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MEOKO Easter Preview 2012

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 Bank Holiday Easter Weekend 2012 – London’s Top 10 Parties

With well over a hundred events taking place in the capital over the course of the upcoming Easter Weekend, Meoko thought it only polite we try and provide you with a much abridged rundown of the Top 10 best parties London has to offer between Thursday 5th and Sunday 8th. Starting with..


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Through the Eyes of …Matt Tolfrey

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When Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter’s The Classic Music Company re-mastered and re-released their epic back catalogue in 2010 there were whoops of joy heard across the globe; from every DJ who had missed the opportunity the first time around through to every classic house music fan who simply wanted to enjoy the decade long discography through the comfort of their own stereos. Whilst the re-release and subsequent re-launch of the label was welcomed with open arms, it came amidst speculation on how the label were going to move forward and re-instate their legacy as one of the most respected and dare I say it, ‘classic’ imprints out there. Re-releasing what they already knew worked was one thing, but moving on and making new waves was another. With the promise of fresh blood injected into the label and a successful European tour proving they were still as popular as ever, The Classic Music Company made their next move – the first edition of a compilation mix CD entitled ‘Through The Eyes Of…’


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Matt John talks to us ahead of his London gig this Friday

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The guys at Multivitamins are counting down the hours until they welcome their very special guest Matt John to London for his exclusive performance. We caught up with Matt ahead of this Friday (and after his marathon weekend at Panorama Bar!) to discuss his feelings about playing overseas, partying in warehouses and how holograms hold the key to his sound.


Hi Matt. This weekend, you’ll be playing in London for only the second time this year, yet the majority of your gigs are in your hometown, Berlin. How do you find playing in Berlin, and how are things different when you play abroad?

Playing in Berlin is certainly different to playing abroad. On the one hand, I often find the crowd in Berlin to be very in to the music, and I have really great parties when I play in Berlin – especially when I get to play outside. On the other hand, sometimes the people in Berlin are exposed to so much music that they don’t always realise what the really good music is. They’re overloaded, and this can be a problem. But when I go abroad, I find the people to be very open minded. They always really listen to the music, and there’s great energy. It’s also sometimes a little bit more exciting, mentally, to play abroad, especially when I see that some people are saying “Matt John’s coming and he hasn’t played here for ages!”.

Have you always lived in Berlin? And were you in Berlin when the wall came down in 1989?

No, I moved to Berlin in 2003. When the wall came down I was living in a small village in the middle of Germany. But I remember clearly when it happened. It really was a great moment for me.

Back in the early days of techno, warehouse-style parties played a very important role, and many parties were in extremely raw industrial locations. Nowadays, many of the most talked-about events seem to happen in club spaces. How do you think things have changed? And what kinds of events do you personally prefer to play at?

When I moved to Berlin, the old Tresor was closing and the old Ostgut was closing, before they each built clubs in new locations. In fact, around the time when I moved to Berlin, everything was changing. It was like there was a new techno wave; a new explosion. Suddenly, many artists came from all over the world, and there were so many parties. For me, I don’t really like the whole “heavy industrial” thing – I’ve always found it too cold. I love a warmer atmosphere, and I love also to play in open spaces, particularly spaces with no roof. And wherever I play, the most important thing is always the sound. In order for it to be a good party – both for me and for the crowd – the sound is key.

Back when you played at the legendary Bar 25, you were often given very long sets and developed an evolving sound that could soundtrack the sunrise or the sunset. Can we expect a similar journey when you play in London this weekend, or will you be focusing on a smaller number of specific elements?

There’s no difference for me. The most important thing is that every time I play – wherever that is – I’m telling a story. It doesn’t matter if I’m playing 2 hours or 30 hours: there’s always a story.

Back in April, when you released “Hello Again” on the Bar 25 label, you also made a video to accompany the track itself. Is this a medium you’d like to explore again in the future?

Definitely. Working with animation was an exploratory thing, and in the future I’ll do more videos for sure.

Can we talk a little bit about your label, Holographic Island? How has running the label allowed you to develop your sound? Do you feel that having your own label for your releases gives you more freedom?

It’s funny – I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I started Holographic Island 3 years ago. The name was supposed to represent the idea that the label was an island where people could produce great music together. 3 years later, we’ve only released 3 records, but I’m really happy with it. So I’m thinking that actually maybe I should close this label, then build a new one! (Laughs)

Continuing with the label name, “holographic” is also a word that you’ve used yourself in the past to describe your sound. Can you explain what you mean by that?

