00sas“Somehow a love story always makes its way through the unknown. Two people who learn to know each other, being aware of what they give up and yet ignoring what the future holds, throwing themselves into an endless see of question marks, stepping on stones of discord only to find their cloud of harmony. As the first notes of our music were born, we started our journey into the unknown, ignoring that we would one day go out there and share our two-seat-cloud with the rest of the world.” – Saschienne

Sascha and Julienne form together their collaborative name Saschienne under the ever so renowned label of Kompakt. They join MEOKOs series of interviews as they give us a fruitful insight to their creative processes and the perks as well as ups and downs of their musical and otherwise partnership.

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If someone had never heard your music before, which track would you recommend them to listen to in order to capture the essence of your sound?

It’s a pretty hard question to answer…. first because you can’t really sum all up in one track, second because we haven’t released a lot since our first album and yet we’ve taken a rather different musical direction since it came out. We’d say, our live show is probably the most representative of our scope… But pretty much all the tracks we play live are unreleased except from Grand Cru’s live version which came out as a single. So best is to come and hear us live 🙂 

What is it that makes things work and flow between your musical partnership?

It’s certainly a mix of different things… we have different personalities and therefore different ways to make music. One probably has the qualities that the other doesn’t have and vice versa. We have different approaches to music so when we manage to combine them – what isn’t always the case – it makes things somehow even more exciting than when we both produce on our own…

The music you produce certainly has a sense of intricate depth to it, what is it that this reflects for you?

Not much to be honest ! We don’t like to ‘overthink’ our music… Interpretations are multiple and that’s what is good about music. But of course, we like to see our music more like a trip, a story to tell than just a compilation of sounds or beats.

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Having in mind the sometimes inevitable ups and downs that may come your way, how do you tackle that?

With a good bottle of wine. Or two. 

Do misunderstandings ever feed the depth and act as inspirations?

Well, it doesn’t necessarily helps… If we don’t manage to agree somehow, somewhere in the creative process, there’s hardly any chance that the track will see the daylight. But of course it’s also great not to agree on everything, it brings challenge and excitement. It’d be really depressing if we’d understand each other all the time…

How has both of your classical music background lead to the electronic aspect and how has it helped shape your sound so uniquely?

Julienne : I guess it’s not so much the fact of having a classical music background that influences my way to make music, but rather the fact that I don’t like to put things into boxes and separate classical or electronic for example. For me it’s just music and I find inspiration in every possible musical direction. I guess a lot of musicians feel the same way… unless you’re a total maniac, you always need to listen to different things.

Sascha : I haven’t had the same level of musical education as Julienne. When I started producing music I learnt more or less everything by myself. Sometimes I regret not being able to read a score or play an instrument like guitar or piano. But I’m really happy that through Julienne’s way to produce music, I got more familiar with analogue instruments instead of working only with computers and softwares. Our studio equipment has expanded dramatically since we started producing together.


What is it that one or the other does to each other that fuels this collaboration music- wise?

Julienne : Sascha definitely has more patience than I do and he also works slower than I do. Although, being a perfectionist I happily spend a lot time for the fine tuning of the mix, I compose in a rather hectic and fast way. So when we compose and produce together, I’m forced not to throw ideas away after 5 minutes. And sometimes good things come out of it.

Sascha : I usually come way faster to the point of being satisfied with a track than Julienne. That’s probably cause I’m an optimist ! But it isn’t always a good thing. Julienne is more perfectionist and although she can be too extreme sometimes, it helps me paying more attention to details, not leaving things not properly achieved…

How does the production process work between you two? Who does what if you will?

None of us does specific tasks. There’s absolutely no pre-defined roles and what one does changes from one track to another, depending on our mood, our ideas…

I have to ask, what’s it like being part of Kompakt? For it is a well renowned German label.

It’s obviously a great honour to be part of Kompakt. It means a lot to both of us and we’re very thankful to be onboard. It’s also very inspiring to have the chance to evolve along amazing artists such as Wolfgang Voigt or Jörg Burger to name just a few.


Sascha, initially releasing on Kompakt solo, how did this kickstart things for Sachienne later on?

I don’t think that Saschienne got more attention than other demos because of my past releases on Kompakt. Julienne also knew some of the Kompakt members before we started the project so we both had previous bonds to Kompakt. We sent our demo like everyone and were very happy to get the green lights for a release.

When playing in London, what is it that you like about it?

Julienne : I used to live in London so first of all I’m happy to see my friends when we visit. London is an exciting place. We only played 3 times in London but it’s always been great so far.

How do you feel about your upcoming showcase at Oval space? 

Very excited. We’ve heard great things about the venue and we’re looking forward to play there…


Catch Saschienne play live at Oval space along with Brandt Braurer Frick on the 5th of June

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