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How In:Motion’s NYD Celebrations Marked a Milestone

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Bristol has always been a hub for creativity and pioneering music. Home of Eats Everything, Joy Orbison, Roni Size, Icarus and so many more. However, this years In:Motion’s New Year’s Day celebration has secured the city’s spot as one of the best places for dance music, and this is why.

Motion defines itself as a matrix of warehouse spaces. For this incredible one night, they opened up the entire space to make way for the flurry of lucky attendees. While In:Motion, Shapes Warehouse, Hypercolour vs Banoffee Pies and Shangri-La took over the main complex, there was Just Jack’s Secret Toilet Party hidden behind a portaloo and the Elevator Sound Stage Presents Lies in a carnival outside.

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The night went from 4pm until 7am the next day, without any signs of lagging. To kick things off, there was the choice between Pardon My French, Gary Crosson and Mr Spoon. Billy Nasty and Regolith stepped forward shortly after.

At 6, the In:Motion stage brought out the big guys. Jackmaster (who infamously donated 10 percent of his New Year fees to Aleppo) went back-to-back with Gerd Janson. Sam Mole & Christian Jay also took to the Hypercolour vs Banoffee Pies stage, while Marco Bernardi was on Elevator Sound. Meanwhile, Shapes’s resident DJs were also taking centre-stage. 

Then there was Tale of Us. The Berlin-based hypnotic heavyweights made sure they delivered. They blasted their signature, deep, heart-pounding music while lasers cast over the audience creating an unbelievably, unforgettable, visceral performance. 

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Another personal favourite was Helena Hauff, who’s set on the Shapes stage was pure magical, electrified perfection. Bathing the crowd in red lights, she showcased her sonic aesthetic and took them on a collision course of acidic, atmospheric sound.

The brilliant Axel Boman, Bristol- favourite Hodge, and Italojohnson were all billed to perform too, adding to the monumental lineup. There was also an impressive performance by Shangri-la’s residents and Simoncino. When Nastia was sadly unable to attend, Hodge went b2b with Gramrcy and spontaneously blew the crowd’s mind.

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Jethro then smashed it for those who ventured out to Just Jack’s Secret Toilet Party, bringing some cool house/funk vibes as the crowd boogied under toilet brushes, inflatable ducks and poo-emoji cushions. Meanwhile, DJ October went back-to-back with Gramrcy. At Hypecolour vs Banoffee Pies, A Sagittariun went on and blasted his own unique, spiritual beats. 

Up next, Florian Kupfer for Elevator Sound, Tom Rio & Dan Wild at Just Jack, Teak, and Banoffee Pies residents. 

Steffi took over Shapes, and mystified the audience in a daze of dynamic, hardware-enriched sound. The legendary Dutch producer delivered a performance of distinctive, enticing underground music. At the same time, Ron Morelli and Strange Frequency worked their magic. 

Rounding things off, Ben Klock absolutely obliterated his performance. He’s been dubbed the best techno producer of the decade and he most definitely did not disappoint. His broad music selection, incredible light displays and undeniable energy created an intense and powerful performance. It was absolutely unforgettable for all who witnessed it. 

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Then for those brave enough to carry on, there was the brilliant Jeremy Underground. The burgeoning legend played a selesction of warm, authentic house music to the cold, dedicated ravers in Just Jack’s outside tent. 

KiNK carried on for In:Motion with amazing enthusiasm, an ambitious light show, and a mind-boggling set. While Marco Bernardi went back-to-back with Hodge. Shall Not Fade took over Shangri-La to round things off as Dave Clarke mesmirised at Shapes, drawing this epic adventure to a close. 

The night itself was a monumental success and a fantastic way to wrap up the In:Motion series. With this mind-blowing lineup, fantastic stages and hard work put in by all the staff, it has easily secured itself as a landmark for dance music. 2016 saw some of the world’s biggest and best DJs and producers descend on the city. Over the years, the series just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully big things will be in store for 2017. 

Words by Georgia Evans

Photos by Entirety Labs



MEOKO: Art of Sound

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Over the past few years vinyl artwork has become a commodity in its own right, with labels paying as much attention to the artwork as to they do the release it represents. As the year comes to an end we took a look back at some of the most interesting vinyl artwork from the past few months, as well as some forthcoming releases that look and sound oh so good. MEOKO brings you Art of Sound


