LOVEBULLETS is a London based creative house representing a visionary frontier in fashion, art and ideology by inverting traditional symbols of destruction and transforming them into innovative works of art and wearable accessories. The concept evolved from a fantasy story written by Martin Jegede, LOVEBULLETS creative director; whereby five LOVE ANGELES; DESIRABELLE, WILLIAM, MARTIN, LAMBERT AND KOHN defy an evil force; IZOR, by ‘freezing’ his destructive weapons and electrifying them with positive power and beauty. Segments of the LB STORY are revealed every time a new art piece is created.

Inspired by LOVEBULLETS ammunition art, this is the signature piece from the ‘Amo Ammo’ collection featured at London Fashion Week as a favourite. The mortar bomb pendant hangs on black beads, on each side there are 2 custom made mini grenade charms and 2 elegant clear crystal spacers. This piece is unisex and can be dressed up or down! Available in silver or gold ammo on black beads.

Win this simple yet striking piece of understated class, the mortar bomb pendant by emailing and tell us which charity is supported through the lovebullets project. Answers can be found on the Lovebullets website: Competition closes next Friday.