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{MEOKO HOTWAX Tools & Tips} JANUARY 2019

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These bits do the business, all out in the past fortnight unless stated otherwise:


Zocco (double 12″)

My Own Jupiter – MOJ 10 

My Own Jupiter is a multimedia invitation onto the planet Edurne and Nicolas Lutz have created for themselves. For the 10th release the Uruguayan artist Michelle drops a killer album with 8 floor bombs that will keep you dancing till eternity. Zocco!

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/michelle-zocco/714822-01/




Overcome/Lady Science (NYC Sunrise) (12″ repress)

Trelik – TR 11:11

REPRESS ALERT: Trelik returns with a repackaged edition of one of the catalogue’s most treasured releases. Written and produced by Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford aka Soul Capsule, these tracks came from one of the many sessions recorded at the West London Ifach Studio in 1999.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/soul-capsule-overcome-lady-science-nyc-sunrise/471578-01/



Giammarco Orsini

Regression Progression EP (12″)

Partisan – PTN012

Matching classic motifs with a bold, crisp production style that sits comfortably in the ever-expanding Partisan catalogue, Giammarco Orsini once again proves himself to be a vital rising talent in the European House and Techno scene.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/giammarco-orsini-regression-progression-ep/716204-01/


Like This Girl (12″)

Perlon – PERL120

Next on Perlon is an EP from International Anything, the collaborative project of label head Markus Nikolai and Ole Schulte. Debuting on the infamous Superlongevity compilation in 2017, this 12″ is the first solo release of the duo.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/international-anything-like-this-girl/714979-01/




Shamania (double 12″)

Sleep Is Commercial – SLCLTD008

Wareika’s double-EP “Shamania” features two collaborative remixes from Ricardo Villalobos and Thomas Melchior, Wareika’s original and a remix from Dunkle Dummies. Due out on Sleep Is Commercial. Nothing more to add!

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/wareika-shamania/709212-01/


 Various Artists


Slices of life | SOL10.2

Slices Of Life celebrates the 10th release with a two-part vinyl compilation: SOL10.1 and SOL10.2! Label owner Barbara Preisinger gathered seven unreleased tracks on two seperate 12 inches, by previous Slices Of Life artists as well as producers who relate to the label through friendship, events and personal support.
Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/cab-drivers-slices-of-life-10-2/707119-01/



Lost’n’Rex EP (double 12″)

Time Passages – TP 10

Binh releases a double pack via his own Time Passages. For the labels 10th release Binh carries his own tracks and some collaborative work with Evan Baggs, Sven Röhrig and Dj Masda.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/binh-lostnrex-ep/709208-01/



A Walk In A Field (12″)

Serialism – SER047

The Cobblestone Jazz man shows off some of his vintage colours courtesy of a release which comes at us here from Cesare vs Disorder’s Serialism imprint. The music of The Mole is engaging, captivating and mind-blowing at the same time.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/the-mole-a-walk-in-a-field/712519-01/



Lyra (180 gram vinyl double 12″)

Meander – MEANDER 025 

Lyra is DeWalta’s fourth large project and third full-length album following Wander in 2012 (on Haunt), llumination in 2014 (on Meander) and Dark Matter in 2017 (on Amphia). The album consists of two individually available parts and is by far DeWalta’s most extensive and refined project to date.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/dewalta-lyra/710330-01/


Gravity EP (12″)

Inkal – INKAL 005

Ben Rau has been steadily developing his unique twist on modern house music over the past few years via his Inkal and Meta imprints. Here we see Ben return to Inkal with a new two-tracker which shifts focus in a dynamically unfolding fashion.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ben-rau-gravity-ep/714130-01/



Semantics (double 12″)

Nervmusic – NM 023EP

Semantics is Rhadoo’s first EP since 2015’s Zanzibar on Amphia. Spanning four tracks spread across two discs, Semantics will come out through Berlin-based label Nervmusic. A founding member of the [a:rpia:r] label and collective, Rhadoo is one of Romania’s key artists, having helped shape the country’s distinctive minimal sound.

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/rhadoo-semantics/711569-01/



Fairground / Kitten

Cabinet Records – CAB55LTD

Cabinet sees the return of Brawther on the driver’s seat. Pulling out two razor sharp bouncing party jams, “Fairground” and “Kitten” will sort any dancefloor out! Worth mentioning that this is Cabinet’s first pressing with a limited number of 333 labels.

