hinodeThe Italian duo, Hinode, based in Berlin describe to us their adventure in the underground music scene in the last years. Analogue gears, wax and raw sounds seem to be the fundamentals of these newcomers that are already respected by big names in the scene.

Hello Mario and Matteo, we’re glad to have you on Meoko! What’s Hinode? How did this project saw the light?
Hinode is a Japanese name, which means sunrise. The space, planets and everything in the cosmos inspire our music and us; Hinode is also a Japanese space probe. We both come from Italy, but we met in Berlin, where we started for fun and now we evolved.

Your sound seems to be hybrid and free from mainstream influences. Talking about the music, what are your main influences?
We are happy and lucky to have worked together at Record Loft and we contributed to the opening of the shop. Thanks to this opportunity we discovered many of the main sounds of the mid-1990s, from techno to early Detroit house and from Garage to Chicago tunes. We feel really addicted to the American underground scene.

Science Fiction Recordings is your main platform to release music. What does it mean for you to have your own label? Do you feel free to express yourselves without being a slave of the market?
We started the label just for being totally free to express ourselves and because we have a lot of unreleased material. Our limited series label is called ‘Science Fiction Limited’, where we release acid, raw techno or dark electro tunes. Our main imprint ‘Science Fiction Recordings’ is reserved for a more dubby and groovy sound. When we have to make tracks for other labels we have to adapt ourselves to the vision of the labels.

Big up for your latest release. It contains an XDB remix. It’s the first time that another artist joins your project. Are you planning any other collaboration in the future?
We’re working on a compilation with Chris Mitchell, Dj Richard, Jay Mond, Spoiled Drama, Jared Wilson and other great musicians that we unfortunately cannot announce at this moment. We also have a great remix from Xenogears aka Analogue Cops planned on our third limited series, which will be out very soon.

Your music has only been released on vinyl until now. Do you have a connection with digital releases? 
Due to our passion for the black gold, we support vinyl and when we are DJ’ing we only play with vinyl. The concept of the label was to release limited copies, so at this moment we are not really attracted to the digital format. In the studio it is slightly different. We are not using many digital stuff but it is worth pointing out that there are a lot of artists able to make really nice music through a computer, so why not?

Are there any releases from you guys planned?
Neptune EP is going to be out really soon on Science Fiction Limited and another release on the French D3, which is a sub-label of Vibes and Pepper, will see the light soon as well.


Which equipment are you using in your studio?
Roland 909, Sh 101, 303, Octatrack and MPC2000 xl (we are using it for our live).

Which are the records that mostly represent or have influenced you?
‘Population One’ on Metroplex and Aaron-Carl’s ‘My House on Wallshaker Music’:

About your gigs, which are the most intense experiences you had in a club?
Definitely the first live-set we made; we played together with Patrice Scott, Andrès and Brawther at Prince Charles for The Monkey Bar label showcase, which was an epic experience. During the last two years we got the chance to play in London, Barcelona and Amsterdam and especially here in Berlin the last month was a blast! Experiences like this gave us a lot of experience about music, sensations and life. It’s all about that.

HINDO kopie

Do you consider yourselves clubbers before producers? Do you remember any important moment on the dance floor?

We’re completely autodidacts in our job and yes we come from the dance floor, everything started there. We now live in Berlin since a few years and Panorama Bar is surely the club which most of all influenced us. Also About Blank is a club we really love!

Future aims?

Playing all over the world and taking care of our label. It would be nice if we were able to maintain our self with making music.