Over the past few weeks, we have watched as the nightlife industry has gotten behind the vaccine rollout and encouraged a safe return to partying. Many clubs are requiring attendees to have a negative Covid test or their Vaccination certificate. Sometimes both! In Berlin, they are taking this support one step further. In an attempt to return nightlife to its former glory, vaccination night events will start taking place this August.

Indoor clubs still haven’t returned to Germany and for the past few months, only open-air events have been possible. We watch the numbers decline but still have no idea when nightlife can fully return to Berlin. With Winter just around the corner, will we still be left with only open airs? This past weekend the Senat and Clubkommission are launching a new project called ‘Berlin Vaccination Nights’. Sounds crazy? It is a little but what is more encouraging to get vaccinated than an incredible lineup of artists.

The vaccination nights will take place this week on August 9, 11, and 13 at the vaccination center of Arena Berlin. Kicking off at 8 pm each night, you will be able to receive your first dose of Pfizer/BioNTech. You can make an appointment, or you can just rock up on the night and you will not have to show any identification. This means non-residents also have access to receiving their vaccine as well. By making the vaccine easier, and more accessible to get, we are one step closer to putting this pandemic behind us.

Many DJ’s have gotten behind this project and will be playing sets throughout the night. Joining across the 3 nights is true Berliner local, Nick Höppner, Tama Sumo, a Berghain resident DJ, and Phonique who never fails to bring energy to a crowd. More artists include Basti Tiefschwarz, DJ What, Henning Beer, Sammy Dee, and Marco Resmann.

People are calling this a festival worthy lineup. Would you go to a vaccination party?


Words by Gabrielle Runzer


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