Artwork by – Andrada Laza




Artwork by – Luca Zamoc




Artwork by – Michael Bassō




 Artwork by – Nicolas Whelan

12990973 1699072387009878 2105444039337491724 n






Artwork by – Anita Frâncu




Artwork by – TOMORI

point G 



Artwork by – Igor Skaletsky


Listen – HERE



Artwork by –  Flor Iñigo-Cabanne




Artwork by – Stas Zykov


 Listen HERE



Artwork by – Niels de Groot





Fresh Juice

 Listen HERE



 Artwork by – HEKO Collective




 Artwork by – Timothy Shaw DUKY



Artwork by – Super Quiet




Artwork by – Juli Jah




Artwork by – Hernan Bassponepoemi



Artwork by – Andrei Ion


Listen HERE



Artwork by – Abu Abraira




Artwork by – Chelso 




Artwork by – Florin Cretulescu




Words and selection by Mahala Ashley



Toi Toi – Presents Daniel Bell, Audio Werner, Herodot & More

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Separating itself from other parties within the underground music landscape, Toi Toi has always followed its own path, their less is more approach is very much about letting the line up do the talking and in turn keeping it all about the music. With promotion being kept to a minimum (you’ll rarely be bombarded with multiple Facebook notifications and email flyers) Toi Toi preserves is uniqueness and works off the loyal following it has built over the years. The London party, now an agency and record label, has grown immensely over the last six years. Founded by Claus Voigtmann and Isis Salvaterras in 2010 as a series of warehouse parties, Toi Toi now throws regular parties in London and across Europe as well as hosting a successful booking agency with the likes of Audio Werner, Cab Drivers, Daze Maxim, Ion Ludwig, Junki Inoue, Loaoul, Nicola Kazimir and Voigtmann their Roster. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.47.15

The next event will be taking place on 25th November hosting Toi Toi agency maestros Voigtmann, Junki Inoue and Audio Werner alongside Daniel Bell, Herodot and Loren, the event will also mark founder Isis Salvaterras birthday so double celebrations are in order. Taking place in an undisclosed warehouse location this party is guaranteed to be one you do not want to miss!

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.46.44

Words by Mahala Ashley

Toi Toi – Presents Daniel Bell, Audio Werner, Herodot & More – 25th November @ A Warehouse Location N15

Tickets and more information available HERE

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A MEOKO Exclusive – Brett Jacobs

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Brett Jacobs undoubtedly represents a homegrown talent who has forged a solid name within the underground music scene; it is therefore with great pleasure that we welcome Brett Jacobs back to the mix series for a rare MEOKO Exclusive. A lot has happened since Brett Jacobs first graced the MEOKO vaults in 2013, with a string of releases under his belt and having played at some of the best venues in Europe, his solid reputation has grown over the years. With sets that fuse minimal clean cut beats with rolling basslines Brett Jacobs continues to feature on some impressive line ups, most recently playing along side DJs such as Cab Drivers, Varhat, Baby Ford, Audio Werner and Pedro for London party Unleash. Without a doubt his approach to DJing sets him apart from many other artists of his calibre, defining him as a unique talent, which in hand has lent itself to his success. 


As a producer Brett Jacobs has released music on taste making imprints such as Luna Records, Act Natural and Nima Gorji’s NG Trax to name a few. His EP Law of Averages on Abarktic Records, which was released earlier this year, features a selection of stripped back percussion and minimal groove conveying Brett Jacobs signature style.

Most recently Resident Advisor ranked Brett Jacobs remix of Nice N Track’s Balansoars on Bodyparts Records in its Top 10, confirming that Brett’s versatility and unique sound is fast becoming a favourite amongst music lovers and selectors around the world. With several tracks yet to be released, there is without a doubt many more gems in the pipeline from the man himself who approaches production with a mixture of skill and class.

As well as DJing and focusing on his productions, Brett has recently signed to forward thinking Paris based agency Yoyaku who have the likes of Vahar, Zendid and Andrey Pushkarev on their Roster. The agency also houses a record shop as well as playing host to a number of events in France. Brett’s move to Yoyaku marks the next step in his career, which will surely push him to the forefront of the underground scene in Europe where his sounds have been greatly received. As a busy year comes to a close Brett is currently focusing on launching his own label which will no doubt be a huge success. Constantly evolving and with lots in store for the new year I’m sure we will be hearing a lot from Brett Jacobs in 2017. But for now I’ll let this MEOKO exclusive take over, believe me it really is something special.




Words by Mahala Ashley

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An Interview & Mix with Samuel Bellis

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Samuel Bellis Mix Cover

Fuse resident and one third of Deep End Soundsystem, Samuel Bellis has built a name for himself amoungnst the underground scene in London over the past decade. With a recent release on Fuse Records as well as a number of production projects underway Bellis has been busy in the studio. We caught up with him ahead of the highly anticipated Fuse 8th Birthday at Village Underground, where he will be playing alongside the rest of the Fuse family this Sunday 20th November. 

Hi Sam, first of all, thank you for your time. Not long left now until the final leg of the Fuse 8th anniversary tour, back on home turf at Village Underground. How does it feel to be celebrating another year with the crew?

Hello and thank you for inviting me. Yeah I cant quite believe it’s been 8 years already, I’m really looking forward to Sunday as the birthdays always bring a special vibe to Village Underground and I’m sure the guys have thought about every last detail to make it a great party

You have been amongst the Fuse journey for many years now, as the brand has gone from strength to strength. Has there been any stand out moments for you personally? Any particular parties or memories you would like to share with us.

