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“A great company to work alongside and always deliver with an outstanding supervised flyer team. We look forward to furthering our relationship with them.”
Basing House

“MEOKO have massively help us with our promo over the last few months. Efficient, friendly and always reliable, they offer a great range of promo services. We use their flyer team, photographers and online support. really happy with all.”
Make me

” We love working with Meoko: Efficitent AND Great Value. No messing about. Promotion is easy with these guys! #1.”
Junk Department

“Organised, Disciplined, smart looking people who know the area well and serve as great ambassadors for your night”

“We’ve been working with MEOKO for a little while now and have been really pleased with the results. Innovative and well organised, they always get the job completed to a high standard. Would definitely recommend! ”

“The MEOKO team are an indispensable part of our promotional strategy. Trustworthy, effective and reliable. I seriously doubt anyone in London can do a better job when it comes to flyering services.”

“I cant think of anyone better to handle promotional services other than MEOKO.  Amazing fast service and great database of people.”
Down under

I was introduced to MEOKO through event organiser friends who recommended their services for flyering. Being a restaurateur, I wasn’t sure if they would cover door to door leafleting, let alone come to deepest West London. Shortly after contacting them, Their promotions manager turned up with a sizeable team of staff. They were energetic, courteous, presentable and professional. I was already impressed. They executed the briefing in half the time I had planned, and continued for the remaining period to flyer and promote at the local station during rush hour – a tactic they proposed, not one I had suggested. I can’t recommend MEOKO enough, having worked with various marketing teams. Non can even come close to comparison. Managing Director
Yupa’s Thai

“I had the pleasure to work with the MEOKO team for the first time in June 2011 and what a surprise it was, a dynamic, cool and smart company that certainly has a bright future in front of them. Both Audiofly and Flying circus will use their services many times over.”
Luca Audiofly

“Pacha has been using MEOKO since it formed in 2011. We are delighted to have the MEOKO team onboard. their team are always well presented, reliable and extremely hard working. An outstanding events & Pr agency.