When I use the word “holographic”, I mean that there’s no age to the music, and no sense of time – that the music is timeless and special. So that you can leave your body, and your mind travels.

Thanks for chatting with us, Matt – we’re really excited to see you this Friday!

Words by Martin Gould

MEOKO is giving away 2 x Copies of the Multi Vitamins Release and Guest List to see Matt John

at MULTI ViTAMINS this Friday.

Email hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk quoting “Friday night”. Winners will be announced on MEOKO facebook.


Artist name: Alka Rex
Title name: Maslo EP
Catalog: mV 21
Format: Vinyl 12″
Genre: Minimal
Label: Multi Vitamins
Release date: 2011

Track listing

A1 Maslo
B1 Punk PimP
B2 50 BAGG
Matt John at Multi Vitamins this Friday 09.12 at a secret Warehouse Location in Shoreditch.
Email guestlist@multivitamins-records.com for location & guest list.

Exclusive Interview with Format:B + WIN Tickets & Album

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Format B have pulsated dancefloors for well over a decade with their driving tech house sounds, with a host of releases on the likes of Highgrade, Doppelganger and their own imprint Formatik. Meoko catch up with them ahead of their appearance at the Teleport Warehouse party on the 26th November…To Win the latest Format: B album ‘Restless’ + A copy of the 11 years Cocoon album AND a Couple of tickets Entrance, YES!!! thats right, ALL of that, just email hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk and tell us what is the name of the party that will host Format: B in London


Just as an introduction, could you fill us in on how you guys met and who your early influences were?

Format B: We met each other while studying Recording Arts in Berlin…as early influences there was a lot of Hip Hop as well as some guitar stuff for both of us…

For those people who may not be familiar, could you describe what kind of sounds we might expect to hear from you at the upcoming Teleport warehouse party in London?

Format B: Speaking in genres is always hard for us…we have made our own mixture of tech house & techno, spiced up with funky percussions and rolling subbassliness!


It seems like many DJ’s tend to follow trends whereas you’ve kept a fairly consistent sound, even since some of your earlier releases back in 2005. The Nu-disco/disco house sound has become very popular over the last year or two. Have you been tempted to follow ship, and what do you think the next trend will be..?

Format B: Of course we think that the trends of the last years have influenced our sound… but rather in a sense of adding new elements & sounds than changing our whole style…regarding what comes next…well we don’t know honestly…but my guess is that there might be a comeback for some more edgy sounds…after a couple of years in which the general style of club music got smoother and smoother there is always a counter trend following.

Meoko loved ‘69 Bronson Road’ and obviously your remix of Rainer Weichhold’s ‘Bamboo’ on Great Stuff Recordings was a huge track. Do you have a personal favourite and which one have you witnessed create the most damage on a dancefloor?

Format B: Well it is pretty difficult with personal favourites…artists nearly never like their own back-stock anymore 😉 so we cannot pick like one outstanding tune…but at its time back in 2007 Vivian Wheeler did a great job…

It must be a great feeling to see your tracks being played by other DJ’s with the crowd going wild…?

Format B: There might be worse 😉 hehe…it’s for sure a lovely part of the game !

You’ve started your own label ‘Formatik’ back in 2009. How’s the label been going and have you got any upcoming releases for us all to look forward to?

Format B: Formatik did very well in the past although we didn’t release too much lately…just had no time for any label issues while finishing our album…but now that everything is done we are about to close a huge remix package for the album. There will be 2 separate remix EP’s with artists like Sebastien Leger, DJ PP, Madskillz, Uto Karem, Pan Pot, Super Flu & many more…

You’ve released on a lot of great labels in the past such as Highgrade, Doppelganger and Opposum to name just a few. Are you working on any projects for other labels, or is everything going through Formatik now?

Format B: In general Formatik is the most comfortable platform for us to put out stuff as we have everything “in house” and can make our own decisions…But we actually thought it could be time again to just make a release somewhere else…

Now guys, imagine these scenarios…

An extremely rich oil oligarch asks you to play at his birthday bash for a large pay-cheque. He asks you for your rider requirements for the night…this is your big chance, what do you ask for??