I think it was only inevitable that FUSE was going to become the brand that it is today. Enzo and Tony have worked endlessly to make it so successful, as well as all the DJs and people behind the scenes who have played their roles. There’s been so many great memories made over the years as well and friendships. The 93 Feet East days were pretty crazy haha it was such a special atmosphere in there but the same can be said about village underground. Each party has been unique its own way, but the party earlier this year at Studio 338 is the one that stays in my memory.

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There is always an infectious vibe and atmosphere with Fuse, whether it is in London, or somewhere in Europe. What do you think it is that makes it feel so special? And the key to the success of the story?

A lot of detail goes into the sound at the FUSE parties; it definitely plays a huge part in creating the right atmosphere. I think it’s one of the most important aspects of the party.

This year saw your successful debut release teaming up with Antony Difrancesco as DB Productions, clearly a great chemistry between you guys. As a duo is there anything else you have in the pipeline? We hope so.

Yeah me and Antony are great friends and that always helps, he’s taught me a lot in terms of my own production skills. Musically we’re very much on the same page so when we make music it just makes it that little bit easier to create a workflow. We have got quite a few unreleased tracks and even more unfinished projects ha hopefully some will be released in the future.

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Over the years you made plenty of appearances at Fabric with the Wet Yourself team. What are your views on the closing of the club? And the effect it has had on current nightlife in London?

It’s obviously a massive blow for London; fabric has been an integral part of London clubbing culture for the last 17 years. It’s a shame the way things have been going, it’s been a recurring theme in London venues for some years now.

Alongside Dan Lively and Nice Guy Eddie, you continue to play an integral part in the London Underground scene as D.E.S (Deep End Soundsystem), is there any advice you would give to someone or a group of friends looking to make a break in the city or somewhere similar?

Deep.End.Soundsystem was just something that was born naturally between 3 friends, some of my favourite sets I’ve played have been with Dan and Eddie – there’s nothing better than playing records with your good mates and we have always stayed true to ourselves and just done our own thing. I suppose the best advice I can give is to play the music you love and to enjoy yourself.


You all have your individual sound that bounces off each other perfectly. Musically, what would you say your main influences have been to find your sound?

We all have our own individual styles and influences for sure, I think over time we have just learned to know what records we all like and try not to really stick to any one genre or sound.  I think we have all influenced each other in one way or another we have all bought something different to the table and each have our own distinctive sound .

Thank you for making a mix for the series. Is there a certain vibe you wanted to go for? Any unreleased gems from yourself?

It’s mainly some new records I have bought in the last week or two, as well as a few older ones I’ve collected over the years. I tried to go through different styles and genres as I like to play a wide variety of styles, but unfortunately none from myself as I don’t have a CDJ at home.

305559 333125586785954 434656548 n

On the production side of things, is there anything from you we can look forward too? Any particular equipment you like to give a run out in the studio?

One of my tracks “Solstrole” has just been released on the 5 Years Of Fuse EP and I have been working hard in the studio over the last year working on my own music and also some collaborations with friends. I will always consider myself a DJ who makes music but I’m enjoying the whole process of making my own music a lot more recently. I plan to buy an MPC in the near future for sampling old records, MPC’s just have a special sound and it makes sampling and chopping up old music a lot more fun.

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer

Is there anything else you have lined up?

Dan Lively and I have been working on a number of tracks together, as well as a label to release them on. I think it’s important to have our own platform to release our music, the music that we feel best represents our style and sound. Hopefully in the future there will be a Deep.End.Soundsystem release on there too.

Again, Thank you very much for your time, and thanks for the mix. Have a cracker on Sunday.

Thank you 🙂

Samuel Bellis MEOKO Podcast 232


Catch Samuel Bellis at FUSE 8th Birthday Rave at Village Underground – 20th November


Interview by Zac Bidwell 

MORE: Samuel Bellis


Review: Fuse 8th Anniversary Tour at Hoppetosse/Berlin

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Fuse8Hopp Banner

Fuse turned 8! And to celebrate this worthwhile moment, the London event stroke label which has already transcended several venues and boundaries,travels to eight cities around Europe with the whole crew, amongst them Naples, Basel, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and Berlin – to be followed by London –, to celebrate its eight incredible years of existence. The tour, aptly named „FUSE8“, did not only excite with its wholistic concept and approach— to tour around showcasing their amazing sounds and vibes—but also served to further position FUSE as an international player of eclectic renombre and musical weight.

Unstoppable and on a roll, the entity cropped up at Berlin’s renowned Hoppetosse on Oct 28. Hoppetosse, possibly the most partied-out boat in recent history, is Club der Visionäre‘s winter hideaway. Most international crowds and crews anchor in its vicinity, as, with its cosy and laid back vibes and its long standing existence is a firm fixture for good events. And to be honest, its capability to actually attract international crowds who know the difference between rip-off and real thing has saved the boat’s integrity more than once in this ever-renewing cosmic dance of self innovation Berlin as a city has gone through in the last twenty years.


