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MEOKO chats to Spilt Milk’s Tred Benedict + Win Tickets!

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spilt milk article

After their sensational season opening last weekend that was the talk of the town, Spilt Milk return with a Monday afternoon Jubilee Weekend Special. Headlining is the marvellous Dinky, famed for her djing skills and her strong productions on labels as prolific as Cocoon, Crosstown Rebels, Ostgut Ton and Visionquest.

Also on board are locals Canary Fontaine vs Zippy who always entertain with their blend of deep, tech and minimal house. Resident DJ and Spilt Milk promoter Tred Benedict will, as always, be on hand to make sure as much milk is spilt as possible…

With the promise of a special surprise guest (who can’t be mentioned due to other commitments that weekend) the anticipation is brewing to melting point.

Oh, and the weather forecast….SUNNY!

Tred Benedict managed to squeeze in a quick 5 minute chat with us into his busy schedule ahead of this weekends party…


Many thanks for your time today. Spilt Milk is really going from strength to strength. There were lots of people disappointed to see it leave the Papermill Terrace last summer, the scene of so many adventures, but your opening party last week at the new space
in Hackney Wick was spectacular! We love the name and artwork. How did the party start?

I originally started the party 3 years ago with a friend of mine Charles who I worked with for 2 years, but he has since moved to Australia. I still remember picking the name of the party; we discussed and deliberated all the way up to the night before we had to go live with the event, we had it down to 3 options 1) Uno Mas, 2) Wash, Rinse, Repeat 3) Spilt Milk. It’s kind of funny now to look back at those names and think what was I smoking to even think that they were even in the running Safe to say we came to our senses and Spilt Milk was born and I’ve never looked back!

Were you concerned when you found out that Papermill was no more?

The first time I came across The Papermill I had to have a double take as I must have walked past it 1000 times, but from the moment I stood on that terrace I knew that the space was very special. I was extremely lucky to hit it off with the manager Malcolm who was willing to take a chance on me and let me cause havoc there on Saturday afternoons People took a real shine to The Papermill and everyone has their own special memories of it, so yes, it was a big concern at first not being able to continue there after 2 fantastic seasons. I think my biggest concern was if Spilt Milk would even continue due to the lack of outdoor spaces available in London, but I’m a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason” and after months of searching, myself and Weston (who I now run the event with) found this new space.

Have you found a new permanent home now, or are you planning on moving it around?

It was our opening party last week and it was a big test to find out what people would think to our new venue after being so fond of our previous home. Now located outside of Shoreditch, in Hackney Wick, I can reveal that everyone absolutely loved the new venue as the setup is perfect for what we want to do there, also the new inclusion of 4 Funktion One stacks (which were never allowed to have previously at The Papermill) has gone down very well. I’m very pleased to announce that this location is now going to be our permanent home which we have fittingly decided to call “The Dairy”. However, the most important thing for me is that the venue is totally exclusive to Spilt Milk which makes any event that little bit special if you have that luxury and now we can keep on adding and building to it over the coming summer.

You’ve booked the legendary Dinky for the next event which is pretty exciting. Is there one artist in particular you would LOVE to book but can’t get your hands on at the moment?

Dinky has been a Spilt Milk target for a while now so we are very pleased to have her involved as she is an amazing all round artist. In terms of an artist I would like to see at Spilt Milk I don’t think that I could pin it down to just one but unfortunately this season London has become an extremely hard place to confirm the big headliner bookings due to all the exclusivities now attached to every festival in town, but I think this will only raise the bar with more intelligent bookings-our lineups are looking strong for this season so I’m happy, but I would have to say that Solomun seems to be a hard man to pin down this year but hey, you never know If you book them Wayne……………….. they will come !

You’ve been dj’ing and putting on parties for a while now. The last year has been particularly successful as your recent gigs at Fabric and Cocoon have proved. Have you got any
exciting gigs lined up over the summer months?

Outside of Spilt Milk there are a few things on the horizon but there is one I’m very excited about being involved with, it’s an amazing intimate festival called “Meadows in the Mountains” which takes place in Bulgaria and has some of the most surreal back drops I’ve seen. Some of the images from this place will stay with me forever, for example, last year on the Sunday morning Djing at the top of a valley while the sun rises over a mountain but at the same time being above the clouds, that was pretty breath taking and sticks out in my mind. I highly recommend you check it out as it grows each year.

meadows in the mountains festivals

Have you got a favourite Spilt Milk memory?

