Valentino Kazyani – the Slovenian techno don – is back! His fame goes way back into the mid nineties, when he and compatriot Umek paved the way for a Slovenian techno revolution, placing the ex-communist country firmly on the map as one of the most interesting scenes around. More than twenty years down the line, this father figure for those who grew up with looped tech house sound (which he expertly mixed on three turntables), proves he is unstoppable. Using his crafty knowledge to brew up a storm, the Recycled Loops and Earresistable label head-honcho slowly leads us into a stream of carefully considered mayhem in his three-hour live recording from Ambasada Gavioli, Slovenia, exclusive to MEOKO. Taking off very leisurely, he slowly cranks it up, hammering one burner after the next, never losing that sophisticated momentum. Cherished by all those who look for variety; the pace never slowing, this mix is the perfect soundtrack for a real trip down memory lane: the alleyway to nowhere.

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