Whilst the promoters were of course delighted to have Levon here at The Bridge so early on in our story, it didn’t seem right to us for this to be a ‘for profit’ party given that he was originally due to play at fabric on this date. It is at times like this when you realise just how close the music community is especially at bringing together everyone from all parts of the globe. It really is truly magical to see.

So after the team at Studio 338 spoke with the fabric family they decided this was a great chance to stand together to support our respective causes and indeed London’s night life as a whole cause, this is what we truely are, we are a community …

Therefore ALL ticket and door money will be split between the fund to reopen fabric and that to repair our fire damaged Studio 338.

Happily, the date also coincides with the save nightlife demonstration which  MEOKO has been working very hard on  to unite our spirits at this difficult time. This party will make a great ending to an important day for all of us that wish to save and protect our culture. 

“Because our culture made us who we are.”
We are all different and our culture reflects this. 
However we all have one thing in common, each and everyone of us wouldn’t be who we are today without the clubs, the bars, the art galleries, the festivals, the concerts, the raves, the venues and the parties.

We need to protect the sacred place  we gather in, where we feel alive and where we fall in love. The places where we release our energy and give us the motivation to go back to work on Mondays. The places where we come together as a whole and as a community. The places where we get inspired and the places where we can create.

Alongside Levon we have some extremely exciting talent on show. Full line up is here:

Levon Vincent 
Trevor Jackson 

+ Special guests 


We would encourage you all to follow these links and continue to show the incredible support we have all been so grateful for over the past few weeks:

Protest to save nightlife by Meoko:

Save fabric fund:

Re-open 338:



This Summer has seen our way of life facing some serious threats but together we will overcome. Unity and Community! Always!