I believe everyone has theirs but I think mine would be from the first season where we had Layo & Bushwacka! play a 4 hour set, which was a huge booking for us and really put us on the map. They finished up with “Love Story” and the vibe at that moment was so electric and captured exactly what Spilt Milk is about with everyone being together and so friendly and all on the level, having such a good time and since then we have gone on to achieve this at every party. Capturing and recreating that vibe is such a hard thing with any event but after seeing last weeks opening party you could see that very special atmosphere has followed us to The Dairy and long will it continue…

spilt milk pic

Tred, imagine this scenario…someone offers you £50,000 to be resident DJ at the local kindergarten, do you take them up on the offer and what tunes do you download to play for the kids?

Ok so firstly I’m legally in a school with children and 50 grand cash ? I just wanted to clear that up before we continued as that could come across a bit weird. Ok well I’m picturing lots of free Milk which is a good start. I’m thinking these kids deserve better than a coupe of downloaded tracks so it’s got to be the back catalogue of BlackLace on vinyl I have so many good memories as a child rocking out to all those tunes so I would probably ease them in with abit of “Push Pineapple Shake The Tree” followed up with the ‘Okee Cokey” and then a big finish on “Superman”, the bassline in that tune is still so strong and then party bags and cake for all as nobody leaves this rave empty handed !

Haha, what a very thoughtful response Tred. Thanks very much for your time, see you on Monday afternoon!

To be in with a chance of winning two tickets to Spilt Milk, simply comment below telling us who you would like to see play at Spilt Milk…winners to be announced on Saturday afternoon. Good luck!

Words by Nick Maleedy

MEOKO chats to Patrick Zigon

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MEOKO chats to Patrick Zigon


Hi Patrick, firstly, thanks a lot for spending the time to answer a few questions with us. You’re playing at Light Bar in London on Sunday. Have you played much in London before, and how do you enjoy it?

Hey guys, thx for inviting me. Really looking forward to coming and have been in London several times. For example I played at Brixton Acadamy at a big event and last time with Mr. C in the Lighthouse. I really enjoyed it i and i like people fom London, they know how to party!

As a lover of both house and techno (like us 😉 how would you describe your sound to those who are not familiar?

Yeah, i always played sound in between these two main genres. Generally i’m really openminded and i like a lot of different music styles, and i don’t like if people categorize music too much. So I never say i play only techno, or i play house, or whatever – i play hypnotic and deep electronic music without borders.

And how has that sound developed since you first started producing and DJ’ing?

It was almost the same sound, nothing has changed at all. Only the names are changing from time to time. Well, i don’t play the really hard techno stuff i used to play in 1996, i like it more relaxed and intelligent.

We’ve been loving your work on your latest Tanzbar EP ‘With a bigly help of my friends’…what are your future plans release wise? Have you got anything exiting projects coming up?

Well thx, this EP means a lot for me. I produced it with good friends, in different studios and countries, we had a really good time. Beside well-known producers like Martin Eyerer, Todd Bodine, Louis Osbourne and Mark Ash, this EP contains collaborations with talented newcomers such as Lupen Crokan and Niko Doreen. Most interesting of my upcoming project is the launch of my label “Biotop”. The first release will be out very soon, i’m really looking forward, as i planed it for years.

We know it’s sometimes to difficult to pick something when it’s your own work in question, but which of your tracks is your personal favourite?

Yeah, i don’t like to favorite my own tracks, but the most important track for me, and maybe the best work is my remix for Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber’s “Sea Of Sand” on Cocoon.

Which artists have inspired you and your music?

Like i said before, i’m very openminded to all kinds of music, so a lot of artists inspired me. When i start to name a few, i would have to write a lot of names. Basically i get inspired by music which touches my soul, i don’t care about names, labels or genres.

Vinyl, cd’s, laptop or live. What’s your preference and ultimately do you think it matters?

I started to play with Vinyl, and i really love it! Since Years i play digital, first with Final Scratch, later with Traktor Scratch, so i know both sides and my opinion is, don’t discuss about it, use whatever you want, but use it with your heart, that’s the most important equipment.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? We mean ANYTHING…the world is your oyster!

Hmmm…maybe i would not go to that dirty nasty first Techno-Party in my life in Zürich 1994, which completely washed my brain. No, honestly..i believe that everything is perfect how it is, and it happens for a reason, so everything fine…i would change NOTHING!

Imagine yourself in this situation Patrick: A man walks up to you in the street and offers you a pill, one gives you the ability to fly, and the other the ability to read peoples minds. Which pill do you take and what would you do first?

