Vlad commences his happy voyage with delightfully uplifting yet refined material that astounds with profoundness and keeps the mind afloat with foward pushing basslines that meander tranquil yet propulsing. His playful vibe oozes smooth serenity which makes this deep, rhythmical and molecular mix particularly interesting not only for those who look to seek out new and underlying tendencies within the vanguard movement that makes up the core about the mystical arpiar entity but also extends to include a personal approach as demuestered with Vlads outings as one half of sit, one of the most interesting projects coming out of romania right now. MEOKO is particularly proud of this mix so feel free and inclined to enjoy its enterity with awe and squeals of delight. With its sparse elements turning in space and those dubby flavours floating, one literally becomes one with its efficiency and beauty.

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