Wareika graced London with their presence not long ago, for the Katermukke showcase, and we loved it. The un-stoppable fun trio hailing yet again from Germany, produces an unique music. Their tracks are more than songs, are 
atmospheres which refer to their own world and personalities. No wonder Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane are amongst their inspirational figures: Wareika are more a band that has fun experimenting with electronic nusic, but has a musical 
culture that goes well beyond it. Their live sets are stunning and universally appreciated, also and foremost by Visionquest, Perlon and all the labels they have charted on.MEOKO was pleased to talk with the popping trio and bring to you what they had to say!


Hello there Wareika, thanks a lot for your time! Firstly can you tell us how you guys met each other and how you started doing music together?

The three of us met in 2007 on stage during a club night where all of us where involved in different music projects. 
We made one of these appointments to meet in the studio the other day, and it happened in reality – unlike many appointments you make in the early morning….. On top of that, it turned out to nail it for everyone of us in terms of “personal future music dreams”, so we kept working together until the first bunch of Wareika singles hit the market.

Right! To those who aren’t aware, how would you best describe your sound?

Organic Dance Music- Our Music brings the live feeling- the connection to people- through our music. And a smiley face is always there…The funny thing is, that everyone of us brings in so many different ideas and influences, that in the end no one can tell anymore who did what.


Jokes aside, who does what in the band?

Hey, you know, actually in the studio we all do the same things- on stage Florian is singing and adds some moods and rhythms with his synthesizer. The same with Henrik, which main instrument is for sure his guitars, which are mostly built by himself. But sometimes you get the impression of a complex pattern and then you realize: Uh it is Henrik live playing that shit- and it is not recognizable as a guitar anymore. – we develop steadily on our instruments. 
Like Jakob’s Moog Bass, a new MPC System, which is not really steady yet, but very much in progress- Jakob is a genius: with his 8minutes Sample time, he plays up to 4hours live….

What’s it like working in a group of three? Do you ever have difficulty working with each other?

I think, people are just afraid of getting together… With three people, you really have to improve these skills: let the fear go that two might be against one…. We balance ourselves much more- and this benefit is even stronger! It is also a matter of time. Like any old couple, also our triple gets better and better with the years, … like an old red wine ….

A lot’s been written about how you guys have shaken up clubland with your live show. Was this your intention from the start and what do you make of such accolades?

Honestly, there where no intentions at all in the beginning. Only dreams and desires, purely musical-wise…. When we started, we had a vague vision about playing electronic music live like a jazz trio, but no idea how to do it. We started improvising, experimenting with different instruments and musical contents. Our first gig was quite uneasy for us…. but the audience loved it ! So we kept on searching, and we still do. If people like it, that gives us extra power to continue and improve ourselves!

What do you feel you bring, as a band, to the electronic music scene?

Friendliness!!! We interact on stage, with each other and with the audience. That turns our Concert into a very special musical experience.

Which were the moments you most enjoyed of your career so far?

There are moments, where you are aware, that every contribution of us while we play does make a difference, does make sound- and the audience is flying with it- in this moments, you feel, that this is so much bigger than you can expect, what you and your little brain can produce.


Do you perform solo Dj sets?

Yes, Jakob and Florian does.

And what about your live set up? Do you rehearse?

Of course and we are quite tough to each other: we use sometimes new instruments, Henrik with his pedalboards or me on the keyboard: I used the prophet, since a while I play with the Nord Lead… You have to integrate them into our flow…

In your performances, how much of what you do is planned, and how much is improvised?

Actually due to Jakob’s MPC 4000 we do have kind of a strict setlist, but of course, Henrik and me can chance the tone easily, so we are able to play e.g. “Burnin” over the rhythm of another song- in this case, we are very open to combine, but you have to know, we are very limited with our sample time, so we have to be strict with our songs, which we want to play, especially when we play just one hour on a festival stage. Our legendary four hour sets in early mornings are more free because if time does not matter we play almost 100% improvised stuff. You can break it down to the traditional jazz approach: Yes there are some themes, chords and rhythms fixed, but yes we can easily avoid them.

We know you guys like to party, how would you define the ideal party for Wareika?

Not too big. Very good soundsystem, not necessarily too loud. Stage on the dancefloor, no monitors needed. 
Outside. Not too late. Good food. Good drinks. Nice people who are TOTALLY INTO MUSIC. …

What’s in the pipeline for the band?

The next album, beware!!

Thank you guys! Last question, through all the music you’ve produced which one is your favourite track?

Belonging and Be Real and Kings Child and please check also our Remix which we did for Quilla- hope you’ll like it. This is also a very solid Wareika piece…:)!


Interview By Denny Kem


Listen to the mix here.

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