I guess it’s time to name all the clichés right? Cars, Champagne & Virgins… all served in a tenderly temperatured Jacuzzi filled with mouse milk ;)))

Hehe, not sure about the mouse milk though…

Now on a more serious note, the Aliens have landed and are threatening to destroy humanity. They find you hiding in your studio and decide to make themselves at home for a while. You make them a coffee and as you get to know each other they make you an offer you can’t refuse…

“Guys, play us 3 tracks worthy of saving the world…”

What do you play them?

Hmm big responsibility and pressure on our taste of music…this alien dude better be a funky guy 😉

First Prince with Kiss, then the sensational sounding “Unterwegs with Guido Schneider” EP and at last Steve Vai’s “Tender Surrender”…in our eyes and ears the most colourful guitar ballad written by man!

Finally, an angel wakes you in your sleep and tells you she has the power to bring any musician from the past back to life. Who would you choose?

We would like to see what Mozart would do to a Moog synthesizer! ;)))

Thanks a lot guys, look forward to seeing you at The Teleport Warehouse Party in London on the 26th!

Words by Nick Maleedy



A word with the lady herself, Nicole Moudaber + Some Great Prize Giveaways

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Hi Nicole, thanks for joining us. It’s been a busy year so far. What
have been the absolute highlights for you so far?

Space Ibiza with Coxy and various gigs around the world – and all US
sorry can’t list everything ..

You had a very international upbringing. Tell us about how you first
encountered and fell in love with house music?

It was in NYC when i first saw the light – on a dancefloor, it
suddenly struck me so hard and i felt the music then.
got hooked ever since. i live it and breathe everyday, it keeps me
balanced in my life, it’s my daily drug.

img 8160-edit1

You were bringing dance music into Beirut as it was still recovering
from serious civil and political instability. Do you think the
people of Lebanon embraced dance music, and especially your parties,
as a way to escape and move on from the violence of war?

Lebanese are mediterranean people, and usually people who come from
that area love to party and love life.
even during the war, the lebanese never stopped to party, they’d
wait for the bombs to stop and gather for drinks.
we are full of energy, perhaps it’s the hot weather 🙂

Were you throwing the parties because you really believed in the
power of dance music to unite and entertain?

Fully. and because i wanted to share my love of music. it proved
it could unite, i had all the kids from muslims, christians, druz
and jews dancing all together and loving it. it was incredible and
a powerful moment in my life.

You started off as a very successful promoter. Did you always have
the dj career in mind or was it something that developed as a result
of throwing parties?

I never thought once to put myself on my parties. i’m not sure why
? i was too immersed with everything else, my challenges back then
differed, i wanted the music to be heard and worked hard to get it
up and running over in The Lebanon. Then i moved to London and did
the same as well as running my own label, promoted parties for 5
years at Turnmills London every month and again didn’t even cross my
mind. it was only when i stepped away from music for a bit, i was
building / refurbishing a house in Ibiza, when i completed it, it
dawned on me and i was ready to be creative and do something
different. i guess the house was a creative outlet for me, check it
here www.villabes.com

Carl Cox was one of the first to notice you and gave you your first
big break. Tell us about the first time you played alongside him.
That must have been nerve-racking!

It was !! i get an email from his manager Lynn, asking if i was
free to do a London date with Carl. I nearly shocked.
it was a little venue called Guanabara, held about 500 people, very
exclusive gig to support the launch of a DVD he had out. i played
before him for 2 hours, then suddenly he’s behind me waiting for me
to finish, i turned and saw him for the first time ever.
incredible persona, he had a smile on his face, surely he was happy
with what i was doing. after that, he invited me to play Space ibiza
that summer, and i have been his guest for the past 3 years now.
he did hold me by the hair and tossed me to the world and i’m
forever grateful to him. since then we became very close, i love
him to bits.

There’s clearly something about your dj style that both djs and
clubbers really love. What is it about the way you mix that works so
well? What’s most important to you when behind the decks?

Music speaks for itself, i guess it’s down to taste at the end of the day.
i don’t just play records for the sake of it, if it doesn’t move me
and feel i want to dance to it, i won’t play it.

img 8329

Tell us about your relationship with Danny Tenaglia. What’s he like,
both as a person and to play alongside as a performer?