This explains the huge amount of sexy young people who had come from remote corners of this planet to partake in Fuse’s b-day celebs. Whilst most of them did not seem to know or care who was playing, it became very obvious that a greater deal of people knew too well. My fears— that a whole bunch of lager louds would be taking over the boat with laddish attitudes and beer-bellied debauchery–did not become reality and just shows how little I know about FUSE’s capability to, ehem, fuse musical underground tendencies with great party vibes and draw a perfect crowd no matter where.

BUT I did know about some of the label’s artists and producers who would all be present to showcase their indivitual yet collective vibes and sounds. It would be FUSE founder Enzo Siragusa, of course, with some of his longest-standing colleagues and fresh talent, for example Seb Zito, Archie Hamilton, Rossko and Rich NxT, who would be joined by Ben Rau, the German-Ghanaen FUSE artist who moved to Berlin in 2012, as well as new label signing Fabe from Mannheim.


It was especially emotional for me and many who joined to see Fabe stepping up to the challenge and delivering a thriving and promising warm-up to what would become a very long night (and day). Fabe, all fresh faced, looked very much in his element, when I spotted him behind the decks at around 2 am. The party was in full swing, and hearing a lot of new and to be released material from him and his colleague Ho Do Ri, who is also running the label Sukhumvit (yes, it is all a big ploy – he also wore the label’s shirt for a safe bit of promotion) was quite emotional for me, as I know how hard it is to break into an industry, and how much hard work goes into making these casually battered out grooves that seem to work so effortlessly. Check out his newest release and you will hear what I mean.

Fabe is such a symphatetic guy who does not seem to need to succumb to the temptation to need or want something that is not intrinsically him, so this is a nice little bow to those who just get on with it and stay on the carpet, as we say J in Germany. His solid delivery of slightly garagy, shuffled and syncopated tunage that turned the full floor into a sweat bath made us receed to the back of the boat where we could not see the huddling entourages and steady on networking going on to the booth, but concentrated on some fine party activities just to shed our cascading body liquids. Well.

When Archie Hamilton and Rossko came on, it was actually contributing to a slight overload of frequency as those two lads really racked it up a notch. It might be down to the whole atmosphere of hotness and a room filled with expectation and exitation, but they managed to take the excitement to the next level and hold it up, despite a slightly heavy use of EQing which went a little through the roof. Enzo and Seb Zito went techier, and Rich NxT delivered a worthy end some time around 3 pm the next day. What a ride.


I am glad berlin is home for so many talented artists and harbours so many crews from around the world so somehow, whether they actively strive to do it or not, contribute to the richness of its palettes of sound. Whether it be artists from the British isles, the South of Germany or people from other walks of life: we are all here experiencing, in real time, a great modifiction and shift. Sometimes ist popularization, and professionalisation, but when it goes hand in hand with real musical renovation and innovation, and growth within the scene, it is the most beautiful. I am excited to see how we will all keep growing and what will make us special.

Words and review: kat Kat tat 


More FUSE;

FUSE Facebook

FUSE Soundcloud

FUSE Label Page


1.10 NAPLES – Deependence presents FUSE8 @ Living – Enzo Siragusa /Seb Zito

7.10 Basel – Nordstern – Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito

8.10 LEEDS – System presents FUSE @ Mint Club  – Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rich NxT 

21.10  Amsterdam – FUSE with HYTE at ADE  – Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rossko / Archie Hamilton / Ferro

28.10 Berlin – Hoppetosse – Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rossko / Archie Hamilton / Rich NxT /  Fabe / Ben Rau

3.11 Paris – Rex Club – Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Archie Hamilton

5.11  Rome – Nozoo presents FUSE8 @ Goa Club – Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito

20.11 London – Village Underground –  Enzo Siragusa / Seb Zito / Rossko / Archie Hamilton / Rich NXT / Dan Farserelli and more TBA


MEOKO’s Haunted Halloween Guru

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With Halloween just around the corner we’ve realised there are a terrifying amount of gruesomely good parties on in London. But do not fear! As we embark on to the scariest time of the year MEOKO’s Haunted Halloween Guru is here to “help” with all of your raving requirements, from warehouse parties to Sunday afters we’ve got it covered. Because lets be deadly serious, no one wants to be left outside in the queue for a party they’ve only just found out about dressed as an extra from the Zombie Apocalypse, or worst still left standing on a street corner in the early hours wondering “Where’s the after party?” 

Friday – 28.10.16

Regression Sessions presents Circus of Horrors @ Great Suffolk St Warehouse

Subb-an / Adam Shelton

14322275 1243426195688806 2173390111292247786 n

Set to be a Halloween party like no other, Regression Sessions transforms South London’s Great Suffolk Street Warehouse into a circus of your deepest and darkest nightmares. Headlined by One Records label boss’ Subb-an and Adam Shelton the night will not disappoint. 