Audio: https://www.decks.de/track/brawther-fairground-kitten/cdj-5g


Hokenkok EP

Polyson – POLYSON001

Minibar’s boss Cabanne (also heavily associated with Perlon) is launching his vinyl-only Polyson label with a new EP from Varhat, Hokenkok. On this EP Varhat delivers two originals with Cabanne on remix duties.

Audio: https://www.decks.de/track/varhat-hokenkok_ep/cdv-lx

PolysonJPG MockupVinylCenter-copie-500x483


Water Tower

Salty Nuts – SN008 

Fabe kicks off 2019 by dropping his debut full length on his own Salty Nuts label. Here he shows a wide spectrum of minimal house and techno style across eight tracks that feature Fabe’s typical, loopy signature groove

Audio: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/fabe-water-tower/713134-01/




Mursakino (12″)

YYK No Label

Hand-stamped unlabeled record from Japan expected out early February. This 12” features 3 tracks; Budōnoki, Budō and Wain and it sounds dope.

Audio: https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/view/157571



From our fav MEOKO selector DENNY KEM


HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (December 2017 – Part 3)

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HotWax Banner

12 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- Premiesku – The Last Man on The Moon EP // ALLINN028

So being in a period where over generousity is experienced at a high level, here is our take for a special wax with divine sounds :). We start with Premiesku who ‘soar’ to ‘only’ take us on a trip to the moon and then we are ‘Even’ for the whole EP. We can always go Sci-Fi when this lovely Romanian trio share their newest sounds on All Inn Black, we can already be sure it’s the deepes underground cut coming out from their studio.


2- Adrian Niculae – Consensual EP // MTF005

Back to a sound we cherish, and one that is stands out for this period. Adrian Niculae is back with his own ‘Motif‘ to share with us another cocktail made out of fruits from his own garden. I’m sure I ‘SeeSaw’ cherries in this smoothie too while B Side reminds me of a whole cycle i have to review, re-align and recentre myself then move on and on, play with this play.


3- Fonetica (Cristi Cons & Dubtil) – Noises EP // NMS003

Here is an interesting collab, one that has a tender flow, one that define powerfull drum rythms. Who are they? Well Cristi Cons and Dubtil come out as Fonetica, with their first ‘Noises EP’ on Nervmusic special side series. I’m sure the point is to get ‘Lost in thought’ when everything is so well done in the ‘background’. The sound proposes another way of rhythm and tight percussions and the time is right for us to have these options too.


4- Arapu – Wasted Ego EP // UND007

A ‘Wasted Ego’ title as a sublime message for a sublime sound, delivered by Arapu on Understand. Did you get it ? Uplifting sound with a scary atmosphere and voices ‘from the other side’ show you can’t always have the bliss without a bit of extra-ordinary tension meant to keep you straight and offer you a wide range of experiences.


5- Mihai Pol – Invasion EP // OTK003

Already with a sound if his own, Mihai Pol continues to polish his craft with a new EP on the Londoner Otaku Records. It’s ok, there is an invasion going on, and Triptil is on board with a B Side remix, calls out his best troops and rolls out his offensive and uplifting groove taking on the lead in this adventouros manifest.


6- Cally – Calldaer EP // MELONIAN005

Of course one player getting fresh attention is romanian dj and producer Cally. Usually with a perfected round sound, in this EP he reveals his high pillar attitude on front side and then shares his wormth and angelic atmospheres with two perfect after-hours tracks on side B.


7- Costin Rp – Basics EP // RUERE004

Costin Rp is one that i know likes to go further and explore his sounds and mainly he comes up with new ingredients for his cocktail. Making it more spacious and lightly in the same time, Ruere is the right caravan to serve this jam sessions. Whishpering questions are thrown throughout the whole experience. Did you hear?


8- Unknown Artist – DRGS01 // DRGS01

As you know it is a pleasure to write about the Unknown Artist who does not need any more recognition and just shares his feelings and moods with us. On the first one of these series you’ll find clues and ways as to how to get wild and childly again and of course if you ‘Say it Loud’ you will get it better.


9- Floog – Ambele EP // FLG001

I have love for new beggings and to share the right ones with you and as itold you before I’m happy the artist behind Floog is back on track again, delivering smooth rhythms with clean and clear percussion cuts aiming for an ever more fractalized house music anthems. It’s all under a great plan, delivered with love and joy on FLG001.