I only played with him 3 times really, Miami, Rio and Ibiza. again
i developed a friendship with Danny like i did with Carl
he’s great, moody sometimes with dark humour 🙂

Ẅhat is it about the big performers like Carl and Danny that sets
them apart from the rest?
He’s just turned 50, do you see yourself djing and making music
until a similar age? Or do you have other, quieter plans for the

No rest for the wicked !! i will keep doing this til i drop

Finally, you’re playing the big Spiritoso warehouse party in London
on the 25th alongside Cristian Varela and Marco Bailey. It must be
very special for you to return to London to play and very different
from the Ibiza gigs. Are you looking forward to it?

So much looking forward to it
i’m a fan of both Cristian and Marco’s work, it’s going to be an
amazing night
thanks and see you then !
ciaooooo x

Win Marco Bailey & Nicole Moudaber Vinyl + exclusive Cristian Varela USBs & T-shirts plus a pair of tickets to Spiritoso Records Showcase with the legendary techno duo Cristian Varela and Marco Bailey b2b set joined by dance music hottest new comer Nicole Maudaber . Only with Meoko!!!

To win, tell us what is the name of Cristian Varela and Marco Bailey record label name:

1. Pornographic
2. Technographic
3. Porno Head
4. Techno Head

Friday 25 November 2011

22.00 pm- 06.00 am

7-9 Crucifix Lane, London Se1 3JW

Cost Early Bird £10/£12/£15/£20 OTD

Line Up:

  • VALO
  • LAN

asylum 01 back-1

After the Cadenza Halloween spectacular, Spiritoso’s next party see them take over the amazing Crucifix Lane Warehouse space. And with such a special venue, who better to provide the soundscape? Two of the world’s best Techno DJ’s will be playing a very special back 2 back set this November. Christian Varela is to Techno, what butter is to bread, being voted best Techno DJ in both 2007 and 2008. His dynamic style, always mixing with three or four decks, and strong list of over 150 productions make him one of the most prestigious names in Techno. His partner on the night, Marco Bailey, needs little introduction. With huge releases on many of Europe’s biggest labels such as Bedrock, Drumcode and Intec, Marco’s diverse Techno sound has hit all the best venues and festivals across the globe. His MB Elektronics and MB Selektions labels have been releasing music from the likes of Adam Beyer, Carl Cox, Umek, John Digweed and Christian Varela to much acclaim. A back 2 back set from these two Techno warlords will be simply unmissable.

If that wasn’t enough, Nicole Moudaber will also be joining the show. Her steady rise over the last 5 years has seen her release on imprints such as ViVa, AreaRemote and Intacto. Her dark and driving sets of deep Techno and groovy house rhythms will complement the night perfectly. Featured as the ‘Rising Star’ on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 show, Nicole will blow you away with her sets and prodcutions alike.





MEOKO chats to Onirik – Label Manager of Serialism

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This month, London born record label Serialism release the second volume of ‘London Cuts’. The first VA came in 2009, comprised of five tracks produced by an at the time, London strong collective. Two years on and not only have the Serialism crew dispersed across Europe in search of cheaper climates and more concentrated creative hubs, but the labels profile has risen by considerable measures with some of the electronic music scene’s most high profile acts releasing and remixing for the imprint. The once 100% London run label now shares it’s Head Quarter’s between here and Berlin where Cesare Marchese and Federico Benedetti look after the labels growing A&R duties, record pressing and distribution and showcase nights. The labels London ears and eyes come from Federico who despite working with the label for the last few years makes his artist debut on ‘London Cuts Volume 2’ alongside Queen Atom with their dark and powerful “Nameless 303 Dub” track. Federico has done this month’s MEOKO podcast which he says is for those “loopy, hypnotic moments when you’re not in a hurry” – (I can’t personally recall one of those in this city but I’m sure as hell gonna attempt it find one within this mix) – under his artist name Onirik which alongside some deep house gems offers a few sneaky insights into Serialism’s upcoming works. From A&R to artist and from London root’s to Berlin’s blossoming future, I caught up with Federico to ask how the last two years have affected the labels working processes, collective approach and the future of ‘London Cuts’…


Photo Credit – GoodMoodz

Hey Fede thanks for taking the time to talk to me and also for putting together a Meoko podcast this month – how and where did you record the mix?

Hi Hannah, I recorded it with my two rusty turntables, good old vinyl and Traktor Scratch.

What were your thoughts and ideas behind the trip you want to listeners to feel through your mix?

