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Fieldtrip is a debut Music & Arts Festival landing on the stunning Yorkshire Moors between 15th and 17th August 2014. Much like it’s tea drinking inhabitants and their world famous hospitality, Fieldtrip promises a cozy and independent atmosphere, offering lots of local goodness in a lush green site, with panoramic views of the moors and just a short drive from Leeds City centre.

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“Fieldtrip Festival is all about one thing and that’s having fun from start to finish” says Danny Savage, part of the two-man team that devised the Fieldtrip idea. “There are a number of reasons we opted for a smaller sized festival. Firstly, it’s our launch year so we didn’t want to run before we could walk. Secondly, the best festivals I got to (and there has been quite a few!) are the intimate ones the ones where you end up leaving with a new set of mates and when you can embrace every aspect of the event personally. And that’s what we are aiming for with Fieldtrip. We’ve put huge attention to detail into all aspects and we don’t want anything to go unnoticed or ‘get lost in the crowds” he says of Fieldtrip’s ethos and aesthetic.

Compact and cute, this bijoux affair focuses on fun & participation, taking inspiration from the promoters’ world festival travels, distilling them into one beautifully boutique weekend. There will be cider stalls, a handpicked selection of amazing street food, live comedy and kamikaze karaoke, mud wrestling and unique little habitats to play in, craft stalls and acrobats as well as rap battles, a secret cinema and oodles of locally endorsed real ales from Yorkshires many breweries.

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“There’s going be a lot of quirky little pop-up arenas and unique attractions for everyone to soak up when they’re not in the music arenas” explains partner Liam Donnachie. “We’re not really down with the ‘everyone has to wear this on the last day’ or ‘everyone has to join in this activity’ kind of vibe. It’s more a case of there is gonna be plenty of things for you to be getting on with music, arts, live performances, stand up comedy, mud wrestling, dodge ball and we’ve even been chatting about getting a ‘tinder’ tent up and running!

With the modest Fieldtrip attracting a super-intimate, 1500 capacity crowd, everyone is going to be more than busy. The camping soiree puts a large emphasis firmly on attention to detail, with a wide variety of live & electronic music spread across 7 specially designed arenas, each one having its own themed environment, to make it a much more inclusive and magical experience. There will be plenty of participatory games, performance artists and in general, no expense spared on production. It’s the little things that matter sometimes Fieldtrip remains a feel good weekend that harks back to a simpler, more fun and engaging time (before the corporate world ruled the festival plain).

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As well as a lovingly hand picked selection of local musicians, brands, DJs & performers, there will be a smattering of international talent to really finish the festival in style. The music ethos is about quality, not what’s hot at the minute or trendy and cool the festival sees it their responsibility to provide you with a fresh selection of musical fare, with a new favourite band, or DJ awaiting you at the end of the weekend. “For me the best part of a festival is walking away having experienced new music from artists you’ve not heard of before” confirms Danny. “To stumble across a new act that you love is what festivals are all about. So with that in mind, we’ve covered a lot of genres across live and electronic music so I’m sure everyone will be satisfied musically and hopefully surprised as well.

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Fieldtrip is a fun-filled, friendly affair that brings together the best creative and cultural offerings Leeds has to offer, delivered with love; understanding and a welcoming smile on its fact. This is one summer trip you definitely don’t want to miss. In the words of the festival themselves: “Its like-minded people who just love to have fun”… now then, where do we sign up?

Therefore we joined hands with Fieldtrip Festival and are giving away a pair of weekend tickets. Send us an email at hello_competitions@devmeoko.co.uk with ‘Field Trip’ as the subject heading and comment below the article with the artists you’re the most excited to see at Field Trip. Don’t forget to pack your camping gear… good luck!  


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