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There’s a focus on the fact that there are more and more female DJs taking control of the decks and forging themselves a career in a predominantly male driven industry. But whether female DJs are the flavour of the month or not, (and whether people chose to judge a DJ by their looks rather than their skills) is entirely up to them. But Ellen Allien head of the fantastic and highly respected alt-dance imprint Bpitch Control has been at the forefront of Berlin’s underground house and techno scenes for over a decade, taking her own alternative and unique view of modern electronic music culture and reproducing it into a world class benchmark of quality.

Listen HERE for MEOKO‘s latest podcast by Ellen Allien

With her new EP ‘Freak‘ out at the end of the month (the first since her LISm concept album), Ms Allien is priming the release with an exclusive MEOKO mix to get us well and truly into the frame of mind for some out of the box rhythms and spooked out atmospherics. Taking command of her mix through varying shades of emotion and feeling, the ‘Queen of German techno’ wraps up her experience as a sharp-eyed A&R, label boss, musical obsessive and touring DJ to a tee in her MEOKO mix. Tune in, turn on and get leftfield as Ellen takes us on a trip in to the nether regions. We promise you’ll love where you end up.