When: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: £30 / £20 bf 10.30pm 

Buy tickets here

The Pickle Factory – Halloween Special @ The Pickle Factory

Night Moves (Jane Fitz and Jade Seatle) / Steevio (LIVE) / The Ghost

14199271 853974958037644 2929095971447429001 n

Night Moves (Jane Fitz & Jade Seatle) headline a Halloween special at the Pickle Factory with spooky support from Freerotation founder Steevio who will treat you to a live modular set. To top off the night the duo behind the Berlin record shop The Ghost will be making their UK debut. Without a doubt not one to miss. 

When: 22:00–8:00 

Tickets: SOLD OUT – Tickets available OTD from 10pm


Trapped LDN Showcase @ The Bridge

Dubsons / Mihigh / Zefzeed / Rhys Samson

14495274 1306790852677855 6082679971782981922 n 1

Time to get trapped in the music, Trapped LDN delivers an all Romanian line up in celebration of their second label showcase. 

When: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: £10

Buy tickets here

Saturday – 29.10.16

Art of Dark – Halloween Theatre @ The Troxy

Praslesh – Extended Set (Raresh B2B Praslea) / Colin Chiddle 

14713695 1191180297591712 9125141670017817748 n

Art of Dark returns to the Troxy theatre for a spooktacular night with the Romanians. Praslesh will hit the decks for a night of haunted beats paired with dark visuals by Coté it’s guaranteed to be a Halloween treat. 

Time: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: SOLD OUT / 500 Tickets on the door


Drumcode After Dark @ Studio Spaces

Adam Beyer / Marcel Fengler / Alan Fitzpatrick / Stacey Pullen / Julia Govor / Sam Pafanini

14390802 1807843896096161 1496740779988102086 n

As the witching hour falls upon us here’s one for the techno lovers, quite possibly one of the biggest dates in the techno calendar Drumcode Halloween serves up Halloween After Dark for the vampy night time ravers. 

When: 22:00–6:00

Tickets: £25 + bf

Tickets available here

Half Baked – Halloween @ Bar Number 90 

John Dimas / Leo Pol (LIVE) / Greg Brockman / Sam Bangura 


Said to be a night of haunted house music, Half Baked hosts a Halloween Party by the eerie canal side with an oh so tasty line up.

When: 23:00–6:00

Tickets: Final release £20.00 + £2.40 bf

Buy tickets here 


Sunday – 30.10.16

FUSE – Halloween Rave @ Village Underground

Dyed Soundorom / Enzo Siragusa / Rossko 

14368796 1119470401433899 2300861205599018168 n

Sunday = Fuse it’s a no brainer, the boys return this Halloween to do what they do best with support from the one and only Dyed Soundorum. For a sinister Sunday session of musical delights, head down to Village Underground for daytime party to remember. 

Time: 14.00-1.00

 Tickets: Guestlist only

Subscribe to the guestlist here 

Cartulis Sunday VA (Various Anonymous) @ The Pickle Factory

Guess Who…. 

14680908 1814893018746255 6287439819818714358 o

Cartulis returns for an deadly intimate affair in the Pickle Factory, with an anonymous line up it’s a matter of he who dares. Happy Cartulis Day (Mwahaha) 

When: 23:00–6:00

Tickets: RA Limited £8 entry / Concession £10 / £12 OTD

Buy tickets here

After Parties

Art of Dark – Halloween Afer Party @ The Bridge

Priku / Junki Inoue / Quest / Christian Ab

14725475 1192668530776222 4364074449874343189 n

When: 06:00–14:00 (30.10.15)

Tickets: £10 + bf 

Buy tickets here

United We Stand @ TBC 

Jacob Husley / Carlos Ryan / Ted Amber / Jnr Windross / Leroy Robers 

14543939 10154117890301443 2987566759008971520 o

When: 06:00–14:00 (30.10.16)

Tickets: £12 OTD / £7 after 12pm


Julian Perez – SOLEMNITY (Review)

By Hot Off The Press, MEOKO Presents, Reviews

14721538 1132566400163349 453957606738021324 n 1

Founded in 2012, Ibiza based imprint Fathers & Sons has always been a label that takes time, care and attention to release quality music. Never rushing a release, Fathers & Sons play by their own rules and have produced a catalogue which echo’s the labels vision to release music from the heart. The labels message is clear “that we are in all this together, that we can learn and care from the fathers to the sons and vice versa”, an ethos which is hard to find amongst other labels within the electronic music scene. This is why is it with great sadness that Solemnity (FAS012), from founder Julian Perez, will be the labels final release. Having decided that the projects creative journey must now come to an end the Fathers & Sons label boss has chosen to close this chapter and move onto projects new. Through doing this Perez hopes to stay true to the ever growing ideas which have developed since starting the label four years ago. After what will now be the twelfth release on the imprint, which represents creativity and freedom of musical expression, Solemnity perfectly signifies the labels final chapter.