I would ask him, if he got some more interesting stuff in his pocket, as i’m able to fly and read peoples mind for years already..believe sucks. imagine you take a pill, and suddenly all the fakers and haters are gone – i would pay a lot for a pill like that in these times!

Thanks a lot Patrick! You can catch Patrick Zigon playing at Lightbar for Above Zero on Sunday afternoon…

The Not So Serious Session 4 with Jordan Peak

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the not so serious sessions Schooled in the art of groove long before he started making music himself, Jordan Peak fits bang into that “a childhood filled with music” category. Raised around wax and the early days of house music, the young DJ and producer  has been releasing his own slant on low slung house since 2009. Infusing gritty analogue depth with the forward thinking sounds of today, Jordan’s productions are seen on the catalogue shelves of labels such as One Records, Raum…Musik, Tsuba  and more recently Nicholas’s vinyl only imprint House Sound. After being named ‘one to watch’ on Radio 1’s ‘Introducing’ section of the Essential Selection in 2011, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing  at MEOKO (or listening to be precise) and we too are mighty taken with Monsieur Peak. So much so, that we asked him to talk some jibber jabber for the 4th Not So Serious Session.

Jordan peak

If I only had 24 hours left on Earth…

…I’d try and have as much fun as (ill)legally possible! I mean if there’s going to be some ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ or ‘2012’ type shit that happens, touch wood it never does but if for some reason you find out that the world as we know it is coming to an end your going want to go out with a bang aren’t you? Saying that it probably depends what day of the week it is, I mean if it’s been a long weekend of gigs, parties and afters etc then you get home and find out that you’ve only got so long to live then my ambitions and lack of energy would probably stretch to watching the entire series of ‘The Sopranos’ or ‘Fringe’ back to back.

The debate about vinyl and digital is…

…still going on and still as silly as ever. Personally I play both formats when I DJ, after all I’m sure as long as your audience is on the dance floor having a good time then I don’t think anyone really cares whether the DJ is mixing with wax or WAV’s. In fact it’s so stupid I’d prefer you to ask me a more relevant question such as “Who’s a better person, someone that’s right or left handed?” or “Are vegetarians or meat eater’s better lovers?”

If I could have a pie and a pint with anyone it would be…

…Megan Fox, actually that’s a bit too obvious and I don’t think she’d probably be into a steak and kidney based pastry dish, doesn’t really look like she enjoys a nice meaty meal does she? Actually to be honest I don’t get to see a lot of my close friends as much as I’d like to so it would be nice to have a good old catch up down the boozer with them. There would also have to be pork scratchings and a pool table involved.

The most atrocious set I’ve ever heard…

…I went to an outdoor rave a few years ago and heard this guy playing Breakcore, have you heard of this genre? I hope you haven’t, you don’t want to. Imagine something as horrendous as the sound of finger nails scratching a chalkboard, multiply this by a million to the power of four and you still haven’t even come close to how bad it actually is. I’m a very open person when it comes to music, I listen to loads of stuff and appreciate there is good and bad of everything except when it comes to Breakcore, there is only shit

You’d never know it but I’m really good at…

…getting in peoples way. I’m only a small person, I don’t take up that much room but for some reason I’m forever blocking up public transport and always being asked to move over. It’s my 6th sense, my special power. I’d be the most boring super hero ever, there definitely won’t be a bidding war between Warner Brothers and Miramax on the rights to my movie ‘The Obstructor’. Even the title sounds dull.   


 …junk food, girls, good music, good parties, late nights, lie in’s, friends, family, Norwich City football club, spending money I don’t have . . . and interviews where I don’t have to be so serious!

MEOKO chats to Ian F

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 ian f 2

Hi Ian, thanks very much for answering a few questions for us, we’re very excited to hear you play at the upcoming Down Under event.  So when and how did you first connect with music?

I think I was 5 or 6 when I got my first mini synthesizer (casio) and
one year later I started with private piano lessons.. After seven years
I quit because I was a teenager and wanted to do teenager things 🙂 …
At that time the rave phenomenon hit Slovenia and I started digging the
music, buying some records and soon I got connected with music again and
became a dj.

What other music styles have influenced your production?

Huh, a lot of everything 🙂 ..jazz, blues, funk, classic, etno, ambient,
trip hop, dub, rock.. whatever I like, it doesn’t matter which genre is

What kind of live artists have you involved in the creation of your

Pretty much friends here in Slovenia are also very good musicians so I’m
very lucky I can work with them. We recorded some drums already, bass
guitars, keys, sax, trumpet, el. and acoustic guitars, vocals, flute.. I
like this kind of collaborations because I always learn something new.

