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Thanks very much for answering a few questions for us today. It must be amazing to have grown up together and now work so closely with each other on a day to day basis? Did you both always want to be DJ’s and producers, or did one of you spur on the other?

We were both very interested in music, Basti was playing drums in bands and he actually studied it so he was already into beats, and myself I was opening a club which subsequently brought us together as DJs.

Your parents must be proud to see what you’ve achieved now, was there a time when they thought you were wasting your life away djing and going to parties all the time, or did they support you from the start?

They always supported us right from the start. My father actually spent a lot of time at our clubs and our parties. He even worked with us sometime! We saw him almost as a lucky charm for us when he was around.

2004 was an important year for you with your remixes of Spektrum’s ‘Kinda New’ and Phonique’s ‘The Red Dress’ which both had a huge impact on the scene. Thinking back, was there a particular time or event which marked the turning point in your career, or when you realised how successful Tiefschwarz would become?

Well you just named it! These two remixes were certainly a turning point for us and we’re still very proud of them.

Over the years your sound has had many influences from deep house to electro and minimal but always has a firm grounding in quality house and techno. How do you think the sound is developing, do you think there’s going to be a ‘next big thing’ like we’ve seen in the past with electro house, minimal and disco?

Well right now, it seems like it will continue in that direction that several niches of electronic dance music can co-exist together successfully for which we are extremely grateful. This also means there’s a lot of crossover potential between different strands which is always very interesting.

Your label, Souvenir Music, is going from strength to strength. Have you got any upcoming releases which we should all listen out for?

We’re about to release our second compilation called In The City Vol. 2 which is a selection of newer artists who are making their first label appearance. Also, we will release two new singles in the coming months, we have something new from Re.You and also Marco Freivogel of Exercise One.

And besides Souvenir, have you got anything lined up for Tiefschwarz on any other labels?

 We’re working on an exclusive track for Watergate’s ten year anniversary compilation. And our remix of Terranova’s ‘Boogie For The Dollar’ is about to come out on Kompakt.

When you started out, you were throwing your own parties and running club nights. Is this something you see yourself doing again…or was that always just the platform for you to perform?

I would never go back into running a club but we do special one-off Souvenir events all the time. When I do have free time I’d rather spend quality DAYtime!


You have an extremely busy gig schedule performing all over Europe and the rest of the world. Is there one country or venue in particular that you always love to visit and perform?

Besides Africa, I’ve pretty much been every relevant country in the world but I’ve never stayed very long in Thailand other than Bangkok. So would love to spend a bit more time there and also in Vietnam.

And is there a country you’ve never played but would really like to? (hint hint readers)

I played all other South America except for Colombia so that’d be a good one to happen!

Now then, imagine this scenario…You’re playing at an after party and the wild fan who has been grinning from ear to ear during your set approaches you with a knife and crazed look on their face. Security are suddenly nowhere to be seen and the situation is looking ominous. What do you do?

I’d like to say I’d kick his ass, but like in reality like anybody, I’d be irritated.


By: Nick Maleedy


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