Meoko are beyond excited to announce a super special international collaboration with KeepItGoing and Ardiem, which will be a full weekend, including an after party of incredible music, artists, vibes. Get ready for the launch of the Weekender club, above the beautiful city of Winterthur in Zurich, Switzerland, which begins on Friday 24th June, continuing on until late Sunday. This is a brand new space, freshly waiting for its first electronic party and we have had the pleasure of curating a diverse and forward thinking lineup of international artists, along with superb local talent. Everything you need to know about it you can find here, and we can’t wait to share the plans!

As we mentioned, the weekender is a brand new club, a new space for fun and to be filled with good music and good people. In this new space with open plan windows and a mezzanine, it pushes creative boundaries. Expect some live visuals and mappings over the whole weekend, and a focus quality of sound with a state of the art sound system. 

Ardiem is a new, exclusive party brand from RDM, the partner in crime to Tini and promoter of the After Caposile events in Italy. KeepItGoing are a Swiss promoter, who have had success throwing parties in Romania, Mexico and all over Switzerland, with a strong local following.

So, the first day of the event, is Friday 24th June, and will run from 22:00 to 9am on the Saturday, playing will be Tajara b2b Gene, who are two local, experienced talents in the Zurich area, next up is Poggio, co-founder of the Paris label Positive Future. Poggio is on some stellar line ups this year, such as Nostromo and Distrikt Paris. Gabbs will also play, he is Italian artist who is a fan favourite and part of the Picnic (London) crew and founder of the Jooice label. US native CHKLTE will show off his music collection, and last by no means least, Christian AB will be boxing off the debut night. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know Christian AB is a well respected, high in demand artist of the last few years, on heavy rotation on lineups internationally, whether playing alone or doing a super fun b2b. Londoner Christian has imprinted his signature sound of hardware house and techno with plenty of personality – guaranteed goodness. 

Day 2 (Saturday 25th June) commences in the afternoon at 2pm, and journeys through to 8am! A long day party to sandwich the 3 events is what we like to see. Expect a few great b2bs on this day, one of them being Guili b2b Beez. The 2nd of these is presented to you by Lorenzo b2b Allesio Gallea, and lastly Aamir b2b Ignacio Morales, all providing some fun, electrifying sound. Sami Dilla, originating from Luxembourg is a strong element of any lowkey underground lineup, from playing the Lion & the Lamb, Point, and his own forest party in his hometown the Secret Roots. 

Yaar Ku, who has played for the likes of After Caposile, and is heading to Ibiza to play for Tini and The Gang in the summer, will contribute his own atmosphere and sounds for the day, and so will Giorgio Maulini, Swiss artist who displays technical experience and dexterity at the controls, shifting through tempos with expertise. We are in for a treat when Guiliano Lomonte takes over the decks, with his nurtured love for electronic music—particularly deep, tech, hypnotic, extended cuts pressed to vinyl. It’s the sound he mines as a DJ, and you can regularly hear him teasing out the groove at Berlin clubs like Hoppetosse, Wilde Renate and Watergate. Deeply in love with vinyl and strongly affected by trippy – groovy tunes, Giuliano is absolutely passionate in playing long lasting sets. 

To complete the lineup for the marathon that will be Saturday’s event, Alci, who will be right at home in his home country of Switzerland, Igniting his passion for music, his taste has evolved over the years, shifting into the electronic world where he now places his sound between funky house grooves and minimalistic techno. At the age of 17 he was already on the Zurich circuit and a resident dj at Club Supermarket. Today he is called upon to play all around the world like Sunwaves, Amnesia, Epizode, Caprices Festival, Rex Club, Resolute NY, Un_Mute and more.

To round off the weekend, is the Sunday afterparty which continues from 8am, up until 22:00, to finalize the dancing and maximise the experience. Playing will be a juicy lineup consisting of Sid, The Lumens and Gourlay b2b Dablo. In addition to these will be Munir Nadir b2b Paolo Macri who both DJ and produce impeccably on an individual level, so we cannot wait for this special b2b. Following from this, will be Alex Dima b2b Christian Sarde, frequent collaborators and groovers. 

And ultimately, Nicolas Lutz will be there on the final day, to round off what will have been a groundbreaking experience for all involved, dancers and artists alike. Nicolas Lutz has always operated best on the very outskirts of dance floor culture. A master of mystery and relentless seeker, his knack for unearthing precious gemstones -for immediate exploitation and then, slowly but surely, the greater good of the community- is uncanny, and its this insistence on clearing a path between the unknown and the utterly unexpected that elevate his sets into explorations. Never one to compromise or contradict a steadfast musical philosophy, one only needs to see the owner of My Own Jupiter in action to understand the existence of his fans, following and respectability as an artist. 

This weekend and special collaboration is the epitome of all things creative, music, art and bringing people together with music, there is something for everyone and we know you are dying to purchase a ticket…they can be bought via this link. See you on in Switzerland…


Words by Beth Gowland 

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