10- Piktor – Acid Space EP // LKMV002

https://soundcloud.com/lokomotiv-music/sets/piktor-acid-space-ep-incl-sublee-remix” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrerp>

How do you make a painting of acid floating in space? Well there is one formula very well presented here and tell me if you can find a better one. Regarding groove and sound, Piktor found his ways and it’s ready to be part of our big community. We’re sure the EP on Lokomotiv is just a small card of the big picture, and we’re shure the canvas is ever expanding.


11- MOi – 08 // MOI008



House, Groove, Rhythm… oi oi. It’s all in here, it’s the new MOI release. Undergound house music all the way under this project and the credits go in Eastern Europe. Well it is a very fine touch of uplifting side of our house music and this release is set to bound new standards, as the ones before, it did.

12- VA – Tzinah On Black 004 // TZHBK004

4 Romanian talents,  Hansel!, Mihai Pol, Herck and vlf, are billed for TZHBK004. When speaking of Tzinah records, it is always a treat to ears.


With care and appreciation from P. with Love

Words by Dan Primaru

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (December 2017 – Part 2)

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HotWax Banner

Recently regarded as one of Spain’s “best kept secrets,” Javier Carballo, internationally acclaimed DJ, producer, and label owner, grew up on an exotic Spanish island called Gran Canaria. From the warm sounds of inspiration of the vibrant wellspring of life surrounding him, music became a way of life to transmit emotions and communion through sound. Thoroughly dedicated to this calling, Javier’s passion drains over everything he does, channeling his creative efforts to produce deeply emotional, strikingly state­of­the­art underground deep house and techno. Since 2009, Carballo’s career has continued to evolve with his solo projects and remixes that received support by some of the biggest names in the industry. 

And now, 6 tracks listed below by the man himself, Javier Carballowill do all the talking;

1- Primary perception – Retroftted Future Vl. 1 – Slow Life

I am very happy to see how 2 good friends from my island are one of the most exciting duos right now in the electronic scene, this ep is clearly my favorite of them , anyway all the things done by the guys are top level music. This ep has 5 tracks, where Mahy and Nichel do a trip between house, Minimal , electro and deep sounds.

2- Tommy Vicari Jr – Beta Stop Thinking – Lowwaxx

This EP is one of my favourite last work of Tommy, the 2 tracks are weird but when u start to listen them u can’t  take it out of your mind, Minimal techno and atmospheric sounds , with a great Rich Nxt remix oriented to the dance floor.

3.- Pola – Kuku – Aku

Two big tracks in Pola release, each side works just perfect in After sets or nights, amazing baseline and groove. proper records for clubs and djs.

4.- Disk – Blackloops 02

All the last Disk releases are great, solid rhythms , amazing pads and transitions , this time Blackloops 01 have 2 cuts where the rolling house, minimal and groove elements doing a perfect combination.

5.- BSS – Unrequested State Of Bliss, Bosconi

What a package of 8 tracks, Im really impressed  with this work of the trio of Bosconi Sound system I can play each track in deferents moments, Minimal, Driving tech house, Deep techno, Electro. Honestly nowadays is so difficult to see a double vinyl and be sure to buy it, in this case100%

6.- Martyne & Jacob / Bodin & Jacob – Gesandt – Traffic Records

Every records of Traffic is a real bomb ,this time Bodin does 4 tracks collaborating with his friends Jacob and Martyne to do a new era of Electro, minimal and breaks. 

Javier Carballo MC

Words by Javier Carballo / JC Soundcloud

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (December 2017 – Part 1)

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HotWax Banner

6 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- RQZ – Freaks EP // MODEIGHT004

https://soundcloud.com/modeight-records/sets/modeight004″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


So let’s start this session with an artist who is stepping up in the vinyl only world, and that is the Romanian DJ, Midi Club Resident, RQZ. With a great approach to his sound and his techniques, this EP is a great anchor beetwen the house world and the more deep and fractalized micro-house music.


2- Miroloja – Subtitle EP // OLOREC001

https://soundcloud.com/user-803090296/sets/miroloja-subtitle-ep-olorec001″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Another great and courageous opening are from the Miroloja brothers, with their first release at their headquarters Olo Records. Armed up with two smooth remixes from artists like Nima Gorji and Rowlanz, they make a great promise to the scene, and that is to release quality music in their view and understanding. Done well so far for me.