The two-part vinyl release marks Julian Perez’s debut album on his Fathers and Sons imprint. Solemnity communicates Perez’s signature sound and showcases his more experimental side through a track list that represents total musical expression. Tracks such as Ain’t That The Truth, Interfluide and Peace In The Darkness are glorious soundscapes of beautifully produced sound, which take the listener on an ambient journey. To juxtapose this Perez delivers The Unspoken Thing, Unusual Sense and Alog, upbeat driving tracks that you can expect to hear on the dance floor. The release itself communicates Perez’s years of dedication and skilful artistry and in essence showcases the purpose of the Fathers and Sons project. Solemnity should be listened to completely from start to finish as words cannot do it enough justice. Although this marks the end of an era for the Fathers and Sons label, it does in fact act as a reminder of Perez’s deep-rooted talent and how much more the Spanish producer has to give. As said by the man himself, “This is not a goodbye but a see you soon! The music keeps on playing….”

Julian Perez 5125 bn

Words: Mahala Ashley

MORE: Julian Perez

MORE: Fathers & Sons



Adam Shelton: An Interview & Mix

By Hot Off The Press, Interviews, MEOKO Presents

14812880 10210783828216679 1149975033 o

DJ, Producer, Label Boss and Promoter Adam Shelton represents a home grown talent who has forged a name for himself through hard work and dedication. Well travelled and having played at some of the most respected clubs on the world, Adam Shelton has always stayed true to his roots in his home town of Birmingham. Proving that you can take the DJ out of the city but you cant take the city out of the DJ. I caught up with the man himself ahead of his gig at Regression Sessions in London on 28th October

You’ve recently launched a new party in your home town of Birmingham called Collective Minds can you tell us a bit more about this, what was the motivation to start the party?

The idea of Collective Minds has been in the city for a few years making sporadic parties with guests such as Fred P, Leif, Jane Fitz and Boddika. There has not been an event for a while and after talking about making a new party in town myself, Jayson Wynters and James Swinburne decided to kick start Collective Minds.  So to some people in the city it will seem like a new project, which is exciting and then for those who know they will be buzzing to hear it is back on the map. There is certainly a calling in Birmingham for the sound we are bringing and looking to push which yes, is a very wide spectrum of electronic music, but is away from a lot of the obvious music most other parties are bringing.

For the last Collective Minds party you hosted XDB and Jayson Wynters, how did this go and what was the highlight of the night? 

Honestly the whole night was a highlight, we were all so happy with our sets, Kosta (XDB) said its one his favourites of the year and for me that’s a blessing as he plays so many great parties on solid line ups so we were happy with that. Jayson played a killer close after XDB, he really brought it strong and I was proud that this is the sound coming from our city and is exactly how I would have liked the night to gone from a dancers view also. Solid!  


When is the next Collective Minds party, who’s on the line up?

The next party is 12th of November with Tom Ellis (live) and Alex Downey alongside Jayson and myself. I have been a Tom Ellis fan for years so excited to hear him especially after catching his live show at Freerotation back in July. Alex Downey played one of my favourite sets of this year at Freerotaion before XDB, a mind blowing electro set which really was stand out, and amongst the serious amount of talent there that’s a big call. I have since followed Alex on his vivid radio show and he is a serious selector, I have a good feeling for the next party and on going.

How does the crowd in Birmingham differ to London?

Wow that’s a question. I guess the crowd in Birmingham is closer, I find that everywhere outside of London, smaller communities so more friends and actually a closer vibe. I’m only talking about the things I go to, on a bigger scale everywhere is cold, oversold and full of people there not for the right reasons, that’s worldwide! What I love about Birmingham compared to London is that people are so hungry for the good stuff, with London being one of the most advanced cities in the world they get a fix earlier than most for music, fashion, art and technology, we want it too but its later to hit the rest of the country so that creates the hunger which leads to more interest and excitement.

You’ve been collecting records for over 20 years now, what has been your biggest musical influence?

Detroit 100%, I started off buying and listening to music from New York and Chicago but I guess it was the obvious stuff at the time, not to say it wasn’t the good stuff but it was easy to get in to. Once I heard Derrick May’s Innovator album it opened me up to the idea of electro, broken sounds and that rawness that Detroit pioneers. Still now the music that comes from there is the most forward thinking, honest, open form of electronic music and I feel having it as my first influence is strong and definitely an interesting story to follow.

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Name three labels you are into right now?

Hotmix records, Skylax records, more about music.

You produce under S.A.S with Subb-an, where did the name come from? How does this project differ from your own personal productions?

