be All About You

Written by urzique


Cosmic Poem #8

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self



Sitting At The Campfire Of Our Sacred Souls
We Are Subconsciously Setting These Impossible Goals
Impossible Is Just Harder
It Turns LOVE Into An Effort
And As The Last Result
You Have To Detach From The Heart That Grows Fonder And Fonder
Return To Your Center
Having Faith You’ll Understand Everything Later
That As Crazy As It Seems
These Are Not Just Impossible Dreams
Your Heart Wants What It Wants
Your Feelings Are Not Just Clouding Your Thoughts
You Can trust your intuition
You Can Shift Anything According To Intention And Vision
That MAGIC Is Real
Reality Is Surreal
Like Living In A Painting That You Remember From A Dream
A Memory That Seems So Distant
Yet You Feel It From Within
With Every Cell That Remembers The Memory’s Instant
You Must Keep Your Plans Simple
So You Can Think Ahead
This Being Said

Do You Believe In Magic? 

After Having Lived The Tragic?

There Is So Much Beauty In This Story
Ask Your Mind, Please Don’t You Worry

The Goal Was Never To Achieve Glory

Written by urzique

orange smoke on blue background

Cosmic Poem #7

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

person holding light bulb

Are You Grateful Enough
To Say Thanks To Anyone Passing By
To Have The Epiphany Of The
Not Yours Not You
As In
Not Mine Not I
Until Your Ego Says
Stop It Or I die?
What is Gratitude?
Can You Experience It Outside Solitude?
Do You Have The Thank You Attitude?
Like A Soulful Prelude
Followed By A Mean Interlude
In A Crescendo Rhythm
Of The Heartless React
Beat By Beat
Togetherness In Art
Each One Of Us Playing The Part
That Sings Best To Our Soul
We Freak Out Because We Lose Control
Of Ourselves And Others
Of Our Mother And Fathers’
That We Disguised Along The Way
In Personality Traits
We Created This Play
And Now Our Fantasy Plays Away
While Reality Awaits
We Swallowed So Many Baits
Disguised As Bites Of Love
Forced Down Our Throat
Creating Blockages Of Faith
This Reality Can No Longer Wait
Are You Here To Create
A Grateful World?
I Want To Illuminate
The Path I Have Not Been Told
To Take
Make No Mistake
Let Me Reiterate
What Eye Wanted To Say
I Do Not Pray
Nor Allow Pray To Prey Me
In Gratitude, I Play
The Cosmic Dance
Of Divine Balance.

Written by urzique

blue lemon sliced into two halves

Cosmic Poem #6

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

Do You Believe In Random?

Or That The Universe Is Like A Computer?
And We Live In An Android Dome?
You Have To Go Through The Process
Of The Programmed Moon
Rather Later Than Soon
And Embedded Sun
In This Intentional Pun
To Achieve Success
And Dissolve Distress
To Discover Your Favorite Pattern
That’s Not So Mysterious Anymore
We Unlocked A New Super Door
That Changed Our Perception
And Now We Want More
On That Spaceship Of Wonder
From Which We Can’t Run No Longer
And Here I Wonder
How Can We See
Who Can Inhabit
The Spaceship Tree Of New Habits
A Space Worm From The Future
Always Dreaming Of New Worlds
While Destroying the Present?
A Robot Force Versus The Satellite Of Discourse
Observing The Fire Within?
Just Let Your Heart Desire
A Little Bit Less
And A Little Bit More
Just Open The Door
See Your Perception
Find A New Direction
Travel Through A New Dimension
Of The Heart
Nothing Is Random
If You Have Trust
And Believe In The Power Of Stardust
Your Cosmical Love
Fuels Your Reality
Your Thoughts Are The Fatality
Of Your Mediocre Banality
Just Remember You Are Dust
That Randomly Came From The Stars

By The Primordial Orgasm
From The Consciousness Of Lost Lust
Where It All Originated
This Idea Can You Grasp?

Do You Believe In Random?

Written by urzique

white ceramic mug near black-framed eyeglasses

Cosmic Poem #5

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

black pen on white paper

What Is Loneliness?

In An Ocean Of Distress

I Feel Like A Single Drop

With Nothing To Top

What I Already Had

I Crawled Into A Cave

Running Away Is My Pattern

Here, Before And After

I Am Trying To Break The Cycle

Of Neverending Suffering

And Constant Buffering

While Riding The Perfect Bicycle

What We Need To Clean


With Ease

Just Further Away To Lean

While Hoping Again To Dream

To End This Steam

That Streams From My Heart

It’s Like A Walk In A Park




Almost Melancholic

Your Love Is Forever Iconic
Stay Cosmic

And Cry Away
Your Fears
At The Funeral
Of Your Hopes and Dreams

Written by urzique

heart shaped pink sparklers photography

Cosmic Poem #4

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

close-up photography of heart shaped fairy lite on brown sand

I like you
You like her
She likes someone
That likes someone
She is not that someone
As you are not that someone to her
And eye am not someone to you
But you are someone to me
I just wish things could be
A bit differently
To feel gently
The precious
That we once shared
But somehow
We all share together
Just never at the same time
And we don’t give a dime
About the person that gives
A dime about us
Thus, there is no trust
Just a vicious cycle
In circles
That never touch each other
Just gravitate one next to another
Dreaming of another
That dreams of another
So why do we even bother?

Stay cosmic
Your love is iconic
No matter how ironic

Written by urzique

Cosmic Poem #03

By Cosmic, Cosmic Your-Self

What is flow?
Why is it divine?
What can’t you let go of?
What makes you shine?
Is patience really a virtue
Or just the natural order
Of this chaotic disorder?
You look for someone to sue
Did you manage to pursue it?
Your neverending dreams
All the projections
Making reality as it seems
As it was meant to be
.In Synchronicity.
It’s just the divine frequency
Tune in, just be
Allow everything to flow to you
In divine timing
So mote it be
Welcome to the new vision
Of you and me
In which you stay cosmic
As your love is iconic
No matter how ironic


Written by urzique