3- Silat Beksi – Shushu EP // WOW05

Back to groove and to that peculiar sound we cherish most, Silat Beksi showing two sides in his What you Want release called Shushu EP. What we love about Silat is that he won’t let the guard down and he’s always massaging our ears with some breaks on every release. Of course the other side of him is revealed in the more detailed Java track.


4- Floog – Gicu cu Robotzi EP // HOARD003

https://soundcloud.com/user-647178105/sets/floog-gigu-cu-robotzi-ep-vinyl-only-horder-hoard003″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer



Great to see such an experienced artist going out on his own and showing his more soulfull side on his solo alias Floog. We are talking about George the third part of Premiesku near Livio and Roby. Now we get to see where the more esoteric and atmospherical parts of that were coming from, it’s all over this EP and i really look forward to the direction of Floog.


5- Vlad Arapasu – Artifical Moves // SBTL010

https://soundcloud.com//subtil-records/sets/vlad-arapasu-artifical-moves-sbtl010″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Talking about taking things on a solo attitude, Vlad Arapasu from Dubsons did that recently also, delivering his first EP at the German Subtil Records. He is expressing his happiness and thoughfull messages throughout his music and my guess he’s got a lot to share! Great EP representing our Romanian sound signature.



And.. not to be missed is the new release from Sei Es Drum, Villalobos trips are being out on A and B, one expressing the ‘sensitive’ voice direction and the other one drumming on the bass and playing it low. This is what we should do also, beat the earth to raise the frequencies and be open cosmical energy from the above. 


With care and appreciation from P. with Love

Words by Dan Primaru

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (October 2017)

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HotWax Banner

7 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- [MLTV004] – Olivian Nour – Modul EP [Melotherapy Vinyl] 

https://soundcloud.com/melotherapyrecords/sets/mltv004-olivian-nour-modul-ep-melotherapy-vinyl/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Olivian Nour comes forth with a great two track EP on his own imprint Melotheraphy Records, on vinyl only side of things, and with his own definition of groove, which was well adopted by DJs alike and people who are in for the bright side of vibes in order to have fun. Enjoy “modul” and “omaigod” this is one of the best material coming out from Olivian.


2- CTTV009 – Petar Milicevic – Cshi Tururuu – Complatt

https://soundcloud.com/vinport/sets/cttv009-petar-milicevic-cshi-tururuu-complatt/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer



One artist that is right there on getting himself out of the ‘shadow’ is Petar Milicevic, from Belgrade, Serbia. With many releases already, this is one of the vinyl only ones that represents him best and his abilities to make your mind blow and trip under dancing shoes and vibrating dancefloor.


3- PLZ026.1 – Sepp – Cantor Du Salon EP

https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/plz0261-sepp-cantor-du-salon-ep” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer

Thank you dear brother Sepp for the love that you have for music and for releasing so much of it, basically at every good underground label there is out there. Cheers up for this guy who redifined house music in his own minimalistic way, whithout bounderis and always broadening our view about what house music really means! Enjoy the new Pleasure Zone release featuring Sepp.


4- PTX019 Vinyl Speed Adjust – “Technicolor” EP

https://soundcloud.com/pressuretraxx/sets/ptx019-vinyl-speed-adjust” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer


Vinyl Speed Adjust trips back to Pressure Traxx Records with two cookies delivered from the romanian kicthen with their own detroit and housey feelings swinging in the back these release is all about smooth vibes and mindblowing minimal percusions to keep you in the jungle atmosphere for the groove.



5- [FNV001] B2 Triptil – To The Moon And Back [ Esimene EP ]


Talking about groove, Triptil is decided on this EP… it should be more about that. He goes over seas and high hills and comes on his own record label Feno Volana. With such a great release we are looking forward for more from this label and Triptil sound and friends, let’s hope he will take us ‘To The Moon And Back’!



6- Unknown Artist: Rise / Tryck // 2017


Here is another Unkown release that it’s about the dancefloor and house minimal grooves. Here is to a new label called Trulyyours which we know nothing about :). So there is not much to say but to listen on this one… pure and uplifting vibes, warming our hearts and our mornings.


7- Unknown Artist – A [INTERP01]


Here is to a nice way to end this playlist with the Bside, which is all about cooling off and chilling out, great tune for when you’re alone and crazy but till then A side it’s a nice danceable ‘Interpretation’ of an old edit we love. Good one when there are new labels every new months, i will always see, let them surprise us by the 10th release.



