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While night times in November are often, bleak, miserable and desolate, Voorbode is here to ignite some passion and bring back another night of unapologetic, raw, cultural talent. The movement will be back at Manchester’s AATMA/ KRAAK Gallery after the success of their launch, which featured works by Ismaheland backed up by the musical talents of resident ErEs.

Voorbode 002 will be held on 10th November and see the hotly-anticipated return of the self-described project of cultural diffusion. This time, photographic exposure will be delivered by cutting-edge guest artists Melkio and Yuri Segalerba, who will be asking ‘What’s a Hero?’ as part of their Cement Heroes exhibition.  Segalerba’s images of abandoned post-industrial environments have been deconstructed by current head of artwork for Ellum, Melkio, into cement heroes, described as a rematch of man and his creativity on the systematic attempt of suffocation by the ordinary society.

In addition to this, Voorbode have pulled out all the stops to provide some of the hottest musical talent in Europe today. London’s own Christian Browne, aka Christian AB, will be taking over the sound waves, fresh from performing at legendary events such as WetYourself! and Art of Dark. The DJ and producer has also played venues such as Fabric, Space Ibiza, Club de Visionaire and Studio 338. Having already worked with the likes of John Dimas, GiammarcoOrsini and as an alias Cab92 for London in Transmission, he recently released an incredible first record with US label Nil, entitled Accelerated Growth, it’s guaranteed that there will only be good vibes coming from him.

Resident at the legendary Goa Club, Roman talent Der will be taking to the decks. After being able to penetrate into the hypnotic and minimal atmosphere of the Romanian scene, this manager for Nordik rec. and Universal Consequence will bring his own unique flavour to the event.

Once again, resident ErEs completes the line-up, bringing his own passion for experimenting with dance music and working with Voorbode to evolve his personal musical presence.

Voorbode itself is not just a party, but an entire movement. Through the representation of contemporary music and art exhibitions, the company describes itself as a guardian of culture. They’ve made a hands-on effort to develop the talent of resident Er Es, as well as giving a platform to artists such as Giammarco Orsini and InTheNino at their last event and showcasing artistic talents of the future.


With the exciting announcement of a Voorbode 003 on the 15thDecember at the AATMA/ KRAAK gallery and with Bologna’s hottest talent, epic hip-hop/house duo NUDGE set to perform, these eventsare not to be missed. Join these ground-breaking pioneers as they continue to expand their unrelenting vision of bringing ground-breaking culture to the masses for FREE as there is no ticket fee to join the Voorbode movement. 


Words by Georgia Balch

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