Toi.Toi. celebrates 10 years of passion and community for music announcing the first wave of artists and dates for 2020


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London’s incredible music scene has given birth to many clubs, promoter brands and deejays. Among these, the Toi.Toi. Musik family (agency, event promoter, and label) has been a staple in the British capital, standing out for its passion and love for music which reflects a particular signature style.


The first Toi. Toi. events could be dated back in 2010 and took place at warehouse locations, eventually leading to nights at Fabric London and other clubs and venues within the city and abroad. Since its inception, the Toi.Toi. Musik crew has ¨focused on quality over quantity, with lineups, sound, and venues that create a unique atmosphere for like-minded people to come together¨. In its agency’s roster, Toi.Toi. can boast artists like Daniel Bell, Sammy Dee, Vincent Lemieux, Ion Ludwig, Topper, Dubtil, Junki Inoue and Doris Nicholas among other respected acts. For many years now, Toi.Toi. has worked on showcasing events with top tier artists like Zip, Margaret Dygas, Craig Richards, Matthew Jonson and Move D to name a few, as regular guests to their stellar line ups.


To celebrate the impressive landmark achievement of ten years running events, Toi.Toi. Musik has announced the first wave of their anticipated 10-year tour for 2020, which started February 21st at Club Guesthouse (Romania) up to June 19th at OFF Week Barcelona, where they’re gonna celebrate its founding anniversary.


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Brasilian on birth but with evident Italian origins, Toi.Toi.’s founder Isis Salvaterra has lived for two decades now in London. Consequently, Salvaterra founded the Toi.Toi. brand as a natural process that came to fruition with time as she discovered and networked in London’s underground scene due to her deeply rooted passion for music and creative endeavours. Over the years, Isis has networked with artists and creatives from different fields to create Toi.Toi.’s unique team, one that is well-rounded and rich due to its vast cultural diversity. This passion for music eventually established her as a cultural figure in the underground scene in London and abroad. In 2019, she eventually moved to Romania and this led her to take over media, communications and public relations for Club Guesthouse in Bucharest, the heart of Romania’s underground scene. This year she decided to focus only on Toi.Toi. setting the new office in the Sunrise Hub, the newest artist hub in Bucharest designed by Herodot and by Sunrise.



The parties of the first half of the year include six dates in different countries including Romania, Portugal, England, and Spain. The first two events were held in Romania in February and received massive support from the local audience, a natural connection that was meant to happen. The high quality of Toi.Toi.’s event productions and avant-garde ethos are always present at their events and continue to captivate audiences across the globe. Next up in the calendar, Lisbon, (Dan Andrei, Alex Troubetzkoy) with a joint event with the Anexo promoter brand and their residents Elles and Benn. Following their event in Lisbon, London will witness another all-star lineup at the Fold warehouse (Rhadoo, Vlada, Edward, Dubtil and Junki Inoue) and an intimate and perfect after-party at the Lion and Lamb for Easter Bank Holiday to close a memorable weekend in the British capital.


London and Barcelona will be undoubtedly highlights of the tour as these cities are cultural hubs to the international music scene, and as the summer approaches beautiful music and nice weather are the perfect combination to end the tour with a proper smile and endless dancing! Toi.Toi.’s 10-year anniversary tour has started in full swing, and the following dates will be a series of exceptional parties, that will continue to create a beautiful experience that revolves around the passion for music and community.


The remaining TBA lineups are set to be revealed soon, followed by the second series of events to take place in the latter half of 2020. Tickets are available on Resident Advisor. More info at Toi.Toi. Musik’s social media accounts.





Words by Daniel Ordonez