With care and appreciation from P. with Love


Words by Dan Primaru

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (September 2017)

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HotWax Banner

6 tracks listed below by Primărie will do all the talking;

1- Pleasure Zone / PLZ004S.1 – Silat Beksi – Gravity EP


Now we’re back to bussiness, back to groove, and our attention back to Pleasure Zone, who picks up two great tunes from our Ukraine minimal-techno representative Silat Beksi. As he states in the first track, we’re also “Back to the Future” sound and you can hear is personal signature on the second’s track groove, Kin 182! Enjoy being with your head back in music, enjoy PLZ004S.1!


2- Moment / Petre Vali aka LIZZ – From Inside


The new Moment release is up and available and it’s not other than Lizz, under new production alias Petre Vali. With four long tracks covering and taking care of multiple kinds of moments in our events, the music is either groovy and straight to the point, in ‘High Emotions’ and ‘Nightlong’ tracks and more layed back and tooly in ‘Bourjois’ and Far Away. As Bourjois murmurs ‘Don’t belive… really hear’!


3- Unknown Artist – VWV 001

Love finding these ‘Unknown Artist’ releases brought to light by good labels, this one being in the back of Yoyaku store, another platform oriented for minimal side of grooves, VWV. Clearly the Yoyaku house juice is present in fuzzy voices, which is sustained on both tracks with serious beats and particular percussions with grooves to set a new standard.


4- Serialism / [SER040] Cristi Cons & Sublee – You and Me 

Sublee teams up with Cristi Cons for a great EP on the Berlin vinyl label Serialism. It’s a great release since the sound is a bit different then what we’re used to hear from their solo productions, on this one they deliver round beats and basses also break rhythms, coverd up by the classical micro-house high vibration sounds. Complete EP with a bonus track hidden inside.


5- Vid & Hokuto Sato – Rinkenn [ANDROMEDA008]


Now we’re used to the vibe of Andromeda, but now Vid takes out his own name as Sorin Rastoaca, with even a more chilled out music, in collaboration with Japan’s Hokuto Sato, this EP is vibrating with nice beats and rhythms but the musical side is more deamy then ever for Andromeda. Eight represents the infinite, choose your dream.


6- Toolwax / Sepp – Lady [toolwax004]

Toolwax is also back on it’s groove too, with a housy soul emanating, on this vinyl only release, at oriental flavors and disco cuts. Sepp is the undercover artist bringing his melodies on and calibrated with minimal beats, continuous loops, always delivering the “Krem a la Krem” for our after-hours mind trips. Tools or not, this is a must have!


Enjoy the music, support the artists, buy the records, share the love. From P. with Love!

Words by Dan Primaru

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (July 2017)

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HotWax Banner

5 tracks listed below by Dan Primaru will do all the talking;

1- Amorf – Blending Light LP [Understand]

Yes it’s hot summer and the sound warms itself under the sun, hot waves coming from Romania’s minds, yet a collaboration that our scene needed. Mischa Blanos, Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia take on the ship of Amorf, delivering us their imposed sound and beats with the clarity and musicality of a piano always being added on, being experimented and embodied by Mischa, expanding the rulles of classic. No words really can describe this for the clubber point’s of view or for the classical experimentalist listener. So enjoy and dive deep.


2- KUSI005 by Durrrred & Arapu


Back to rrrrrhythm, who is also expanding the rules if that is Durrrred. Showly but shurely getting our attention with his tracks, this EP is a great weapon when needed. Durred just showing us other parts of the sub-rhythm we yet have to explore and Arapu delivering a smooth liniar remix, as he enjoys himself to do. He raises a bit the same rrrrrhythms under more mids and dreamy frequencies. Another great release by Kusi Records.


3- Silat Beksi -Amaranth EP – JBLTD003 

One player that got our attention in techno import is Mr. Silat Beksi, Ukraine’s export. Coming back with a second release to Jelly Beast Limited, this EP it’s so complete. Techy beats and good vibes on A1, atmosphered and chilled out track on A2, perfect for meditation. B side comes with Tibet track which purely represents the expansion of broken rhythm that Silat is always developing and a Daniel Sanchez banger on B2, what else do you really want ?!


