Upon their tenth year Lessizmore have released [LesIzmo:r] 10 Years ‘Forever Never More’ a compilation that is nothing short of amazing. Expertly put together in a well thought out three part release the track selection represents the labels ten-year journey, showcasing artists the label has both collaborated and had at events over the years. From humble beginnings in the notorious Parisian club Le Triptyque to Brussels legendary Fuse, the labels sound has developed and evolved since it laid down roots in 2006. This journey is translated effortlessly through the well thought out compilation, which label owners Jessica Bossuyt and Fuse resident Pierre Noisiez have pieced together, communicating the labels creative vision which has grown over the last decade.  

LIM12 – Lessizmore 10 Years #1 

For the first EP Birdsmakingmachine delivers F for Flasas a moody stripped back track that has a somewhat eerie feeling to it with a deep warm base line. Deadbeat follows suit in the form of a futuristic dubby techno beat with robotic vocals interwoven into a rolling drumbeat. For the last track Lessizmore new signing Louis McGuire serves up Buffeting Tuft, a dark minimal industrial track which transports you to the underground clubs of Berlin. LIM12 is a strong first installment to the three part release celebrating the labels 10 year journey.  


LIM13 – Lessizmore 10 Years #2 

LIM14 – Lessizmore 10 Years #3 

This three part release is a credit to the label and showcases all of its strengths by encompassing the quality of the talent and events hosted over the past decade in Europe and beyond. You should purchase the complete collection, something tells me this is just the beginning.  

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Words: Mahala Ashley  

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