The name is simple, Subb-an. Adam. Shelton. This project started off as edits which all did really well, with my collection and Ash’s studio skills we can really make things come alive, as many people do edit projects now you really have to make it come alive, not just snip and join. I love to hear great edits, as much as we all might love the original it doesn’t always cut it on the modern dance floor, the edit might be the first time somebody has heard that sample and they feel it just like the original. We have had a break with S.A.S and plan to be back in 2017 with the same style sound wise but this time our own original material using live vocals and session musicians. 

Having founded One Records in 2009 you’ve signed music from a number of artists including D’julz, Nail, Shaun Reeves and H-foundation to name a few, can you tell us about the journey so far?

The label has become such a massive part of our lives, it’s such a good way of connecting with people, not just the artists either. I mean that’s the initial reason you start to put music out but then along the way you meet all these other great characters that can help you with what your doing, label managers (always interesting people with lots of stories and experience) designers who you can work together with to create new things for the label but then also you take an insight into their world and what they do which is cool. Social media now you can’t hide from, so we recently have got a friend on board to work with us and that is turning out to be a good laugh and very creative and again you get a look into their world which is also cool. So not just all music, but on that side of things of course it’s a joy, putting out music from artists you like is great, also making bonds and becoming friends is very important. Of course it’s a business and like everything people come and go from your lives, but also you remain friends with some people and that’s really how we have come to start forming a crew.

The label has also signed artists such as Jack Wickham, John Dimas and Yamen & EDA, how does the label nurture up and coming talent?

As mentioned above its not so much about nurturing its about connecting with people and then deciding ok we really get on with these guys and feel we would like to push them through the label and help as much as we can as that’s what its all about, helping each other, we are all in it for the same reasons.

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Have you got any releases coming up that you want to tell us about?

Releases forthcoming are from Bobby O’Donnell, two straight up club bombs with a John Dimas remix that is special. After that is a release from Subb-an, and myself it’s a split release, which we have not done before and then after that is a four track EP from our main man Alex Arnout.

As well as being a DJ, Producer and label boss you are also a promoter with a party in Rio (Brazil) called Foundation, how did this journey begin and how did you start a party there?

I fell in love with the city the first time I went a few years back, after playing there twice and feeling the vibe I got from the people after playing I was given the idea of making a party there. The people of Rio are amazing. The warmth you get from them is unrivalled, they love all things creative and when it comes to the music they love to hear new stuff and as the electronic music scene is Rio is still growing I feel there is so much to give them. We have done two parties now in unique spaces and the turn out has been amazing. We plan to run an event before the year comes to a close.

You’ve hosted One Records label parties in top clubs such as Watergate & Fabric, any more in the pipeline?

Yes we have a label night in Birmingham at Sunday party Cloak n Dagger with Subb-an, Jack Wickham, Samu.L, Lewis Oxley and myself. We are really missing fabric as are many. We hope to hear some positive news soon.

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Considering the recent climate in the UK with the closure of many iconic venues what do you think can be done to preserve our nightlife culture?

Well the support from the Fabric closure has been really something and it shows how strong the community is that believe in nightlife culture, people want to see results in the end though and that’s the awkward time we are in. Merchandise is a great way to support causes and make money for that cause whilst having a big visual impact; Fabric nailed that with their T’s. That though is just support, what we need to see is new places popping up so people feel there is a healthy scene. Places all have their shelf life and sometimes closing is the way it is but if new places are popping up then nightlife culture remains, that is happening outside of London and people need to remember that.

As summer has now come to an end what are your plans for the winter months?

I am going to Los Angeles to work on some music with the mystical man Gabriels in his studio with Subb-an, I plan to do some gigs in the States and then end up in Rio for our third Foundation Rio party. That’s the plan anyway. 



AS 228

Catch Adam Shelton on October 28th at Regression Sessions presents Circus of Horrors at Great Suffolk St Warehouse, London. 

Interview by Mahala Ashley



10 Obscure Events You Didn’t Know Were Happening At ADE

By Hot Off The Press, MEOKO Presents, News

 ADEv2.1 2The week has finally arrived for Amsterdam Dance Event, thousands of DJ’s, producers, agents, managers and music lovers make the annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam for Europe’s highly regarded music conference. Kicking off October 19th we have put together a guide of 10 alternative events that perhaps you hadn’t thought about. Take a break from the meetings and parties and check out these hidden gems. You can thank us later. 

10. ADE DJ Cook Off

Where: Keizer Culinair | Elandsstraat 169, Amsterdam

When: 19/10 18:00-20:00

Quite possibly a personal favourite from us, tasty food served up by some of the best names in the business. What’s not to love? Back for the 6th edition having discovered that quite a few DJs know their way around a kitchen just as well as they do the booth, ADE will host the annual ADE DJ Cook Off. Hosted in a the culinary school – Keizer Culinair Kölsch (defending champion), DJ Sa, Ellen Allien, Eats Everything and Lauren Lo Sung will battle it out for the ADE Cook Off crown. Judged by Dave Clarke, Paul Oakenfold and Seth Troxler it’s sure to be a tasty affair.


