A seasoned DJ, producer, label owner, businesswoman and mother, it’s fair to say that Anja Schneider has given life, and electronic music, her all. Known for being one of the hardest working people, let alone women, in the business, Schneider’s varied career spans an impressive twelve years, from her humble beginnings in radio to her current status as one of the most revered and respected authorities in the scene. Her Mobilee imprint set the standard for modern-day tech house labels in the noughties, putting out many of last decade’s most special and influential records. Today, Anja works as hard as ever, diligently maintaining her own, and Mobilee’s, focus on an ever-shifting scene. Ahead of her appearance at the Mobilee Warehouse Session on Saturday 8th December, MEOKO decided to catch up with Anja and unwind with a few Not So Serious questions…

 zu pan for Anja schneider MG 9962

My favourite old-school house track of all time……

is ‘Electronic Welfare’ by Underground Resistence.

Mobilee …..

Is my life.

The most important thing to me in my life….. is 

My son Rio.

It really makes me upset….

Ignorant people make me really upset.

If I could change one thing in the world, …….

It would be for every child to have something to eat and something to learn.

My perfect gig… 

Is a perfect soundsystem – the crowd and I do the rest.

The music industry …. 

Is a blindfolded dinosaur.  It needs to wake up from its slumber and be the force it used to be.

I never leave home without…… 

My phone.

London …. 

Feels like my second home !

The nicest thing someone did for me  ….

Was to cook me a nice meal. A lovely treat.

If it was really the end of the world …….

I would be very sad.

My favourite DJ of all time …..

Is DJ Harvey.

Anja Schneider plays Mobilee Warehouse Session on Saturday December 8 at venue TBA. Go to for more info. 


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