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It’s always a pleasure when the OdD boys are in full swing, always coming up with fresh sounds and unique ideas, keeping it natural for your pleasure. Whether they are producing EP’s for the likes of Infuse, releasing tracks on one of their high quality labels, or even providing a platform for fellow producers, one thing is for certain that they will always bring their huge sound they are known for. Recent times have seen two fantastic releases on the London based duos sub labels Urgent and Tapes of Old.

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The popular Tapes of Old series is a delve inside the depths of the OdD locker, providing you with some hidden, and more funky treasures that have never surfaced until now. Their love for music is so clear so it is great to see some of the tracks that were lost over time be released on wax to finally be appreciated. Second release of the series is a three track EP made for a club sound system. ‘Phono Parrot’ is a slick track driving forward with a wobbling bassline, complimented by a classic vocal that sucks you in. A great way to kick start the mission in to the vaults of their sound. As you glide in to the sweet sounds of ‘Original Sqiqqle’ you are caught under their spell thanks to whooshing percussions, guaranteed to have the dance floor in a daze. Your mind is levelled out with some steady drums, whilst your being taken on a trip. This is extra special as it is the original template of their massive track on OdD 005, a trip down memory lane. The last track of the EP ‘Spud Bm 7: B5’ is guaranteed to have you dancing. A real dreamy atmosphere is created as the melodic sounds take grasp of you, before you are joined by a bouncy groove you immediately feel in the hips. Floaty breaks give you the rest bite needed before you go again. This has such a great concept behind it and you can really feel the connection knowing its timeless music from the past.


Urgent 003 curated by Deego Fresh is a mysterious white label record consisting of four tracks all brilliant in their own right. There is an immediate sense of curiosity as the tracks are named Splice 1,2,3 and 4. Leaving it down to the listener’s imagination. Number 1 is made up of clever patterns weaved together by a funky tribal like beat, a driving break down with some tight drum sounds prepare you for lift off again. ‘Splice 2’ has an old school sound to it, a constant rolling movement accompanied by a variation of trippy broken sounds. Sounds unreal on a big system. A bit more serious is ‘Splice 3’ (drexciyan technique) not too heavy but a steady acid like bassline takes over your mind, the edge taken off by classic heavenly percussions. Could definitely take this with you to the after party. The last track takes characteristic elements from Deego’s productions and lays them down in one exciting sound, certainly a dancefloor bomb. All in all a fantastic release again from Urgent, consistency is key, and these guys are always doing what they do best.


Familiar faces amongst the underground scene for years now, they are showing no signs of slowing down. It seems as if there is an unlimited number of tricks up their sleeve. OdD 006 is on its way to your ears very soon, ‘Stroboscope’ due out early next year, believe it or not 005 was released March 2015. You can be certain the boys have been cooking up a storm for this one, preparing something amazing. As well as new sounds, OdD seem to have a back catalogue that anyone would be proud of so keep an eye out for plenty more chapters of the Tapes of Old story, as they bring to you their signature sound. Treat yourself, and feel the OdD effect.

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Words: Zac Bidwell