In the last few years, Montreal hatched duo Blond:ish have carved out quite a name for themselves worldwide. With a unique production recipe which focuses on the art of creating organic and multi-dimensional music, their provocative bass lines, smooth textures and sticky vocals blend into a genre of house that has captured the eyes and ears of many. This duo ride off each other’s musical knowledge, flawless technique and their diverse personas only add to the intrigue. The result is a force to be reckoned with, a vibe that effortlessly transcends in the studio, behind the booth and more than anything, to the dance floor. Our guests for the sixteenth instalment of ‘The Not So Serious Sessions’…welcome to the world of Blond:ish.


My secret weapon track...

Anastascia… is still obsessively ‘Nahr – Moonhole – Perspective’… I don’t know what it is about the song, I think I just like sleazy German accents. Makes me think of moustaches and whiskey… basically a good time.

Vivie-Ann… ha!!! it WAS the original of ‘Voice Of Q’ from 1982 , till some nimrod basically put a new bass under it, looped it and called it his own and it became top 10 beatport…but I guess another would be ‘Pacha – One Kiss (f.o.s. mix)’ –

The best gig of 2012 so far…

…Definitely Picknik Electronic in Montreal. It was beyond amazeballs to be back to where Blond:ish all started. We felt right at home in front of 5k crazy partiers. At 9:30pm they gave us a curtain call and shut the sound because it’s an outdoor venue day party, and people were still screaming our name for at least 10 minutes after! Still have butterflies thinking about it. We love you Montreal! 






My worst habit…

Anastascia…my worst habit? Is probably answering a question with a question. Or leaving my cell phone all over the place.

Vivie-Ann…is forgetting things on planes…always late:ish.

Our house…

Anastascia…is more of a penthouse in London with a wicked studio setup. We love coming back home, it’s really comfortable.  We actually enjoy being productive and not being on an aeroplane or in a hotel.  The fact that it rains a lot here makes it easier for us not wanting to go out and enjoy the sun which means: hibernating in the studio all day. We get to tan on the weekends while on tour 🙂

The producer who inspires me the most…

 Anastascia…I love love love Superpitcher/Pachanga boys. Their productions make me want to take my clothes off. Enough said.

Vivie-Ann…sure I could say the same, not only because they can deliver on every single track, but because they can also design a legendary pair of shoes –

Growing up…

Anastascia…I had tons of pet hamsters, braces and did all sorts of sports like volleyball and snowboarding. By the time I was 14, my friends and I had made our own fake ID’s to sneak into clubs just to dance. By the time I was 16 I was totally bored with Vancouver and decided to move to Montreal after high school. I’ve definitely come a long way…

Vivie-Ann…I was a tomboy. I remember having only guy friends till 5th grade, then I discovered make out parties and stuff to talk to girls about….boys! I remember breaking my front tooth on Callum Cowen’s head during soccer, big wheels, stealing those penny berry candies from the corner store, waiting for my mom to whistle for us when it got dark to come inside, my 8th grade teacher who we bought deodorant for Christmas, playing sports in high school, getting 99% in calculus while the other kids did LSD and smoked marijuana.  Then I discovered raves and got a job at Tim Hortons (Canada’s coffee chain) so I could support raving on weekends, which also entailed driving an hour to Toronto from my hometown of Stoney Creek, Ontario with my fake id in hand as well made on a DOS computer, a dot matrix computer and a trusty 2400 baud modem.

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