4- YYY797

And yes, you can call me mr. Good Vibes and excuse me for always picking up the YYY releases. They are a definition of it, of uplifiting melodies and smooth grooves. They are a trend setter for the House melodies and Minimalistic grooves. And one might ask… who is really behind the YYY series, well for sure is a team of french pioneers behind yoyaku store.


5- Petre Inspirescuvîntul prin salcii 


We play and we play but there is a time when you want to chill and just be. Well that is what Mr. Petre is doing more and more, coming back with a second album of orchestral music, on Mule Music, the album already got a live concert in one of Bucharest’s theatre and we’re looking forward to this kinds of events where we can taste another part of one of our greatest DJ, Petre Inspirescu. Enjoy a trip of the wind between willows. Space yourself out.


Good bye.

Words by Dan Primaru

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips (June 2017)

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HotWax Banner

6 tracks listed below by Dan Primaru will do all the talking;

1- Dragos Ungureanu & Gabriel AmaruKeep on Going  // she001

The first EP in this session is about brotherhood, family and connection. Keep on Going in London does this at it’s best, and Gabriel Amaru together with Dragos Ungureanu are the first souls to leave their sound on the first wax imprint of this label legacy. I talk like this because i know the team behind this label, the strong connections that are there which are reflected the moments of glory that they create through events and gatherings.


2- JäfarFragil Musique – Fragil 021 //  Tribute to the King


Eighteen release from Fragil comes with an impressive tool from Jäfar, it is straight old-school dance floor track, reminding us about good old times, it is updated with a modern micro house fragrance from two secretive vinyl lovers, and carefully selected by another two, acting behind the label.



3- Costin Rp – Bleu Ciel //  Bleu Ciel 006 // Different Personalities 


Developing the genre itself, developing himself, Costin Rp getting lost in the atmospherical realm. When heard and perceived in a specific time and enviroment, these two beauties can lift you up, helping you trancend the body and keeping you in magical place we know we belong. It’s something we’re use to take up from Bleu Ciel music label.



4- Ada Kaleh – AK005c // Dene descris (reinterpretari part I)


Here is a strong one, that aims to be a reference point in our scene. Ada Kaleh comes with re-interpretations of his own well know story ‘De Nedescris’. With a great all-romanian team, this EP has many colours, Nu Zau, Teluric and Priku, each putting their vibe and signature into the big rainbow. There will be a part two but this is delicious enough for me.



5- DubtilBodyParts Records  //  BPMS008  // Paradox EP


Well, when Dubtil goes out, sometimes is pretty big. I mean in the most recognizable tunes out there, he knows how to leave a mark. Vocalindas is something that will come out of our mouths when discussing some peculiar and beautiful sunrise moments spent on the beach, admiring the sun waves.



6- Ricardo Villalobos[arpiar]  //  Empirical House 


And, because this can not go unnoticed, here are four tracks of Ricardo, which come out as another album of the artist. For sure the format says is a non-conventional release, the tracks we know they are old and moved our dancefloors in many many events where Arpiar representative were playing, but all is updated for the present and the release is staying as a great point in the micro-house map of the future. The tracks are a standard for all kinds of moments and for sure they will be the inspiration point for many of the artists following ‘the king’s” statement about Empirical House.


Words by Dan Primaru

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HOT WAX – Tools & Tips [May 2017]

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HotWax Banner

MEOKO Hot Wax May

7 tracks listed below by Dan Primaru will do all the talking;


1- Various Artists – UVARLTD (2X12 INCH) // UVAR // UVARLTD001


In the latest release of Romanian label Uvar, Nu Zau and Sepp gather alike minds and kind of showcase their little strong family. With their brothers aside, Vid and Andrei Kharitonov, they also invite the new talents Lizz and Cosmjn to represent our East European side of things and their complete the story with their true ‘american gangster’ like connection, having two tracks from Miami residents Idana and Rojid. The release is strong and sets standards for the up coming layed back micro house of or scene.


2- Herck – Sunetul Noptilor Fecunde LP // Curtea Veche // CV005PT1 / CV005PT2


Talking about standards of micro house, one of the artists that goes beyond and comes back as a true representative of the genre is no one other then Herck. We’ve seen his releases suppored by Petre Inspirescu and others fellows and this album it’s a must have for them, for us and for you also. It’s Herck’s debut album and it’s a great occasion to see and hear his real self expressed in this musical kaleidoscope released by Curtea Veche.