I really wanted to transmit the London afterhours vibe we share with our group of friends. I chose a very deep selection of house and techno, dubby atmospheres, long mixes…loopy hypnotic trippiness…very linear but not in a negative way, for those moments when you are not in a hurry. It’s what I like best, morning sets when you can take your time, when there’s no urge to stomp the dance floor with bulldozer tracks (although that can also be enjoyable…) and you can drift away in elegance.

I’ve featured some of the tracks I’ve been playing in the last three months and a few personal classics on some of my favourite labels: Serialism, Vakant, Underground Quality, Perlon, Trelik, Hartchef Discos, Smallville, Vakant, Safari…and more. I haven’t included anything from MEAN (which is the sister label of Serialism) but I’m working on a more “experimental” podcast for that. This time it was more about the vibe of Serialism…

As well as you’re dj’ing you run Serialism records alongside Cesare Marchese – When and how did you come to be running the label?

I met Cesare in 2007 when I moved to London from Brussels. I met him through my soul brother Pablo Tarno with whom I’ve been friends since childhood in Belgium. Cesare was hanging out with a group of people that were all deep into electronic music. They were making music together, deejaying together, partying together, everybody had his little style. It was very inspiring and it really played a big part in the evolution of my taste. Regarding the labels…step by step I started helping out and learning until we got to the actual state of things.

Does the mix feature Serialism music heavily?

Yes…you’ll find some released and unreleased material.

You’re based in London and Cesare in Berlin – is that not difficult to run the label like that?

It’s not. Obviously sometimes it would be easier to be in the same city but like this we keep a foot in both cities and scenes which is quite useful.

Any thoughts for you to join the trend and move over?

It’s been on my mind for a while…I don’t know…I really love London, I’ve been here for four years and I can’t get enough of it. Berlin is very attractive for some aspects, I definitely see myself living there at some point but for now it’s London. We’ll see…it will be a gradual process.

Serialism has gone through some really strong moments over the past two years with the label artists and remixer’s becoming more high profile producers – why do you think that is?

I think that some of the artists that were with Serialism since the beginning have grown with the label and you can easily witness their parallel growth (like Rainer who has just released an EP with us.).

Do you think that Cesare’s re-location to Berlin has had a hand in the rise of the labels profile and artists?

Cesare’s move to Berlin has been a turning point, he’s met some really talented people over there that became friends and started working with us. We are in a sphere where boundaries between friendship and work is constantly blurred, it has pros and cons but it’s really great when you manage to translate what is born during fun times over the weekend on to a record, a collaboration or anything that stays tangible in time. The entirety of the artists on the label are close friends or have been really close at a certain point.

Over the last year or so we’ve seen a video for nearly every single Serialism track that’s been released from a duo called False Manners – tell me about the collaboration?

False Manners are Fernanda Mattos and Federica Marchese – Cesare’s gilrfriend and Cesare’s sister – it’s a family thing! Hehehe! They curate the visual side of the labels, from artwork to video. They are growing a lot every day and have wrapped up many cool videos in a short amount of time, like the one for ‘Nameless’ (my track alongside Queen Atom) which is really kaleidoscopic and fits the track perfectly. I can see a very bright future ahead for them and I’m quite excited to watch what they will create for the labels in the future. They are working with a lot of great artists in Berlin like Ninca Leece, Bloody Mary (for her label Dame Music), Jeremy Caulfield (for Dumb Unit)… My favourite video is the one for the upcoming Benjamin Fehr’s Ep on MEAN so….stay tuned.

Exclusive Onirik Podcast 


Upcoming this month is the second Volume of London Cuts that Serialism has done – the first back in 2009 – explain to me why the label wanted to do compilations specifically based around London?

Because the label was born in London, created by Cesare and Stefano Pellegrini (who has now moved to Australia) as an output to release friends’ music.

The initial idea ‘London Cuts’ was because the majority of the Serialism collective were based in the city – that was certainly the case in 2009 but things have moved on a lot since then – the artists now spread between London, Berlin, Paris and Barcelona – how do you feel about the dispersal of such a strong group of people?