What is the story behind the lyrics you choose to include in your
songs? Let’s take the example of “New York City Broken Hearts”.

Sometimes there’s no story at all 🙂 …it just fits well in the track,
or there’s just a topic connected to some happening… In the case of
“NYC Broken Hearts” is a speech from a movie that Aneuria got when we
were doing the track in his studio. In some other cases it also happend
that we were writing down the lyrics by ourselves.

Is the electronic underground music in Slovenia oriented towards a
certain genre or diverse?

I don’t think so. For sure house and techno are the strongest but there
are some good djs playing also different genres, from dubstep, drum &
base, dub, psy trance to electro, hip hop..

Which Slovenian (European) festival would you recommend to the public
from England?

Well, Slovenia is a pretty small country so festivals here are not
really big but there are a lot of nice venues to check.. In Ljubljana is
definitely club K4, Kino Siska, Metelkova.. And if I would reccomend a
festival in Eastern Europe is definitely Sunwaves in Romania. The best
music experience for me 🙂

What is your next big project?

To start working on my first album.. I’m already writing down some ideas
but it will take some time and don’t know when I can expect it to be
finished 🙂


Thanks a lot Ian. Catch Ian playing alongside Suciu and Ken & Davy at Down Under this Friday, the 18th May…

Interview by Tina Geru

The Not So Serious Sessions 3 with Kate Simko

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the not so serious sessions

Chicago’s Kate Simko projects a truly unique set of influences into her production. Classically trained since her teens, her style is elegant and sensual yet minimalist and structured. Having remixed the renowned Philip Glass, sound tracked a feature film documentary and combined Live Visuals into her Live Tours; it’s fair to say that Kate Simko holds her own as a multi talented artist. With a diverse sound palette that has been released on labels such as Hello?Repeat, Leftroom, Ghostly International, Supplement Facts and more; Kate’s work meanders through clinical minimal to tougher techno and as seen on her current Live AV tour, a more upbeat and vocally infused house edge. With an imminent relocation to London and a hoard of new productions up her sleeve, MEOKO welcome Kate Simko for this week’s ‘The Not So Serious Sessions’…

 Kate Press Pic

The world would be a better place…

…pretty serious Q for the not so serious sessions – haha! 🙂 It would be a better place if everyone genuinely tried to do their best, at whatever it is that they do.


The first record I ever wrote…

…was in Santiago, Chile with Andres Bucci in 2001 (as Detalles).  We made an album from start to finish in two months!  Wish I still worked that fast, uff…

My parents taught me…

…to be a good person


My studio…

…is about to get packed up and shipped to London 🙂 


The last time I cried…

…I was hung over at the airport in Ireland reading Irish sayings


My all time musical hero…

…is John Coltrane, and his wife Alice Coltrane is also a major inspiration

The Not So Serious Sessions 2 with Bloody Mary

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the not so serious sessions

French born and now Berlin based Bloody Mary has been a staple name on the underground artist radar since 2005. Having worked with a robust set of labels including Sender, Contexterior, Einmaleins and Toys for Boys before starting up her now own imprint Dame Music in 2010,  Mary is responsible for A&R’ing some of the finest releases to come out of Berlin lately. An undeniable presence on the international DJ circuit, Mary plays worldwide as well as hosting her own Dame Music nights; fast becoming one of Watergates best parties. With Dame Music’s ‘Klub Klub Elite Vol.1’ about to drop on Dame Music, the anticipated vinyl boasts Mary herself on the A-side featuring Bandele, Londoner jozif with ‘Stcoke’ and on the flip; Axel Bowman’s ‘Amazon Love’ and Attan featuring Jonny Cruz…Oh, and she’s also this week’s MEOKO podcaster…The Not So Serious Session 2 with Bloody Mary – Will you be part of the elite?

Klub Klub Elite Vol 1

What’s the point in…

politics. Sometimes I really don’t get it, especially at the moment in my home country of France. I’ve been living in Germany for years and to view what has happened in France politically from an outsiders perspective makes me crazy.


 The last album I bought…

…is the self titled ‘The Modern Lovers’.  I’m totally in love with this album, especially with the song ‘She Cracked’. I love rock music just the same as electronic.


 When I grow up I want to be…

married with one or two kids, living in peace and harmony in a big apartment. I want to have a dog and live in the sun, wherever that place may be in this world.


