Under the Tree Competition banner

“We move when we want, where we want, with no rhyme or reason. Our only aim is to be bigger and better than the rest, appealing to only the most open-minded reveller…”

Such is the mantra of Under The Tree, a nomadic party based on impulse, authenticity and the element of surprise. Back for the first time in 2014, Under The Tree presents an Easter Special party on Thursday the 17th of April which will be just what it says on the tin – damn special. Setting up camp in the warehouse venue Loft Studios (where it all began), UTT will be boasting a creatively planned light, laser and 3D visual show to accompany booming beats, which will be reaching your ears through a state of the art Funktion One sound system.


A picture from last year’s sellout event at Oval Space

All sounds pretty rosy, but it’s not a party without the music-makers right? Under The Tree have teamed up with Visionquest to secure a stellar line-up for this event. Manning the tables will be Visionquest head honcho Lee Curtiss and fellow compatriot Ryan Crosson, Fabric’s youngest resident and Leftroom Records extraordinaire Matt Tolfrey, Simon Baker, who has recently partnered with Geddes to create the label Nofitstate, with support from Ibellini, The Mendendez Brothers and Felon (live). Hard to go wrong with that dream-team – we’re confident that between them they will pull out a solid collection of unforgettable dance floor moments.

Memories are great, but why not throw in some more lasting reminders of the brilliant sets to come? Let’s face it, things can get a little blurry after a few jars… MEOKO and Under the Tree have put together a generous prize pack for one lucky winner – we hope you like free vinyl!

Merchandise Under the Tree 

The prize inclues:

2 x Nofitstate vinyl (001 Simon Baker -Arpy Ep Skudge remix and 002 Matthew Styles – Signals EP)

3 x Visionquest vinyl (VQ036, VQ040 and VQSE003)

3 x Leftroom vinyl (LEFT 040, 041 and 042)

3 x Leftroom CDs (003, 004 and 005)

1 x Visionquest T shirt

Collection of Under the Tree merchandise including T shirts, Caps and Sunglasses.

4 x tickets to the Easter Special event on Thursday the 17th of April.  

To enter, email hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk with the subject “Under The Tree” and tell us who you’re most excited to see on Easter Thursday. 


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