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Italian DJ and producer, Alex Picone, is a defining figure in underground dance music progressions. He holds an impressive “musical CV” and shows no signs of stopping. 

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In his hometown, Padua, he started DJing at the ripe age of 17, and found his new love for collecting vinyls at an even younger age. His natural progression to producing initiated and in no time released some banging and often but not limited to, tribal sounding tracks on a variety of well-respected labels, such as Bosconi and Bass Culture Records, where he also collaborated with artists such as Ryan Elliot and The Analogue Cops. 2013 was an impressive year for Alex, as he embarked on some exciting projects, such as his “The Kicks” project with Mayaan Nidam, where he also played and recorded a set with her at Club Der Visionaire in Berlin (Berlin is his base at present). He also released his Minimalism Gets Complex EP on Mus Records and tracks on his Illegal Series

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Today, Alex is not just a DJ and producer, but an active member and modern day pioneer of the dance music community. In Ibiza this summer he held a residency at Sankeys, and had the whole Spektrum room to himself for his Alex Picone & Friends parties. In his home country, Italy, he has impressively formed and led a plethora of successful projects, such as Altavoz, an Italian party and institution providing opportunities to talented individuals via workshops and conferences. Today, after all those years of collecting records, he gives back to the vinyl community via his most recent project: Seekers. A vinyl only label and party in one, Seekers is directed to all you vinyl diggers and ravers who appreciate the music on the dancefloor. His party took off with a bang this summer in Ibiza during the island’s closing parties as he played alongside Francesco Del Garda and Juanito at Ibiza Underground. His next Seekers will take place in the same province that he grew up in. 

Alex Picone has certainly come a long way. From his early beginnings it was clear he had a particular spark about him. The names of his parties that he used to run during his teenage years;  “Fresh n’ Fruit”, “The Same” and “Fuck Simile” give obvious signs that he steers clear of convention. Check out what we mean by unique as we talk with the tribal master, analogue lover and seeker himself…  


Hi Alex! Firstly, congrats on all the hard work you seem to have put into so many great projects. Your parties in Ibiza looked amazing, and I’m sure there is much anticipation for your fresh project, Seekers. Let’s first start from the basics… Can you tell me, what makes you attracted to the music scene?

The passion I have for it.. It is more than 20 years since I buy and search for vinyls and I never stopped and even now, at 35 years old, I still have a lot to discover.


What inspired you to start producing music?

At the end of the 90’s I heard at a party a proper house band… They were making house music live… There I felt more than ever before that I wanted to produce music…I spent many years studying about recording and mixing, and worked on different albums for different bands. In 2007 I felt more confident to produce my own music and released my first vinyl. Now I’m totally addicted to studio time and I have different collaborations on many labels of electronic music. 


You once said that to achieve a timeless track you had to go in the opposite direction of the masses. Do you still live by this mantra? How important is it to be unconventional in order to succeed?

…Yes, i still believe in it. It’s important to be unconventional if you want to achieve something new. This doesn’t guarantee an immediate success though…


You released a track called “Lost In Burning Man”. Have you ever been to Burning Man before, and did you get lost? 

Yes, I was 2010 and of course I got lost…It is still the best festival I’ve ever seen.


Do you plan to release any more tracks on Mus Records?

Mus number 10 is a work in progress.


Last year, you released The Kicks’ 001. Who is part of The Kicks and will you continue this project this year?



The Kicks is an experimental label project I have with Maayan Nidam… 2 years ago we started to jam together. We liked it so we decided to invite different people to experiment with us, in a sort of band. On the label we released the best jams made together with different artists.. Number 2 is coming out soon with 3 tracks made in 3 different studios, by 5 different artists: San proper, Tobi Neumann,  Maayan Nidam, me and the UK drummer Lui. We like to think that we collect a nice EP.


You produce music, play sets and organise events and projects. Was going from DJ/producer to event organizer a natural progression for you?

Well actually I started to DJ at the clubs at 17 years old and at  20 I started to organize events cause I needed a place where I could play the music I liked. After many years of parties and DJing I started to produce music.


You are based in Berlin, yet you play sets frequently in Italy. What would you call home, Germany or Italy?

Italy is were I’m  born, where all my family is….Berlin is my home since more than 5 years and I will stay there for the next 10 years for sure…I love the city and the nature around it…The party scene has changed a lot, but good things are yet to come… The city is an inspiration. 


This summer you played at LOFT’s birthday party in Brescia. What did you like the most about playing at LOFT?

LOFT is a really cool party in Brescia made from people that are living since many years in London. They are trying with a lot of passion and succeeded to create a good party in Italy, which is not always easy. I believe a lot that the scene in Italy is changing thanks to some promoters that really work on it with a lot of love. 


This summer you played frequently at Sankeys Ibiza’s Spektrum room. How were the parties and which was your favourite one?


I like a lot the Spektrum room. I believe it is one of the places where my music fits. I played there the last three years when it was really difficult to make a party there. This year, after some serious changes, the room is finally very nice. We made several cool parties there alongside Fuse and Next Wave. My favourite party was the last one; the closing of Next Wave.  The Spektrum room was already known by some people, others discovered the room for the first time, liked it and stayed till the end. It was a very nice atmosphere and a pleasure to perform for that public . There were three rooms filled with great music and the perfect public for it.


Were you anxious about your gig at Ibiza Underground? It was the first party of Seekers. Who did you share the decks with?

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I was super excited for our first event, where I played with Francesco Del Garda who  become one of my favourite artists for the quality and quantity of unknown records that he is playing, and Don Juanito, who is the owner of this amazing club, Underground, where all my favourite DJs are usually playing. We are very happy of how the event went.


What is Seeker’s concept and what makes it stand out to be able to survive as both a party and a label?


Seekers is the new platform for vinyl-addicted DJs and machine-addicted producers.

After many years traveling around the world I recognise that the thing I’m more interested in is to create a harmonious party, with good music and with the right kind of public for it….We plan to survive by doing small parties in cool venues, with 300 people inside and releasing the best music around our crew without putting the producers’ names on the records.


The second party will take place on October 17th at the Tag in Venice with headliners Francesco Del Garda, Niff and yourself. What can attendees expect from this special event?

TAG club is an historical venue in Venice, with more than 30 years of electronic music, a capacity of 300 people, 2 rooms, serious sound-system and we can play until 7 am, which in Italy is very rare …Niff and Francesco Del Garda are the best Italian seekers and the people that want to participate at this event will be selected prior to the party…There will not be the possibility to enter if you are not on one of the lists of our promoters. 


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Thanks for your answers, Alex! Alex has just given us a special, exclusive Meoko mix. Highly recommended listen, folks! And check out the last track on the mix, which is a track releasing soon on Seekers. Enjoy 🙂