9. The Art of Banksy

Where: Beurs van Berlage

When: 20/10 10:00 – 18:00

Extended due to high demand the Art of Banksy exhibition in Beurs van Berlage showcases the street artists work through a series of original paintings, oil canvases and sculptures. Interactive story telling guides you thought landmarks in the artists career making the collection the most valuable in the world.


8. Vinyl Rascals

Where: Felix Meritis – F10 Panel Room

When: 22/10 17:00-17:45

Something for the vinyl lovers, Vinyl Rascals brings together a panel of DJs who are mad about vinyl. Discussing reasons why DJs will only play on vinyl and what it is that makes many of them lug numerous records (up to 20kg) around on a daily basis, all for the love of the wax. Guests on the night will also be sharing some of their favourite records and stories about their love for all things vinyl.

Vinyl-Records 0

7.  Urban Art NOW presents: Street Art & Culture-Jamming Tour

Where: Felix Meritis

When: 21/10 15:00-17:00

Regarded as one of the most creative hotspots of Europe it would only be right to check out some of Amsterdam’s highly regarded cultural spaces, almeries and museums. Through an extensive walking tour Amsterdam’s street art organisation Urban Art NOW will show you some hidden cultural gems. Let by Urban Art Now subculture experts you can be sure to see some of the best street art the city has to offer.


6. ADE Sound Lab presents: Fields and Frequencies (Installation)

Where: Hotel Droog

When: 19/10 10:00-19:00

Experience a sound installation that that generates an array of spectacular colour. Fields of Frequencies is a three-dimensional light and sound installation presenting sounds composed by New York Composer and DJ Joaquin Claussell, which echos a colour frequency created through light by artist Lidy Six. The installation will be free and run during Hotel Droogs opening hours. Paired with spectacular LED lighting and Omniwave-system this installation really is a magical feast for the senses.

Glowing electric lights in Deepawali

5. NEO

Where: Compagnietheatre | Kloveniersburgwal 50, Amsterdam

When: 20/10 12:00-19:00

Always wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument but just didn’t have the time? Look no further, NEO is the musical instrument that everyone ad anyone can play. NEO is a digital instrument that works by placing marbles on a grid to create glorious sound hosted by a circular censor. An additional collection of sensory modules next to the instruments base make their own sound and/or influence other sounds.  Even though NEO is purely digital it breaks the rules by allowing your touch to influence all sound. Just play!

640x853q90 Neo 85949 85953 282x376 90 0 0 c

4. Denim City  

Where: Denim City | Hannie Dankbaarpassage 22, Amsterdam

When: 21/10 10:00-19:00

In celebration of the 2016 edition of ADE the craftsmen at Denim City have designed and created something quite special.  Made from premium fabric carrying the ADE colours of black and gold this special edition garment was created especially for the collaboration with Candiani, a worldwide leader in the demin world. Ironically Denims City’s current director is a former DJ and a huge fan of electronic dance music who is a frequent visitor to ADE. Created, as a stage to showcase innovation and craftsmanship Denim City will satisfy the denim lover in all of us.


3. Comedy Café Amsterdam Presents: ADE Comedy & Music, With The Best Comedians and The Best Upcoming International DJs

Where: Comedy Café | IJdock 89, Amsterdam

When: 22/10 22:00-23:00

Presenting comedy and dance music Comedy Café Amsterdam and IND3MAND bring you an experience that let’s you laugh and dance. The special event, which has been put on specially for ADE will see jokes about the dance scene, brought to you by top comedians. Prior to the comedy show upcoming international DJs from IND3MAND Artist & Management will treat you to musical journey. Prepare to party (and laugh) the night away!


2. De School Presents: The RA Cup Charity Football Tournament

Where: De School | Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, Amsterdam

When: 20/10 10:30-17:00

Something for the football lovers out there, for this year’s ADE De School has joined forces with Resident Advisor to host a 5-a-side football tournament in aid of charity. The first edition of the RA cup will take place in De Schools gymnasium with eight teams battling for the cup. Confirmed teams being RA, De School, Dekmantel, Rush Hour, Numbers, 10,000 Hours and The All Stars, which will feature Dixon. All proceeds from the event will go to Help Refugees, an organisation that supports charities and local groups which aid vulnerable people trying to reach Europe in hope of seeking refuge. Get down to see some of the biggest names in the industry battle it out for the RA cup title.


1.The VR Cinema presents: ADE X Virtual Reality

Where: The VR Cinema

When: 22/10 12:00-22:00

Providing you with something that will treat the senses, ADE showcases what is really possible when the music industry snd virtual reality are combined. Set to be a music lovers dream, enabling you to join a worldwide DJ perform in front of a crowd of fans or take the stage in a performance of a life time. With virtual reality content specially selected by ADE in the VR cinema any thing is possible. 


Amsterdam Dance Event – 19th to 22nd October

Words: Mahala Ashley