The legendary Visionquest proudly welcomes Italy’s gringos Triptease with their debut “Mescaleros” LP. After more than 2 years since Cerulean LP dropped by head-honcho Ryan Crosson and Cesar Merveille, it’s time for a new album on the mighty US label. The entitled “Mescaleros” LP comes from a curious and unconventional collective of friends who are better known as Triptease.


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The project, which initially only included Topper, Jacopo and Francesco, now also welcomes frequent collaborator and studio partner Hugo in its ranks. Together they came up with the idea of Mescaleros, a cutting-edge experiment with different performers joining into the live improv jam of the likes of Ambiq, Ion Ludwig, Daniele Papini (with whom Topper runs the successful Sleep Is Commercial brand) and Greg Paulus among others.


They’ve performed in iconic venues such as Club der Visionaere and Hoppetosse in Berlin, Fuse Club in Brussels, Studio 338 and Red Gallery in London etc etc.) and delivered hours (up to 17!) of powerful beats and sparkling musical ideas.




Despite the relentless work, mostly done in their Pausenraum Studio, “Mescaleros” EP states only the third release as Triptease and follows two EPs on the homonymous label. The album consists of 8 tracks in the vinyl version, to which are added 3 digital extra tracks in the digital version. Within these jam sessions, the guys indulge themselves from heads-down techno/minimal tunes where the 4/4 beat is the master, to lighter electronic music pieces with a series of musical contaminations difficult to quantify. It’s also pretty hard to catalogue this entire work in just one genre especially because four minds have taken part in the project, each one carrying its own background and his studio – or should we say “jam-session” – skills. In fact, most of the tracks are cut from long jams that contain a mixture of some prepared material and a hefty amount of total free form improvisation using midi and electric guitars (Hugo and Francesco), modular synthesizers and drum machines (Topper), synthesizers and samplers (Jacopo) and a vast array of eFX pedals they create a soundscape completely fresh while retaining the signature sound of the city they call home. 


The album results to be, in its entirety, the natural output of a consolidated work-flow to which is added an undeniable synergy between the members, consolidated by a true and sincere friendship from which it is impossible not to get carried away over the whole LP duration.




Mescaleros is, in their words, “a concept we like to use to indicate an approach to making music and art in general, inspired by spaghetti western esthetics and 60’s lysergic emancipation put through the lens of modern technology and science fiction. We translate that approach into long improvisational jams where we try to feel the music as something alive that can and must change from time to time and also within the same performance.”




We’ve decided to premiere B1’s Tony Little Something, which slowly takes shape with fat and deep breakbeat rhythms, sinister atmospheres and warm wavy bassline. Some vocal chops give an extra dose of groove till the first break, where an analogue synth makes his appearance, gently carrying the track till the end.



Triptease – Mescaleros LP [VQLP009] is now available on vinyl and digital, don’t forget to buy your copy!




Words by Francesco Quieti