I miss a lot of those that have moved out of London but I think it’s very important to move around, try new places, and change your horizons for a while. There’s only a limited amount of things you can learn in one place, depending on your personality, luck or motivation so it’s good to keep moving. It feels good to watch your friends grow in different locations and bring you something they probably wouldn’t have if they had stayed in the same place all the time. I think the link really gets stronger with those that are far if you still manage to connect with them…it’s crazy…with some people it doesn’t matter if you see them every day or once a year, it feels the same straight away – you know those are friends for life.

Has the shift in location and evolvement of peoples careers affected the labels ‘collective’ ethos and bond in anyway?

Yes it did…because originally everything was based around London and the crew was all here. I only arrived after it all started so I’m not completely accurate but that’s the vibe I understood. Now it’s more around both me and Cesare – he brings artists into the roster from Berlin and while travelling. At the same time I keep an eye on London and create some bonds on my side, like with Robin Ordell and Monika Ross. We still have some of the original spirit but we evolved accordingly to the context.

Do you guys plan to continue with the compilation – maybe a Berlin cuts will be more suitable next time!?

Yes, not sure when, but we want to do a Berlin Cuts and a Paris Cuts.

You feature on the upcoming comp alongside Cesare as Queen Atom – tell me about the track?

It’s the result of the first time that me and Cesare sat down and cooked some beats together. It’s a very particular track, not the usual deep stuff I’m into at the moment or like any of Cesare’s previous releases. We both have very wide taste in electronic music so why not? Acidy and breaky…why not? I don’t expect it to be massively played as it’s not an easy track but if you like it a bit dark it’s a very powerful one.


WIN VIP Entrance for YOU + Three friends into “Joris Voorn presents …..” + a signed Vinyl by Joris and some Ministry of Sound goody bags.

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Joris Voorn Presents…….

Ever since his first EP “muted trax pt.1” on Keynote followed by a hugely successful track “Incident” on the Sino label, Joris Voorn has been on the forefront of the Dutch techno movement. However it was the “A dedicated mind” that really gained Voorn a global success. Now with two artist albums “Future History” on Sino and “From a deep place” on Green under his belt as well as own record label Rejected ( founded with Edwin Oosterwal) Voorn is one of the most recognized names in the industry.

This time Voorn brings us an exclusive short interview with Lauhaus by the man himself ahead of his 7 hour set on the 29th of October in the Box of the Ministry of Sound. Ministry of Sounds turned 20 this year and alongside its global tour continues to bring only the best names in house music. Aside from Voorn the other artists showcasing on the night include Dutch Lauhaus (Intacto), Kabale und Liebe (Soweso) and Anton Piete (Rejected) playing at 103 and UK’s own Deepmilo (Cubism) in the Baby Box.

Email: hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk with subject heading: Joris Voorn at Ministry.

press5 hi

Joris: As all artists at the night are from Amsterdam, what connects you, (besides being from the same city)?

Lauhaus: a craving for rocking the crowd and a ‘nice guy’ mentality.

Joris: What distinguishes you from the other artists this night?

Lauhaus: I think we all share our taste in music, but you could say i’m a bit more housy then the rest of the guys who are playing this weekend.

Joris: What is great (or not so) about the Amsterdam electronic music scene, and does it have any influence across the borders?

Lauhaus: I love the amsterdam electronic music scene. Two years ago the amsterdam sound was a bit of a hype, and that really put amsterdam back on the map as a party and music city. since then many young artists and promoter have stood up.

Joris: What city anywhere in the world comes close to the Amsterdam experience?

Lauhaus: Kingston, Jamiaca.

Joris: What comes after your dj career, or will you spin till you drop?

Lauhaus: I will always keep on spinning but are definitely other things i’m getting involved in. We will see what the future brings.

Joris: What are your 7 favourite Amsterdam tracks?

Lauhaus: sandy huner – rare tap | lauhaus – back to ipanema | kabale und liebe feat. daniel sanchez | mumbling yeah william kouam | djoko – hard loving | boris werner – let’s boogie | david labeij – shakedown | julien chaptal – mamdaye |

Joris: What’s your lucky number?

Lauhaus: 69


MEOKO chats with Portable aka Bodycode

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Alan Abrahams is a rare breed: a multifaceted dance music artist who has truly conquered that elusive combination of underground club hits, critically-acclaimed artist albums, and compelling live solo performances. He’s a producer, remixer and vocalist who is constantly evolving his artistic point of view, and who has spent the better part of his decade-long career wandering between South Africa, the UK, Germany and Portugal.

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