Always on the edge between algid precision and warm house flavors, Vlad Caia is the man entrusted for our #300 mix milestone. This podcast also marks Vlad’s return after over 4 years since his first appearance on Meoko, giving us a new, refined, and even more avantgarde guise of the Romanian maestro. In this mix, the SIT and Amorf affiliate is not afraid to explore the entire sound palette with shimmering electronic synths that pave the way to mental groove patterns and absolutely mesmerizing atmospheres, drawing a line into the cosmos’ vibes. This time, Vlad’s trademark infectious drums pattern move a little bit faster compared to his previous approach, indeed sneaking on the heels of the most contemporary sound boundaries but, at the same time, sticking to the roots that made him one of the pillars of the Romanian-wave. Dreamers, start your engines!