After hearing whispers of the return of the awesome La Peña imprint, MEOKO caught up with Frankfurt’s Einzelkind, label ring-leader, DJ maestro, producer king pin and dancing superstar to get not so serious…

einzelkind image

Hi Arno, thanks for getting not so serious with us!

My highlight of 2013 was…

All the positive reactions regarding our music and  labels  :

La Peña  (back from beauty sleep) and Pressure Traxx that I am running with my good friend and partnter Frost. To make a living from what I love most…That was and is my musical highlight (of 2013).

La Peña. Tell us more…

Good friends and good music are two main ingredients for a happy life.

Since 2007 we call it La Peña.

If I ruled the world…

I would take it from the rich and give it to the poor.

And free all my sons, of course.

Who are the main influences for Einzelkind?

Prince, Fuchs, Friends, Roland, Dr. Hebel, Romanthony, Arthur Russel, David Byrne ..anything and everything really…

Animals. Beautiful things of nature to be looked after and adored or, delicious food to be gobbled up?


Producing bombs in the studio, or destroying dance floors whilst Djing, which do you prefer?

It always makes me laugh when I see other Djs posting stuff like this about themselves.
”Yea tonight we gonna destroy”…….Yea ok man just do your thing and keep calm.

Now back to topic. Best of both worlds. To create music in the studio then play it in the club and see happy people dancing and enjoing it is a very special feeling.. I couldn’t do without one or the other.

Meditate or medicate?

As long as you don´t hesistate.

Favorite music video? 

All good things come by threes.

1. Peter Gabriel – Sledge Hammer

2. Neneh Cherry – I’ve Got You Under My Skin

3. Einzelkind & Robin Scholz – Are Back

‘Dance Music’ – Which is most important, the dancing, or the music?

Good music I dance

No good music

I not dance.

Berlin is…

Die Schöne und das Biest.

What do we not know about Einzelkind?

That he is good at Bowling and used to call himself Dj Cybercut.