From his Nigerian roots, to Mannheim and then Berlin, Ray Okpara’s pulse beats firmly to the sound of house. Alongside his Oslo records label mates, Ray has pushed his upfront and groovy sound at the forefront of the scene for the last 5 years.  This year has seen him release his first solo album ‘Good Times’ on Berlin’s uber-label Mobilee Records.  The album is multi-layered house music that fuses through deep, warm and percussive grooves to more minimal and tech orientated club tracks, that represents the fun he had making it with various friends dropping in to collaborate.  Ray Okpara caught up with us to give MEOKO his Not So serious thoughts of the week……

ray 5

My dream line up would be…..

with Johnny D, Nekes and Federico Molinari. The way it has always been and like back in the day when we all were living in Mannheim Germany. But actually it still happens once in a while when we play back2back2back.

Before bed …

I always masturbate! You guys said “not so serious first!!! 🙂 hahaha ….Maybe a “funny cigarette” as well before watching a TV show and fall asleep…

When I am playing records ….

I feel like I’m in the year 2000. Wish I could travel back in time to see all DJs playing only vinyl again. But time changes and we develop. Still love to play my vinyls.

I will never forget that time  …..

Johnny and I had to pitch our old record player with a screwdriver. And the record players were two old reloops with a belt drive. It was so hard mixing on those. But we did it…crazy days!

Africa ….

Australia, South America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, North America…our home. To be taken care of.

If I could have one wish, it would be …

To wish to have more wishes.

Growing up ….

is not really what I  am doing…:) Rather I’m getting old. But wiser? I would say. YES.

My first vinyl ….

Was Michael Jackson’s Bad LP. I really don’t know how many times I have heard it or tried to dance like him. The Moonwalk never worked out for me. I wish I could do it though.

My biggest inspiration is

Berlin.. .when I first moved here in 2005 I was flashed by this amazing city. And was just sucking everything up I could find. Music, art, flee markets, parties, clubs, people, crazy after parties in wired venues. I also met some friends who will travel with me through life. The city has changed a lot since then, but I can still say I love Berlin. It’s my mum’s hometown as well, so maybe that’s why it was always calling me.

My favourite place on earth…. 

Is Costa Rica!

If I could go back in time ….. 

I would go so far and check if Darwin was right, see how dinosaurs really looked like or what I was like when I was a child. Yes, I was stubborn!

I am not very good …

At drawing. Really, I’m terrible at drawing anything at all! Also I’m not very good at “talking through the flowers”. I am mostly very direct.

Music …

Is the best thing what could happen to me. It has been there always. LOVE!

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Ray Okpara’s ‘Good Times’ is out November 12 on Mobilee Records.

Friday 9 November PARIS, FRA Batofar – Good Times album tour

Saturday 17 November STUTTGART, GER Club Lehmann – mobilee session

Saturday 1 December KIEV, UKR Boom Boom Boom – Good Times album tour

Thursday 6 December BERLIN, GER Cookies

Saturday 8 December HEIDELBERG, GER Rocco’s Ranch – Good Times album tour

Friday 14 December BUCHAREST, ROM Kristal Club – Good Times album tour

Friday 21 December BELGRADE, SER Tube – Good Times album tour

Monday 31 December SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA Vertigo – Good Times album tour