 The first set I ever played…

holds good memories! It was in the south of France at the Spartacus Club. I was afraid but at the same time super excited. I never thought at that time that one day it would be my full time job. Mixing has been my passion for so many years and passion is the motor for my work.


 I’m sorry for…

…not seeing my family more often and my closer friends in France. I miss my Mum so much and it’s difficult to be far away from her. My job is full time, so I don’t have too much time to visit them, well thank God we have internet! I’ve promised her to come home more often this year.


 If I wasn’t a musician…

I’d probably say a photographer or a fashion designer right now. As a child I would have said a singer though! I need a job where I can explore creativity just as I do within my job in music now 🙂


Check out the latest MEOKO Podcast by Bloody Mary:

 bloody mary podcast

The Not So Serious Session 1 with Waifs & Strays

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BILLBOARD-notsoserioussessionsNOLINK copy

A product of Bristol’s ever growing house scene, Waifs & Strays are Amos Nelson and Rich Beanland. First gripping the house music scene’s attention in 2010 on one of our favourite UK labels Leftroom; the pair have gone on to rock the floor at well…just about everywhere from fabric to Watergate, Cirque Bonheur to the Electric Pickle and everything in between. Starting off our new weekly series, MEOKO welcome you to step inside the minds of Waifs & Strays. It’s pretty self explanatory really, we start, they finish. Why? Ermm, why not?…’The Not So Serious Sessions’ – Session 1.

 WAIFS  STRAYS jpegs yeloow-1

I’m going to teach my children…

Amos…to make their own minds up about things. And gymnastics…you can do great party tricks if know gymnastics!

Rich…to break-dance, play the keytar and to write computer code. The holy trinity of a healthy successful child.


The best mix series…

Amos…has to be fabric and fabric Live. The CDs are amazing, with some real classic mixes in the series over the year. Everything about them embodies the club and the quality it has upheld over all these years – the tins the CDs come in, the artwork and of course the artists and the music! The fact its now into over 100 CDs is pretty amazing as well!

Rich…yeah both fabric mixes are essential listening, plus podcast wise check out Louche and Noir, and of course the big boys like Soul Clap, Wolf + lamb, and RA for the latest and greatest in various house music related genres.


I’ve never understood…

Amos…any foreign language. I am dyslexic and can just about understand a few words of French from GCSE but that’s about it…Je m’appel Jean Claude etc

Rich…how the vibrations of a thin layer of membrane in your ear can result in huge and almost instant changes in your mental and emotional state…or the appeal of tofu


I’d kill to work with…

Amos…Chic…probably my favourite band. Literally made up of loads of amazing musicians that can just jam all together and make amazing music. Heard some outtakes of their studio sessions and they are ridiculous. Not sure what I would bring to the party though!

Rich…some of my heroes outside of house music: Amon Tobin, Squarepusher, Four Tet, Burial (there are lots more that I would kill to work with of course). Plus closer to home musically it would be really great to work with Crazy P sometime soon…


My secret weapon recipe…

Amos…is chicken stuffed with mozzarella, basil and sundried tomatoes, served with a rocket salad and a potato rosti. I am an alright cook and can usually whip up something pretty ok in the kitchen if I need too…funny thing is all the girls I have ever tried to impress with food have been veggies, which is the one food I can’t do very well!

Rich…is to start with scallops, move to something meat based, (simple quality steak will do fine here but also consider rack of lamb, homemade burger or similar), finish with New York Cheesecake. Simple, but effective.



Amos…is the glue that holds my world together.

Rich…thank you.

MEOKO talks to

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It’s a mere two weeks before Romania’s latest trend, Nightclubber, hops across to London for their debut UK showcase. Having built themselves a reputation for being fiercely loyal to quality and utterly dedicated to promoting electronic music in its purest form;  the term ‘trend’ couldn’t be further from the truth as their strict ethos purposefully (and admirably) steers clear of anything other than downright honest talent. Publishing a concoction of news and journalism, event promotion, artist support and their recent addition of a booking agency; Nightclubber’s independent platform knows what it likes, likes what it knows, and won’t settle for anything less. MEOKO caught up with the brains behind the project (dubbed Soundcloud’s new R_co by some) to ask about his musical Romanian revolution…

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MEOKO talks to 19.454.

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On Saturday 14th April, one of the most mysterious figures in the underground music scene comes to London. Playing the second Undersound party and continuing their aim of hosting the most forward-thinking and interesting DJ’s – 19.454. fits the bill like no other.

MEOKO landed a rare interview with the Undersound headliner where we spoke Luciano, the name 19.454. and working in a call centre.

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