09.07.2021 | The Birth of Pomegranate Records (Tbilisi) by the team behind Closer Record Store

At the heart of the Ukrainian capital lies a music collective rivalled by many and replicated by few. Closer Club in Kyiv is a bohemian sanctuary for minimal, electro and techno, boasting an impressive array of diverse residents. Attached to the club’s alfresco oasis is the Closer Record Store founded by Closer Resident Andrey Shakolin. The store, specialising in used vinyl, has seen a rapid rise in popularity, with diggers hunting for rare and unique sounds. Andrey tells us “at some point we had 5000 records in the collection and everything was super tight in the store”.

In 2019, Shakolin travelled to Tbilis where he was invited to play Horoom x Closer at Bassiani. “I spent in Georgia a few more extra days to discover the city” says Andrey. “I had an idea that it would be super nice to open a new record store here, because at this moment the city has only Vodkast – a really nice store but they focused mainly on new stuff, so I thought we will fit good to the city with this idea”. In this exact moment, Pomegranate Records was born.

With the store in Kyiv overflowing, Andrey messaged his good friend Vako from Tbilisi about his idea which was answered “without any doubts let’s do it!” Andrey returned to Kyiv and spent many hours with Sasha at the Closer Record store, carefully curating some 1500 records to be shipped to Tbilisi.
For some months after the records arrived in Tibilis, all 1500 vinyls were stored safely to be sold online to friends via discogs. “It was a very hard time” says Andrey, “it was so difficult to find a good place for rent, but after months of searching the space was found in Tbilisi old town, just a few blocks from The Rooms hotel and some hipster places.”

In the future, Andrey & Vako hope to grow the collection at Pomegranate. Recent releases from Energy Flash distribution, Clone and off the grid distribution will join the collection alongside a host of suppliers of new records. You’ll also be able to find vinyl accessories for records such as cleaning brushes and liquids, as well as the duo’s favourite record bags from Airbag Craftworks. Pomegranate also intends to stock turntables for sale at some point in the future.

Now, with everything in place, Pomegranate Records is ready to open it’s doors to the public. Today, the 9th July 2021 remarks the Birth of Pomegranate Records.


Words by Jonathan Beal


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