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Home is a place where many of us feel most comfortable, a safe place, a place we share with family and friends, an on Saturday 28th June 2014, I think we all made Studio 338 our home and became members of a unique extended family.

Summer in London is always one where the weather begs to taunt us with grey clouds and tropical style downpours. And without fail at around midday the heavens opened on a day greatly anticipated by many. Nonetheless we headed down to the tunnel approach at the mouth of the Blackwall, where Studio 338 resides. I arrived after the proceedings had begun with a talented pair in the form of Francesco Del Garda and Max Vaahs opened. At this point Dan Andrei was now steering the ship with a selection of boucey summer grooves, gently warming us up for the mammoth session ahead. The venue was perfect for a day when the weatherman couldn’t make any promises. Protected from the rain under the perspex roof the arena began to rapidly fill with a display of smiling faces from across the capital and further.

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The walls had been dressed in deep green foliage, detracting from the raw industrial feel of the naked walls adding a sense of nature’s touch to the concrete garden. Among the hustle and bustle of the crowd a member of the Perlon cloth stepped on stage to take us up a gear. The small Japanese figure of Fumiya Tanaka was now in control. Calm, collected and cool are three words that don’t even shed a glimpse of light on Tanaka’s effortless execution. By this time the sun was blazing, with the added warming greenhouse effect of the roof over the terrace. If you’d had shut your eyes for more than a moment you could easily have been on holiday somewhere dancing away to your hearts content. Tanaka carried us through as the sun began to set over the rustic gasworks with everyone now packed in and moving in a uniform groove.

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With the atmosphere building at pace, a more intimate setting was stirring on the second floor. Next Wave back to back sessions were underway. Some much appreciated downtime was taken to absorb what could quite easily have so far been the best party I’d been to in a long time. Barac was at work by this point. An undeniable talent, he delivered a set which I was only partially able to appreciate as I was drawn back to the terrace for more of Fumiya’s master class. The HOME insignia was now dressed in a hypnotic display of enchanting visuals constructed by the Dreamrec, bringing the stage’s backdrop to life. Suddenly it felt as if we had taken a step deeper into the mythical forest-like setting. A roar of cheers swarmed the crowd with the changing of the guard. The three amigos had arrived, Rhadoo, Petre and Raresh RPR Soundsystem.

pedro - CopiaWith the blur between space and time becoming more apparent a momentary watch check made a steak in my memory at around 10pm. We had only reached the halfway point! For a moment i took a step back to look around at what was taking place. “Home is where the heart is”, and I could definitely feel the love at this point. I was back in the groove and ready to be carried away on a cloud of RPR sorcery. Between the floaty aura of Petre, the oozing flamboyance of Raresh and the devout focus of Rhadoo something magical happens.

An awesome harmony transpired through the hours between sundown and sunup. The people, the place and the music complimented each other to no end. I don’t think there is much more that I would have wished for in a party, whether here in London or even abroad. There wasn’t a moment of consideration at the possibility of lacking energy to go the distance. Once again the sun dawned on the terrace bathing us in its euphoric glow. 


We had come full circle and the end wasn’t even a shade in sight. It was almost as if we had started all over again. I wish I could close my eyes, click my heels and be taken back. Right up until the last track played out, I had a thirst for more of the delights they had shared with us over the last nine or so hours. On reflection I can without a doubt say that HOME set the precedent for anything to follow. From cradle to grave it was nineteen hours of pure class, and if you weren’t there then i can only express my sincerest apologies for whatever led you anywhere other than Studio 338 on 28th June 2014, and for those that were privileged enough to share it with me and the other few thousand people then you will know… “There is no place like HOME



Written by  Anwaar Bent

Pictures by Daddy’s Got Sweets


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