Les Enfants Brillants, after only being open for a few short months, is already making a solid mark in the scene as the place to visit  when in Barcelona. Les Enfants is not only a club, but an experience, which has already successfully hosted some exceptional lineups, and we are here to share even more with you!



For this long awaited Off Week, Les Enfants is delighting us with a jaw dropping 3 nights from June 16-18, a treat for your eyes, ears and your (dancing) feet, with 3 of the most prolific and influential promoters in the game, to continue impressing us with their artistic programming. 

The first of these events will take place on Thursday 16th June, and will be held by none other than Yoyaku, which you won’t need reminding of their top tier music production, releases or roster of artists. For this special event, the French label and promoter are bringing some of the main players in the circuit, Berlin based producer Maayan Nidam, who has built a reputation as a fine DJ and producer who favours a subtle approach towards mesmeric moments. Next is young but very talented nonetheless Egyptian producer Mehdi, and of course a noteworthy Janeret, who will be doing a b2b with brothers and duo Miroloja.

What a way to kick off the series of parties this weekend, tickets are available here

Moving onto Friday 17th, is Manchester music and arts collective Animal Crossing’s turn, marking their Barcelona debut. In true Animal Crossing style, they have set the bar very high with their guest artists, one of them being Priku, president of Romanian minimal, Spokenn – the merging minds of Ferro and Reiss of VBX and the legendary Voigtmann. Joining these will of course be the Animal Crossing team:  R.O.Y b2b Faze, Bowes, Olli Ryder & Joey Jackson.

You can buy your tickets here: 

To lock in the happy memories created over the weekend so far, and to round off Les Enfants Off Week showcases, will be Cinthie, one of the most respected figures in the electronic music industry in Berlin and owner of renowned vinyl store Elevate Berlin, lands at the club with her label 803 Crystal Grooves to delight us with a night full of classic and raw house sounds. Their guests for the showcase, will be Cassy, who will fill the room with a delivery of warmth and soul combined with the energetic sound of Lis Sarroca and the collaborative guise of Yard One, UK duo, who will  be showing off their craft raw, understated sounds. 

Tickets for the final showcase can be bought via this link


What a venue to experience for Off Week, and with the success of Les Enfants so far, it would be rude to not to go (at least) one of these…


Words by Bethany Gowland 


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