3- Aquaphresca – TRAM DAYS (VINYL ONLY) – Aquaphresca – Aquaphresca02

Back into a more house feeling, we found the Tram Days EP of Aquaphresca. This is a more liquid version combined with a more natural and fractal enviroment overall from Mihai Popescu aka MP. First track really takes us back in time somewhere where the first trams were crossing New York’s fresh streets. The second tune is back to groovy bussines of the dancefloor engaging us on all levels with a wondering jacking sound.


4- Oshana – AMETISU (VINYL ONLY) // YoY // YoY.02

Wait what.. We went to New York, then we have to mention their true resident Oshana. We’ve seen her release at some powerfull labels during her time, but with this release she is really making her sound strong, with an attitude and straight to the point. Electric, eclectic and with an alienated feeling, strong beats and basses, for sure this is the masculine side of lovely Oshana. All marketed well by French sublabel of Yoyaku.


5- Niwa Tatsui – VISHNOU EP // Trimurti // Trimurti.2/3

Because good music is neither old or outdated, this release is really showing us just that. I’m curious what i will think about it in 5 years from now on. The A&R of Trimurti really made a good job here, the tracks are very different from eachother, each one has their own unique sound and groove though …some DJs might just play them all in one set. I’ll let you explore and make up your own mind about it.


6- Arapu – CONNECTION EP // Pressure Traxx // PTX017


Back on Romanian turf, for the sake of this month, we’re talking about Arapu’s latest release at the well known Pressure Traxx. Some of you might think these are just deep, warm and nice tracks to play, but some of us really use this in the main points of the dj acts, some of the Romanian DJs like to go down like this in the middle of their set, ‘reconnecting’ it back to where we should all be connected.


7- Shoxy – THOSE MOMENTS EP (180G / VINYL ONLY) // NG Trax // NGT007


We already know Nima Gorji as a DJ who knows his groove, and he really showed that in his new establishment NG Trax. Traxs only… simple and poweful, ready for the dancefloor and up for some action. It’s the same thing you’ll find in Shoxy’s release, mellow bass rhythms and colorful atmospheres. It’s all about ‘Those Moments’ that me, you, Shoxy and Nima cherish the most at night.


8- Lixir – Sunshine EP (incl. COSMJN Remix) [NIMMA003] x MiNimmal Movement

Here is an EP that just describes what Lixir is about, MiNimmal Movement must be happy coloring their discography with two layed-back deamlike tunes on the first side, while also going straight into the groove on the back side. B side, which is dancefloor oriented, also contains Cosmjn remix, a remix that says loudly and clear: my sound and work is mature now, but i’m here to play and have fun. Enjoy!

By Dan Primaru


HOT WAX – Tools & Tips [March 2017]

By Hot Off The Press, Hot Wax, Reviews

HotWax Banner

1) Mr. G – Breed 02 | Breed – BREED02RP (repress)


The term ‘legend’ is often banded around willy nilly in the dance music realm, but Mr. G, aka Colin McBean, is one of the few who can rightfully lay claim to this accolade. Mr. G on Kris Wadsworth’s very own label Breed. There can’t be a better mix! Superb jacking and grooving Mr. G style. Timeless classic jams repressed.

Audio Link: https://www.decks.de/t/mr_g-breed_02/c94-4b

2) Mandar – Mandar Album LP | Oscillat Music – OSC10


The ever-essential deep house super group Mandar make the leap to an album in fine style after a few years of unbeatable EPs on their own Oscillat Music label and elsewhere. The grooves bump just right, the moods unfurl like toffee-flavoured smoke and with these 12 jams Mandar prove once again why they’re at the top of the deep house game.

Audio Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/mandar-mandar-album/630746-01/

3) Jakob Seidensticker, Snad & Boronas – Too Late | Abartik – ABATSS001


The all-new Trés Chic series from Abartik will make your hair super fluffy. The fabulous trio Jakob Seidensticker, Snad & Boronas deliver an intimate EP loaded with deep, hypnotic, dark grooves. Vinyl Only, Hand stamped and 180 gramm.

Audio Link: https://de.juno.co.uk/products/jakob-seidensticker-boronas-snad-too-late-ep/640440-01/

4) Arapu – Connection | Pressure Traxx – PTX017


The long awaited 12 inch by Arapu is here. Two prime cuts that easily connect your mind your body and your soul. Pressure Traxx welcomes Sunwaves regular and highly respected producer Arapu to the squad.

 Audio Link: https://www.decks.de/t/arapu-connection_ep/c98-4w

5) Giammarco Orsini – Game Of Change | Partisan – PTN003


Giammarco Orsini’s Game of Chance EP makes for such potent material on the dancefloor. This is refined and reduced dance music that radiates warmth and champions groove, subtly preaching positivity in the most elegant of ways.

Audio Link: https://www.decks.de/t/giammarco_orsini-game_of_chance/c9a-0y

6) DFX – Move Your Body (Howl Ensemble Remix) | DFXRMX


One Sided 12” that you probably heard already on the dance floor, very limited release, hand stamped. Peace, unity, love and happiness, with respect to the master DFX.

Audio Link: https://www.decks.de/t/dfx-move_your_body/c91-to

7) Various Artists – Past | Brouqade – BQD040.1



BQD040.1 is a collection of remixes the label released during its early years. Back then, the label intended to back up every release with a remix. All of these remixes meant something special to the label, and now they’re all here for you to enjoy on one record.

Audio Link: https://www.decks.de/t/various_artists-past/c94-sc

8) Archie Hamilton – Driven | Fuse London – FUSE026


Moscow Records boss Archie Hamilton is a long time friend of the FUSE London family, having previously contributed to a number of releases. Driven To Distraction, though, is his first FUSE outing since 2015. A solid EP containing tracks tailor-made for different dancefloor situations.

Audio Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/archie-hamilton-driven-ep/640258-01/

9) Ricardo Villalobos / Max Loderbauer / Prevelist – Meet Tshetsha Boys | Honest Jon’s – HJP59 (repress)


Another edition of the Honest Jon’s Shangaan Electro remix project arrives with suitably illuminating results as Villalobos & Max Loderbauer and Peverelist tackle the Tshetsha Boys. Gradually snippets of Tshetsha Boys melodies emerge and meld the Peverelist rhythms which gain some energising impetus when those hats lock in.

Audio Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/ricardo-villalobos-max-loderbauer-meet-tshetsha-boys/435853-01/


10) Ion Ludwig – For Real We Are Not For You | Toi. Toi. Musik – TT04


Following his release on Perlon as Alter Mahnn, collective member Ion Ludwig signs Toi.Toi’s 4th release. The EP brings two tracks carefully chosen and crafted. Rather than having the dance floor as a drive they are rather more mind driven, a very mature EP.

Audio Link: https://www.decks.de/t/ion_ludwig-for_real_we_are_not_for_you_ep/c98-rt

11) MAU – Love Soundtrack | Move & Understand – MAU003


The mystical label Move & Understand returns with another eclectic vinyl only release. Their third release comes again from label chief Mau. who delivers a very versatile solo EP .

Audio Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/mau-love-soundtrack/642246-01/

12) Aline Brooklyn – Aline Brooklyn 002 | Aline Brooklyn US – ALN002


This second label release, which arrives with no information about the producers behind it, is as strong as its 2016 predecessor. It’s a pretty varied affair, too, with spacey chords, intergalactic effects electro-influenced drums and a triumphant stroll into dubbed-out tech-house territories.

Audio Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/aline-brooklyn-002/641792-01/

13) Ashac – The Occult LP | Æternum Music – AEM009 MArch13

For their ninth release, Æternum present Ashac, a young and talented French artist. Discover Ashac’s vision on music through his Debut LP “Occult”.

Audio Link: https://www.decks.de/t/ashac-the_occult_lp/c9a-13

14) Sofa Talk – Echoes From The Souther Place | Anma – ANMA004


For ANMA’s fourth release Sofa Talk has supplied two cuts of his signature futuristic laid back machine funk, channeling chunky Juno keys, percussive rhythms and sweet flutters on the Rhodes. Lovingly pressed on 180g vinyl with crafty looking hand labelled and stamped covers.

Audio Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/sofa-talk-echoes-from-the-southern-place/635321-01/

15) No Moon – Pretty Fly For A Lo Fi | Echo Vortex – EV001


Mancunian electronic explorer Fred Shepherd once again dons the No Moon alias, this time for a quartet of distorted, redlined machine jams on Echo Vortex. Razor-sharp acid lines and hustling electro rhythms all the way.

Audio Link: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/no-moon-pretty-fly-for-a-lo/633634-01/

Written by Denny Kem.